Jury duty

August 27, 2010 | 3 comments

I was called in for jury duty last Monday. I sat in a large room with 70 other potential jurors patiently waiting for instructions.

Two trials were about to commence and most people around me appeared to be hoping they would not be one of the chosen, including myself! I had plenty of work to do back in the office.

But, I was ready and willing to perform my civic duty, and happily so, if need be.

There was a lot of sitting and waiting.

As I answered emails on my Blackberry, I’d occasionally stop and pray for efficiency and timeliness in the proceedings around me.

Thrity-five of us were segragrated into one group for one of the trials and directed to sit in our chairs until the administrator came back to get us and take us down to court.

The administrator left…and didn’t return for a long time.

The room of potential jurors was absolutely still and silent.

We waited and waited.

I decided I needed to pray a bit about the waiting because it was taxing people’s patience, including mine.

In my prayers, I remembered that the one Mind was directing all the proceedings of the court and the trial about to commence. I was reminded that the outcome of justice was important for society, that patience was a virtue, that patience allows for a good outcome, and that the one Mind was efficiently working justice right then, not only for the accused and the accuser, but also for the jurors, the judge, the lawyers, and everyone else affected affected by the event.

I was at total peace trusting the outcome to God’s wise disposition of events.

After one hour of sitting, the administrator finally returned, and with a bit of a confused look on our face announced to all of us that we could go home. The man on trial had just pleaded guilty down in the judge’s chambers. No trial was necessary.

“Of course!” I declared. “The perfect outcome! We didn’t need to go through a lengthy trial to have justice served. Divine Principle could work out the right from the wrong efficiently and quickly without a long drawn out legal process. Patience did have it’s perfect work.”

I was very happy. So was everyone else in the room.

We still have to call in for potential jury service next week, but hey, that’s not the point. Jury service is good. We can do more than expect to sit our bottoms on a bench, though, and listen to testimony for endless hours. We can pray ahead of time for even better outcomes than we might have imagined. And that’s good for everyone whatever form they take.

3 thoughts on “Jury duty”

  1. Yup, just the thoughts I need to take along with me as I travel this weekend and have a 4-hour layover in Seattle. Now I have a collection of thoughts about patience to keep me company. Thnx.

  2. What a timely post! I have been called to jury duty for the first time. Now I know how to spend my time as I wait. Thanks, Evan.

  3. Thank you! My situation isn’t jury duty (this time)!, but a seemingly very unjust employment problem that is taking a lot of patience and trust in God as our lawmaker as well as employer. Interesting enough, the readings at our Wed. service were on patience, too. So grateful for every bit of enlightenment!

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