No dark clouds on your spiritual horizon

April 20, 2021 | 25 comments


Over the last year, I’ve had more patients than ever report feelings of an ominous dark cloud hanging over their heads depressing their outlook, sapping their joy, and creating feelings of hopelessness and helplessness about their future.

If this ever happens to you, one of the most effective remedies is to know God’s allness.

In God’s allness, good alone has power to shape and form one’s experience.

God is good. God is Love. God is Truth.

To worship the one God, is to honor God’s ability to make good things happen.

The pandemic has brought an onslaught of suggestions to people’s minds that evil is more powerful than good, and in control.

To stay healthy and happy, don’t buy into the lie of the serpent! “Be wise as serpents” (Matt. 10:16), Jesus Christ counseled. Or better yet, “Be wiser than serpents.”

The serpent is material sense. It argues that evil is real and powerful, and God is not relevant. If believed, hopelessness and despair are the product. One might even feel like there is an ominous dark cloud hanging over their head.

Don’t go there! Be wiser than material sense. Rely upon spiritual sense to assess your status as a child of God.

God loves you and blesses you and showers all kinds of boundless good upon you. It comes to you through spiritual sense.

When you are engaged with spiritual sense, you see solutions to problems, you find supply in the face of lack, you stay healthy in the presence of contagion, you find happiness and joy to be natural and normal states of mind.

With God, there are only bright blue skies all around and green pastures before you. There are no dark clouds. There is only the infinite goodness of God to note, accept, experience and express.

Divine Science, the Word of God, saith to the darkness upon the face of error, “God is All-in-all,” and the light of ever-present Love illumines the universe” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 503).

25 thoughts on “No dark clouds on your spiritual horizon”

  1. Thank you Evan for all these sustaining truths you share with us today, plus the articles Martine just broaden the horizon of addressing our day by day prayer.
    It came to me this morning , do I want to listen to the material diagnosis of a body…sometimes well, sometimes despondent, often problematic or how about Gods diagnosis of continual perfection…wrapped in Love…based on Divine Principle. No contest! Happy day all.❣️

  2. Thank you very very much Evan! It is utmost needed and it is so so helpful, although it is the divine Truth, I should know., to demonstrate it persistance and spiritual sense is needed.
    But as Evan says it so clearly, we all have spiritual sense, let`s use it. God is with us, helping and guiding us. As Martine says up here, Evan´s post is comfort food for today – actually a l l days.
    Thank you Martine for yoour two links to helpful articles!

    1. Just noriced that Evan’s wonderful SpiritView matches with the theme of the DailyLift from The Motherchurch – very lovely !♡

  3. Thank you so much for this timely reminder. I look forward to your blog each morning. What a wonderful way to begin each day!

  4. This past year when I’ve felt “caged” or limited by the pandemic I think about what Joseph endured when sold to slave traders or when imprisoned. Or Paul and Silas imprisoned in Phillipi. They all showed great moral courage, demonstrating grace and good no matter their physical circumstance, their “cage”. Thinking deeply about this helps to rebalance my thinking towards God and that I too can be steadfast like them.

  5. Each second we are actually challenged to choose which position we will take toward our future whether it be the good or the other side. Once we devote ourselves to the good; the darkness ,the other side, is no longer an option and we can bathe in the sunlight of the good spirit our chosen reality. In reality, God is the only life, the only life available.

  6. One might think because they encounter challenges God does not love them or care about them. Well, be wiser than serpents indeed! That certainly is not a thought coming from God. “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” We can overcome those “challenges.“ Would a young babe think maybe I should not take my first step because I could fall? Taking that first step might seem like a challenge at first but once they are walking they certainly do not see it as a challenge anymore. We are meant to tread over “perceived” serpents and prevail! May we demonstrate it today and every day!

  7. Thank you so much for this posting. During this time, I think a great deal of us are being presented with this. This morning before reading this, I had “All things are possible with God.” Your message reinforced this which helps overcome the belief of obstacles such as the pandemic. It has no power to prevent God’s Law of good from operating, as it is omniaction. We may have to put our house on the market, sell, it quickly in the Southwest and find something just as quickly to buy on the West Coast. So, both that Bible verse and your message were very encouraging and a beautiful reminder how all of this is an unfoldment of good, God’s eternal plan for everyone.


