Keep thought on the right track

March 1, 2023 | 16 comments


What train of thought is your thinking headed down today? Is it a good one, a track of spiritual mindedness that leads to healing?

This vlog was filmed in Durango, Colorado, when my wife and I visited the town in September 2022.

Durango is home to the Durango-Silverton train. A train ride I encourage you to take if in town!

16 thoughts on “Keep thought on the right track”

  1. I love a train ride and the scenery you showed was awesome. I will be out driving today but will make sure to be alert to keep my car and my thoughts on the right track! Thanks for this reminder Evan. X

    1. Just as Linda said, I too will be out driving by car to church. And during driving I pray “and on the whole journey is God’s Love with us all” meaning traffic and bikers and on foot walking people. All are included in God’s safety!
      Here in Hamburg is beautiful sunny springweather, and I am grateful and joyful for it.
      A lovely and blessed day to all!
      Thank you very much for your beautiful Vlog, dear Evan!

  2. What beautiful scenery – thank you, Evan, for using all this beauty for your inspired vlogs.

    I have heard it been said of some people that they have a one-track mind. This usually
    refers to something that has influenced someone and is continually being uttered
    or that influences that person’s actions. It could be something good, or it could be
    something definitely not good.

    We need to have a one-track mind, but it needs to be along the spiritual track
    that leads to healing. In this case, if we are accused of having a one-track mind,
    we are on the right track and can rejoice, as this track, lit by the law of
    Love, gathers everyone onto this track of spiritual healing.

  3. I am praying also to know that God never causes accidents – God was right there when the trains
    seem to have collided in Greece. Did God cause it? – No! Did he see it? No! Is God the only
    Cause and Effect? Yes. Is there any other power? No! – as clearly stated in the Bible. So I am
    praying to know that God and His Christ is still there, and everyone is still on the right track,
    even though the material senses present otherwise. No-one and nothing has been touched in
    God’s spiritual kingdom, the only real kingdom. I will keep that in my thought. Let Truth pour in through floodtides of Love, for Christ is right there comforting, uplifting thoughts, guiding, supplying all human needs.

    1. Maggie thanks for those powerful truths about the situation in Greece and for alerting me about it so I can also pray along with you to know that God’s ideas could never be on the ‘wrong track’ and that He is powerful and present with all concerned.

      1. Thank you Rose for praying along with me, and I am sure many others, regarding the incident in Greece. I am sure our prayers will be a wonderful help for all involved.
        As you rightly say, they could never have been on a wrong track, and the Christ is
        still there to comfort and guide them rightly. He is seeing them as safe, and still on
        the right track. Our spiritual senses can be forever knowing that, for they are
        all in the Father’s loving care.

        1. I also would pray along with you and Rose and others, athough I am not aware what the special reason regarding Greece is.
          Lots of love!!!

          1. Oh now I read it, too. It is because of a collision of two trains. Yes, it needs our prayers. God doesn’t know accidents, and all these people are in God’s loving care!♡

  4. Thank you Evan. The scenery is attractive, and very natural. When we simplify the way we think and see things, always giving God the glory, then we can say we are on the right track. Let Mind be responsible for our thinking and actions,then we will experience the supremely, natural power of God.

  5. Evan thank you for bringing us a slice of those gorgeous views on your wonderful train ride. Sometimes life is called a ride.

    As you were speaking I was struck by your statement, “you can make a conscious decision to be sure your thought is ‘on the right track,’” the God track. It was good to be reminded that we don’t have to be led around like helpless puppets by mortal beliefs, but have the God-given ability to take a firm stand for truth.

  6. Love it, Evan! Thank you for sharing this beautiful one Mind train of thought.
    The scenery is lovely with the stream and it’s ongoing course of never-ending
    The calming nature of what you shared, reminded me, too, Maggie, of the
    derailments of late and to keep the folks in Ohio in thought, for what they
    Seem to be going through after the chemical contamination in their town.
    The statement at the end of the vlog, “How much more should
    we seek to apprehend the spiritual ideas of God, than to dwell on the
    objects of sense.” This thought was very helpful, Thank you, again for
    these thoughts and for all thoughts on the right track of Truth, Love shared

  7. So happy you made a trip to the Durango area! Isn’t it lovely! I know now why many people call the area “God’s country.” It just gives us a wonderful peak into what must be truly the awesome beauty of God’s spiritual creation! Thanks for keeping all of us “on the right track!”

  8. Thank you, Evan, for the reminder to keep my thoughts on the right track: a spiritual track loaded with God’s goodness of Truth and Love. I also enjoyed the Durango to Silverton train ride many moons ago when just out of high school. So good to see your video of the beautiful and thrilling exoerience again.

  9. As a train enthusiast and advocate for rail transportation, I am grateful for your metaphor of keeping our thoughts on a spiritual minded track, not to be derailed by mortal mind. .

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