Turn complaining into gratitude

July 28, 2016 | 10 comments

“Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.”

~ Unknown

10 thoughts on “Turn complaining into gratitude”

  1. Yes of course Evan, you are so right, everything depends on your perspective. How you look at things? We can either see to the brighter side of things or the darker side of things. You may say “The glass is half filled” or “The glass is half empty.”
    If we see to the brighter side of things then we are opening our eyes to see the beauty, the bounty, the goodness of God. The more we express gratitude to God for the gifts we have already received, the more happier we shall be. Gratitude always attracts more blessings from God. Gratitude is like a magnet and it pulls down many more gifts, which God loves to bestow on grateful hearts. He is always happy with a grateful rather than a complaining soul.
    If you notice some people are always complaining. They not only make themselves miserable, but everyone around them too. They lose their peace of mind, they are never happy, and the worst part is they can never even enjoy the good at hand.
    Quote “Complaints are poverty, gratitude is riches” Unquote.
    A very healthy practice one can adopt is to maintain a “Gratitude Journal” and daily list, all the blessings received. It surely helps to go to sleep with a grateful heart and get up refreshed and blessed.
    Thanks Evan for this lovely reminder of counting our blessings instead of complaining.

  2. Our roses bring us great pleasure by enhancing our landscaping, bringing joy and happiness as people pass our house which is located on a corner and serves as decorating numerous areas in our household. The type we have need little care which makes our pleasant handling them.

    The beauty of a rose supports our spiritual thoughts.

    Thanks, Evan

  3. Thanks, Evan! Today I’m going to Stop and Smell the Roses! Thank You, God! Love and Blessings and Gratitude to All!

  4. That’s sort of like how the desert cactus(es) have the most delicate and beautiful flowers totally unlike domestic flowers. I’ve never seen the desert in bloom, but it must be wonderful.

  5. Roses are loved by many and I don’t think we bother to concentrate on the thorns! Out of every experience there is something to be grateful about and that’s what we need to focus on. Hymn 249, 2nd verse, “Our gratitude is riches, Complaint is poverty,.” I’ve shared those words with my kids and friends, and endeavored to live them in my life as best I can. Gratitude gives us roses!

    1. Good timing Evan. Giving a rose care lecture series at our local rose garden. Perfect lead in to my next class.

  6. That’s a beautiful thought Evan, just what I needed today. Thank you Nergish for your lovely elaboration and yes it will really help if we just count our blessings before we go to sleep everyday. Have noticed that we take the good that happens in our lives for granted. But the minute something bad happens we get so upset and depressed wondering why is it all happening with us, making a big deal out of it. But all we need to do is hang on, because if we keep hope we are surely going to get rescued by our beloved Father Mother God. Also Beginning our day with gratitude will fill us with positivity which will ensure that our day goes beautifully. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  7. Thanks so much Farzeen for your lovely thoughts on gratitude and the trust you have in our Father Mother who is all powerful and who can turn all to good, only if we put all our trust in Him and resign to His will. Your comment indeed has uplifted my thought and am sure it will bless all who read it.
    Evan your blog surely is reaching out and helping so much. We are all so blessed.

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