Simple acts can make a big difference

July 27, 2016 | 21 comments

This is a heartwarming video about a youngster who wanted to touch people in a remarkable way.

“Johnny the bagger”

21 thoughts on “Simple acts can make a big difference”

  1. This is Truth in abundance. Thank you Johnny, and Evan for sharing. Sharing the good which is ours and yours is what it is about. This is a sunny day!

  2. What a beautiful story, so inspiring! Thanks for sharing it Evan, it’s uplifted my thought this morning.

  3. I do so love this story.
    Thank you Evan.
    It makes me feel there’s a lot of good being expressed in our world today.

  4. Our society needs more stories like this and should be passed around to Grocery Chains of how we can acknowledge one another. God does guide us to be aware of the goodliness that exists and that acts of expressions of kindness comes in meaningful thoughts.

  5. I guess there are two viewpoints here. First, always be prepared to express Love in everything we do, and second, be alert to recognize and be grateful for the kind, loving acts that others perform. Willingness, humility, and gratitude seem to be the essential ingredients. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts.

  6. Love the story! Will share at my Toastmasters meeting and forward this video. So simple but so profound.

  7. This brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart – thanks so much Evan for sharing this touching story.

  8. ahhh! just like your daily spiritview thoughts Evan……that we all open up first thing every morning…… coming from your heart it touches us all, & I wish more would know about it…. what a difference that would make!

  9. So Sweet and Precious! Thanks, Evan! It’s been proven over and over and over again……”People may not remember What You Say……but they Always remember how You Make Them Feel!” As reflections of Love, we have so much love to share! Love to All!

  10. Thanks Evan, this story about Johnny’s kindness is just Great, it is the little things that we do out of love that touch so many. I am very grateful for this inspiring video.

  11. Thank you Evan! Doing simple things with great love and an open heart is a powerful leavening agent. I love Johnny’s ‘can do’ attitude after hearing the speaker’s message & putting it into action. Well done.

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