Keep your thinking sharp

September 18, 2015 | 8 comments

I tried to slice a tomato the other day and my knife wouldn’t penetrate the skin of the fruit. It was a dull knife! I reached for a sharper blade, and the task was performed quickly.

It helps to have a sharp blade to get the job done!

The same rule applies to your state of thought. It helps to have a sharp state of thought to deal with life’s issues decisively and with good results.

If one’s thought is dull, decision-making can feel laborious, difficult and even confused. There may be no clear sense of direction or uncertainty about what to do. The cure is to get on top of one’s mental game—watch and pray!

Prayer is all about keeping thought in alignment with Truth and Love.

It takes work to stay spiritually attuned, but it’s worth the effort. Just like knife blades need to be regularly sharpened and cared for to perform their job well, our thinking needs to be attended to for maximum benefit.

A dull thought is next to useless. It accomplishes little or nothing.

A sharp thought is ready to conquer whatever trouble comes its way and to demonstrate the presence and power of God. It is productive. It accomplishes much. It is not caught off-guard or wondering what to do next.

Keep a sharp thought! Make the mental investment necessary to stay keenly aware of Truth. Good results from your work will rise exponentially.

8 thoughts on “Keep your thinking sharp”

  1. Staying sharp in all aspects of life is good but when we begin our day with spiritual and mental sharpness and alertness, we can more easily meet the demands and needs of the day for ourselves and others! Thanks for the reminder. So grateful to have the “tools” and resources to keep us looking for new spiritual perspectives to brighten our day. Thanks for this refreshing blog!

  2. Thanks for this Evan! I’m continually working on sharpening my knife – some days more than others, but as much as I can! There’s been a claim of obfuscation in thought lately, not just for myself but in general, it seems; but with continual sharpening, things become clearer and the haze is lifted for all.

    It’s like the story in this week’s lesson of the paralyzed man – if you can’t make it through the crowd, go in through the roof!

  3. Excellent analogy. And each time I use my kitchen knives it will come to thought! Thank you! Sharp thinking cuts more easily through the obstructions of muddled human theories!

  4. Yes, thank you for that illustration. I feel our Bible lessons certainly help sharpen our thinking. So grateful for them…for Mrs. Eddy’s sharpness.

  5. Sharp thinking cuts through the mortal gobligook as nothing else can. It separates the wheat (reality) from the false (chaff) quicker with more accuracy.

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