It works both ways

July 26, 2016 | 14 comments

“Come close to God, and God will come close to you.”

~ James 4:8, NLT

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14 thoughts on “It works both ways”

  1. Many years ago when I was in school, my Moral Science teacher told me. “The closer you go to God the happier you will be.”
    My Class Instruction Teacher taught .”If we give first place to God in our life and start the day with prayers, your day will be blessed and everything will work out beautifully, harmoniously, joyously, peacefully.”
    Its a wonderful experience to feel the power, presence and love of God in our life which surpasses all human love on earth. In God we find the perfect parent, the perfect friend, the perfect relative, the perfect companion.
    With God being close, you can get the right inspiration, the right ideas, the right resources, the right company and your life is enriched. So there is great gain in coming close to God, cause if we take one step towards God, God takes many more steps towards us.
    Thanks Evan for this lovely reminder.

  2. Yes, I often remember that it is leaving God out of the equation that gives rise to any anxiety. Turning thought to God, starting with God, makes all the difference. And thank you, Nergish, for your elaboration. I especially appreciate your statement, “In God we find the perfect parent, the perfect friend, the perfect relative, the perfect companion.”

  3. This is such a simple concept, yet so profound. What a great reminder, Evan, and thank you, too, commenters for sharing your thoughts in bringing this Truth even more to light. How often do we try to fix our ‘problems’ ourselves rather than relying on God who is already there, … Always and in all ways, there as our guide, protector and comfort in all our challenges.

  4. Many thanks to all for sharing. Always a joy to see what gem(s) Evan you will have to share with us each day!! B

  5. Thank you Evan, for this very profound Truth, giving impulses for healing ideas of all the comentors.
    And thank you very much, Nergish, for your very helpful comment!

  6. I so agree with all that has been said. Beginning each day with God is a must and conversing throughout the day and night is a must. I always loved the hymn “I Walk With Love”.

  7. How do we Come Close to God….??? Through Prayer and Meditation, Through Study and Contemplation, Through Talking To and Silently Communing With the Ever-Present Power Greater Than Ourselves that we choose to call God! Thank You God for Being With Me Always! God Bless!

  8. Mary Baker Eddy begins in the Preface to Science and Health with:
    “TO those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings.”
    This is my first thought every morning. Beginning each day with quiet prayer, study of the weekly Bible lesson and other inspirational articles, is the best preparation for a productive and harmonious day.

    I really appreciate all of the comments and thanks to Evan for your continued inspirational topics.

  9. Great food for thought! Reminds me of the solo “Draw night to God and He will draw nigh to you”.
    So grateful for these daily inspirational gifts you share, Evan.

  10. Thank you, dear Evan for this basic, but beautiful, loving reminder that I/we need in our daily lives. How often I must reverse my fearful or doubting thought by reminding myself over and over that I must drop the negativity and turn immediately to God. How this calms the confused or frightened thought. Then I think of Jesus, fasting and praying for 40 days/nights and his devotion to God. Then I am humbled. These uplifting reminders stay with me all day as I drive or walk or shop and I am grateful that I am learning to always turn to and listen to our loving Father/Mother/God.

  11. Thanks Evan, this was very appropriate for what happened today. We must always be prayerful & thankful in our daily life! Hold thought steadfastly to the endearing the good and the true!

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