Knowledge does not equal understanding

June 29, 2015 | 8 comments


Now here’s a fascinating video that a reader sent me a link to illustrating that just because you know something doesn’t mean you understand it. There’s a difference between knowledge and understanding.

You’ve heard the saying, “One never forgets how to ride a bike.” Well, that might apply to riding a bike in a particular way. But what if the steering of the bike is changed? Will you still understand how to ride it then? Or will you quickly discover that what you thought was understanding gained in the past was really knowledge that is keeping you stuck in an old pattern that doesn’t work under new conditions.

The difference between knowledge and understanding is an important distinction to make when it comes to making progress in demonstrating Christian Science healing. We may have a large knowledge of God, but do we understand God? Are we able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances because we have the understanding necessary to do so. Or are we getting bogged down and stuck because we’re relying upon knowledge that was useful yesterday, but not meeting the need today?

I encourage you to watch the video and see what you learn. It will get you to thinking.

“The Backwards Brain Bicycle”

8 thoughts on “Knowledge does not equal understanding”

  1. Wow! This is great.
    Not unlike me learning to use social media. 😀 (hee hee)
    I’ve been missing my “plasticity” of thought lately.
    No wonder it looks like people get stuck in their ways…..they really do!

  2. Did you notice the Biblical citation at the end (on credits screen page)
    Proverbs 4: 20-27 🙂
    How great is that!?

  3. Wow! Thanks, Evan. This video was really Fun and Interesting! I’m just so grateful that through my study of Christian Science, I am learning that my intelligence doesn’t come from a hunk of matter inside my head called a Brain. Divine Mind, God, is the source of my intelligence and Mind has nothing to do with Matter! I am able to think, know and understand because of my inseparable relationship with God, Mind. I exist as Idea, an image or expression of God, the One and Only Mind. Thanks again for an interesting and throught provoking video!

  4. I have always thought that the adage; “CHILDREN SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD,” was a lot of hokey pokey . This video proved that I was right. Adults should listen to their children more often and not with a cute response.

  5. When watching this video I kept thinking about the statement from page 301 of Science and Health starting on line 24:

    Delusion, sin, disease, and death arise from the false testimony of material sense, which, from a supposed standpoint outside the focal distance of infinite Spirit, presents an inverted image of Mind and substance with everything turned upside down.

    Destin’s encounter with the new bike in this video is similar to what we encounter when changing our view of reality from matter to Spirit. We are comfortable with the material sense testimony with “everything turned upside down”. Sense testimony makes man subordinate to matter whereas the true man is the reflection of God and therefore man “ reality has, only the substance of good, the substance of Spirit…” as also stated on page 301 of S&H. But this new view of reality can seem “backwards” to everything we are used to thinking.

    This video also illustrates some attitudes that I’ve found helpful in my efforts to change my view of reality from “everything turned upside down” to a reality of myself as being the reflection of God.

    1) When Destin was learning to ride the modified bike, he kept at it for 8 months until he was successful. He says “his thinking was in a rut” which is also the case for us when we base our view of reality as being material or as subordinate to matter. But if we “keep at it” we can change our view of reality and have that healing we may need. Sometimes getting our thinking out of a rut requires a series of many corrections, but if we keep at it, eventually we correct each of those errors that need correcting and healing results.

    2) Destin seems to have had an “I can do it” attitude. There didn’t seem to be any “doubt” that he could learn to ride the new bike. That attitude of “certainty” was key to him being able to do it. We also need that attitude of “certainty in the Truth of being” in order to change our thinking from a material to a spiritual standpoint.

    3) Destin’s son learned to ride the bike more quickly because he approached it like “a little child” (Matthew 18:3). Destin’s son didn’t cling as tightly to the old way of riding a bike as did Destin and therefore he was able to learn the new bike riding technique more quickly. We too need to be willing to “let go” of a reality based on matter (the “inverted image”) in order to gain the correct view of reality. How often I see others “clinging” to the very problems they want to be rid of (myself included). But to be rid of some error we have to be willing to let go of that false belief…no matter how long we’ve clung to it.

    Thanks Evan for sharing this thought provoking video with us. And thanks to Bevi for the comment pointing out that we are not dependent on a material brain for either understanding or knowledge.

  6. Thank you Brian for sharing your thoughts about the video in such detail.

    It’s important to be consistent with applying these truths and studying God’s word that one experiences healing and deliverance from issues they may be contending with.

  7. Curtis’s personal airplane was a challenge for anyone else to fly as he had the rudder pedals reversed.

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