    Went fishing early this morning and came back with the nets
    heavily laden
    When I came to shore, it was Jesus’ expression that caused
    me to look at the nets

    Oh my goodness … they were full … fear, concern, doubt,
    dismay, and more
    It was when Jesus said, cast you nets on the right side that I
    knew I had to obey

    This time it wasn’t fishing to fill empty nets, it was already
    filled nets of God’s allness … no fishing required

    Melissa Baker

    1. Thank you for the poem, Melissa – very apt. And thank you everyone for your inspiring
      comments and articles. Above all, thank you Evan.

  9. Thank you Evan & Martne & every single contributor today!
    -all these Truths unveil ‘the Truth that makes Free’ !
    -words cannot expressed the gratitude for all this loving outpouring of right thinking, which immediately strips serpentine lies of egocentric personal sense, to reveal right-now intact childlike complete trust in our adorable Father, Mother God -continually, tenderly Being All-in-All Good, and All of us, everyone, everywhere Always only Loved, Loving, Lovable, & divinely Lovely!!
    -‘that is enough!!; ‘may I with this be Satisfied, & glory in Thy name’. [Hymn 224]

    1. Angie, your words are very strong and absolute. Reading them, I feel the power and uplift of these truths. Thank you and thanks for mentioning the lovely Hymn 224. All the best to you.

  10. All I could think when I read your post today Evan was that I wish everyone in the world could hear these truth and and know that they are so. But I can, in my heart and in my prayers, know this for everyone, because it is my divine right (and the divine right of us all) to be able to see that nothing can actually keep us from the love and goodness of God.

    You said, “With God, there are only bright blue skies all around and green pastures before you.” As in 23rd Psalm, “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures and leadeth me beside the still waters.” He (God) causes us and leads us to recognize the Peace that is always there. Cause and lead are verbs, action words, God takes the action and does the work as we turn to Him. Thank you so much and blessings to everyone today.

  11. Reading through today’s blog, the first verse of hymn 258 came to thought which is:
    Oft to every man and nation / Comes the moment to decide, / In the strife of Truth with falsehood, / For the good or evil side. / A great cause, God’s new Messiah, / Shows to each the bloom or blight, / So can choice be made by all men / Twixt the darkness and the light. / (Courtesy of Concord)
    We can always choose the light and God sustains us and prospers us in that choice no matter what tribulations we might appear to go through as a result of choosing the light. I have experienced this and know that Joy always comes with the light no matter what the darkness was.

  12. I have been praying about depression, dark clouds of mortal mind, animal magnetism trying to pull thought down/away from God. My daughter is in high school and she told me a few of her friends have tried to commit suicide. A few of these friends are in therapy and taking anti-depression medication. She also said some students she knows are struggling with bisexuality, homosexuality, transgender etc. I told her to see the perfect man, be kind, and be a good friend. I love the idea that God is ALL in ALL. The belief about depression controlling one is a LIE. I’ve been “slapped” so to speak to up my game in praying. We are all innocent, loved, protected from all aspects of so called evil. Thank you Evan for your words of wisdom. Very helpful.

  13. Last Thurs after our Wednesday service, I became quite physically
    Upset. I phoned our local practitioner and together we prayed “the
    Lord’s Prayer. Within 10 minutes I was totally healed and cannot express how grateful I was and am. I asked myself why did this
    healing happen so fast when often laboring for effect. I realized we
    we’re not just rehearsing a prayer we use daily but we’re actually
    Reaching our Father/Mother God Whois constantly with all of us.
    Thanks all for this discussion of Gods present goodness and becoming
    Consciously aware of this Truth.

  14. What a reassuring message! It is just wonderful to drop all suggestions other than good going on. My thought can soar to answers needed , or even opportunities unexpected. This is the way to live, no more shadow universe. And it’s not a dream, it’s reality!Thank you so much for pointing out what’s real and true.

  15. Wow, Evan, thank you so much for your blog addressing a very important subject “feelings of hopelessness and helplessness about their future.” Then the 1st two articles that were shared were the frosting on the cake! Both were so full of helpful, comforting ideas. They are keepers. I printed them both. Here is a quote from “A Future Secure In God” by Rider Stevens “Right now, right here, we are in God’s care. Not in some far-off distant date, not back when we felt secure in another time or place. Regardless of the circumstances, through His infinite grace, God has the ability to help us love, then live, our way through our problems, regardless of the magnitude.”

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