Have less faith in failure, and more faith in God

March 12, 2018 | 15 comments

“Fear is faith that it won’t work out.”

~ Sister Mary Tricky

If you fear things not working out, move your faith over to God and listen for answers from divine Mind that will make things work out! God always has an answer.

15 thoughts on “Have less faith in failure, and more faith in God”

  1. Gosh! What a profound definition of “fear”!!! It shows we actively have an important choice of where to put our faith… rather than the option of having faith or not! – a lot to think about here.. thank you! (Have a great week ahead everyone!)

  2. Oh, ya mean we have a CHOICE??? Trust or Fear? Divine Mind or “mortal so-called mind?”
    Ohhhhhhhh, how wonderful.

    Of course I am kidding. I KNOW this. But how often I seem to forget, to go with the
    mistaken thought or deed. But, then, I yam learning, as are we all.

    Enjoy the Dominion, Fellow Warriors for Truth!!


    1. Thanks SV-Fan! Yes – we can “Enjoy the Dominion, as Fellow Warriors with Truth!”
      BIG thanks to EVAN
      and all the comments!

  3. A definition I learned years ago in our Christian Science Sunday School…”Fear”……, “F”..false,” E.”…evidence, …”A”….appearing, ….”R”…real.”

  4. Wow! When I read this as a statement “Fear is faith that things won’t work out.” It really clarifies that fear needs to be challenged, wiped out, annihilated. I feel appalled at thinking I might be having actual faith that things won’t work out. What a waste of precious thought time, not to mention dishonoring God. I want to honor God. Fear is such a liar. We need to challenge it every step of the way. Thank you Evan, this has really opened my eyes regarding the extreme importance of handling fear.

  5. “…move your faith over to God and listen for answers from divine Mind…”

    Thank you Evan. I love this! Thank you SV family – so much to think about here. 🙂

    Yes, we have a choice but choice based on something. On one side of the spectrum, we could be fearfully holding onto or clinging to human will and be very fearful things are not going to work out as “we” planned (often this is a very limited view on things). If we are clinging to that side of the spectrum, the other side looks like blind faith. By letting go of fear and human will and “…listening for answers from divine Mind…” as Evan suggests above, we build faith in God instead of mortal mind/material systems by demonstrating that this solution works, footstep-by-footstep. Mortal mind has a way of screaming that this method could not possibly work out, don’t waste your time but as contributors above point out, fear is the waste of time. And, a still small voice can be heard with solutions when we turn away from those screams. And, aren’t you curious what that still small voice has to say…

  6. Hi everybody, thank you for your humorous comments up here – I like that.
    And thank you also for your inspired comments today.

    But I do not like when somebody says “good luck” or “good success”. For me that is humanly speaking. Because real success comes solely from God our divine Mind and Intelligence.

    It is so true and inspiring what Evan says, to listen to God for guidance to lead us to the right doings which leads us to divine success. Thank you Evan for today`s SpiritView with the advice how things always work out – through prayer! It seems not always easy, but God works with us!

    1. Hi All,
      I used to say “good luck” to others, I think it’s always well-meant. Then, one day someone said that to me after I’ve been studying Science for a while, and it hit me that it’s not purely scientific. It suggests that chance and fate has to do something with the success of the given case. So I made a rule for myself that whenever I hear that or I’m tempted to say ‘luckily’, I immediately translate it and declare mentally the opposite, and that divine Mind and wisdom is the only power behind the success of any decision or action. I found it to be a great spiritual exercise, which keeps you alert during the day.
      Thank you for the blog Evan!

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