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March 14, 2024 | 19 comments

If you’re ever tempted to spout off opinions about what other people ought to do or how things ought to be, it might be helpful to pause a moment and remember that opinion carries little weight. It’s what we do that matters.

It’s not our opinion that changes the world for the better. It’s our example.

To make the world around you a better place, be an inspiring example of what you’d like to see happen. Your good example will carry far more weight and influence than any number of vain opinions.

19 thoughts on “Lead by example”

  1. We are surrounded by that which we express to others. Being made by divine love it would be best to complete that cycle of love for love surrounds. If hate penetrates it cannot penetrate love for love surrounds. Thank you, Evan for this most important post.

  2. Leading by example is one of the most important undertakings for a Christian Scientist. For it is by demonstration only that we can stand as the testament for the truth of our beliefs and understanding of this great principle of Life. This is how we can bring the proof of the Christ into our home, our work place, our family , our friends and the world. We are Truths soldiers❣️

  3. If I “spout off” opinions about how “I” think things and people should be (which I do at times along with my co-workers), I see that this is a type of complaining. This behavior is unhelpful, though it seems to help blow off steam or bond with others who are like minded. But I have to remind myself that ‘Complaint is poverty and Gratitude is riches.’ Expressing and feeling gratitude and actively looking for things to be grateful for is a much better way to go.

    Also thank you everyone who shared additional ideas and quotes about Light yesterday, as I expressed that dark thoughts were seeming to plague me. I felt and feel the power of your loving regards.

    I saw a charming, unusual film yesterday that also helped put some things in perspective. It’s called ‘Perfect Days’ and was the nominee from Japan for best international film at this year’s Academy Awards. A quiet, meditative movie about a man who truly lives in the now and appreciates small, wonderful moments in nature and doing humble work with pride. It’s in theaters and also streaming. Very recommended.

    1. Thank you, Rose. My sister is flying to Japan today for the first time, and I just recommended the film to her. I hadn’t heard of it. Sounds lovely.

      1. Hi L. That’s great that she is visiting Japan. May she have a blessed trip. The film can also be see in the states and probably worldwide. It exemplifies the beauty of just Being.

        1. Dear Rose. Thank you for recommending the Perfect Days movie.
          It sounds wonderful from all of the many trailers being able to watch.
          Unfortunately one needs to subscribe to stream, in entirety, if available,
          and on a few sites where it was available without subscribing, it could
          not be downloaded on this computer. It sounds like the perfect movie,
          tho, but not available without signing up (cookies, tracking, etc.). The
          message sounds great and lovely. Living in the now and appreciating
          the small, wonderful moments is definitely an inspiring and very
          worthwhile theme.

          1. Angel I saw the movie the old fashioned way, at a movie theater, I’m kind of old school and don’t do the streaming either. You can check to see if it’s playing at a theater in your area. All the best to you.

          2. Rose, I know what you mean about doing things the
            old fashioned way, but I think the last movie I had
            seen was with two friends who have now passed on.
            We had seen Noah, thinking it would be a good
            movie, but it turned out not to be and was very
            different and actually violent.
            All the best to you, too.

    2. Thanks Rose to remind about complaint versus gratitude !
      Yes sometimes between friends we can be tempted
      To criticize when situation on the human level is not right; but if it’s done with a lot of humor , I think it doesn’t
      Hurt directly the persons involve.

  4. This is exactly what Jesus did. He didn’t just “talk the talk”, he “walked the walk.” He lived the truth that he spoke. He was the great Exemplar as MBE stated. Jesus led by example and showed us what is possible when we follow his example.

  5. It seems opinions are all around us – on the news, in advertisements, by so-called
    “professionals/experts”, on comments on online sites, the grocery store.. It is tempting to
    spew our own opinions of what we think is right. But actually Living what we believe,
    is really the only sincere and genuine way to share a way of life that is loving, essential,
    enduring, sustainable and creates a world that is beneficial for all…. is the best way to
    triumph over evil that would sometimes Try to take over our reality with a spiritual approach.
    I have a journal of so many opinions, but have written them down because I believe in
    their heartfelt words.. Here is one by Osho, which applies to this topic….
    “The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid
    of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart,
    the roar of freedom.”
    Jesus (the Christ) and Mrs. Eddy have given us proven facts of their teachings and learnings
    and they certainly did lead by example and are such good pioneers for us to try to emulate.

  6. read the 6th tenant! we solemnly promised to follow Jesus and let that mind be in us which was also in him to be Justin pure and pure and doing to others as we would have them do unto us it means more and more to me everyday let is a tiny word let’s let Jesus be our example and follow him ask God what you should think today and do that’s living in the now you can’t change yesterday and you can’t be in tomorrow till tomorrow you have to live today what else do we have with him as an example assuredly! we have nothing else but today don’t fool yourself into thinking that you do, you don’t.

  7. Thank you, Evan, for all you do daily! Your SpiritView.net is a great example of leading by example. I really appreciate and enjoy reading your postings! Thank you!! May we all find a way to lead as you do by example.

  8. …the soufflé,
    forever risen.
    Above beyond
    the door that opens,
    DIVINELY perfect
    and EVERYONE
    has a spoon…………….THANK YOU FRIENDS,

  9. I always find these writing of Mrs. Eddy very helpful.

    We should remember that the world is wide; that there are a thousand million different human wills, opinions, ambitions, tastes, and loves; that each person has a different history, constitution, culture, character, from all the rest; that human life is the work, the play, the ceaseless action and reaction upon each other of these different atoms. Then, we should go forth into life with the smallest expectations, but with the largest patience; with a keen relish for and appreciation of everything beautiful, great, and good, but with a temper so genial that the friction of the world shall not wear upon our sensibilities; with an equanimity so settled that no passing breath nor accidental disturbance shall agitate or ruffle it; with a charity broad enough to cover the whole world’s evil, and sweet enough to neutralize what is bitter in it, — determined not to be offended when no wrong is meant, nor even when it is, unless the offense be against God.
    (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 224:11)

    1. Gracious Maggie, wherever you are, your contribution above hit a “nail on the head”, while we were here arranging a reservation across the continent, from New Mexico to Florida, for an upcoming huge family wedding in October. Caution seemed to be the order of the day at this early date, but your contribution allowed the Truth to pour in where i needed to hear how God is ALWAYS in control, allowing no evil/error/false Truth to dash a foot upon the rock, to clash, compromise, nor interfere with God’s plan for us to be where we are needing to be, and when we need to be there, not here. I am grateful to follow the Truth.

      1. So glad it was helpful to you, Chilesands. The wedding sounds like it will be
        a wonderful occasion, as I am sure it will be. Maggie x

  10. The 6th tenet of The Mother Church is: ”And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure.”
    (Manual of The Mother Church, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 16:9)

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