Let a mortal past go, and live your immortal present

April 30, 2019 | 26 comments

When it comes to learning about immortal life with God, one discovers that the mortal past is not our present, and it cannot outline our future.

What we have this moment with God is all that matters, and it’s all good.

26 thoughts on “Let a mortal past go, and live your immortal present”

  1. What we have at this moment with God is all that matters, and it’s all good! Wow!! The Genesis one man! No false mortal personalities…

  2. Thank you, Evan!!

    God is here and now – “the present” is defined by God’s presence. God is our Life, but we think we’re divided from God by an invisible barrier called “time.” Mortal mind is the idea of time and its contingent errors of suffering and death. “Time” is a false sense of alienation from God.

    Mortal mind is the launching pad and landing place of time. Its modus operandi is to put God off.

    We limit ourselves to a temporal condition and try in vain to transcend it. We strive to return to God, although we never left!

    We’re like a salt shaker looking for something to salt itself with. We’re like a ray of light trying to locate the sun.

    If we accept the Love that is present, everything will fall into place.

    1. Thanks, Jay. Grateful for your sentence, “Time” is a false sense of alienation from God.” Makes me reflect on Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of Time in S&H – “Mortal measurements; limits, in which are summed up all human acts, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, knowledge; matter; error; that which begins before and continues after, what is termed death, until the mortal disappears and spiritual perfection appears.” So, let’s all let “time” go and accept the presence of God which enables us to live the life of spiritual perfection which is ours! And what is great about our spiritual perfection is that it has always existed with God and always will. It is simply never too late to acknowledge the good that is and continue to reap life’s great blessings!

    2. Thank you EVAN for this valuable message to let go of the mortal past and
      LIVE NOW, moment by moment in our Immortal Present!
      Thanks to Jay, and all for your insights!

    3. Jay thank you for your comments about time limitations!
      I love: We limit ourselves to a temporal condition and try in vain to transcend it. We strive to return to God, although we never left! “We are like a ray of sunshine trying to find the sun!”
      I’ll remember that!
      Thank you Evan for giving us this thoughtful discussion!

  3. Thanks, Evan, for the beautiful reminder of one of Jesus’ final teachings for us about past, present and future as he was placed between the two thieves on Calvary – and how quickly I can forget!

  4. Thanks to all for these burgeoning flower-full thoughts, fragrant with inspiration…such riches such uplift.

  5. In the absolute, the ten commandments are a statement of present fact, and the same is true of Jesus’ command to the woman caught in the act of adultery. We live in the present, in the presence of unconditional Love. Indeed in the immediacy of now, there are no conditions, – infinite Love is ALL, embracing us all. When Jesus said “Go and sin no more”, it was a recognition of the woman’s perfect innocence, and that was her divine blessing. Right now we have no past, nothing to regret, and as Evan says only the present immortal to enjoy.
    May I share a monologue “Go and sin no more” https://youtu.be/5YKWmUJjhE0 (There is a link to a PDF version).


    He knelt and wrote in the sand.
    Too busy watching him,
    I did not see the others leave.

    I was the only one left standing,
    casting mental stones…too many….
    my posture, less than humble.

    He knelt to pray while I threw
    stones at politicians, governments,
    others and ours, even at church policies.

    The list goes on.

    Everyone could see my self-righteousness,
    casting a shadow over the one praying.
    I was adulterating God’s allness,

    my cast stones, stepping-stones
    away from Him. Tired of my stance
    I knelt with him and prayed.

    From the kneeling position
    I saw God more clearly
    and saw us both as His.

    Melissa Baker

    1. Melissa, that is beautiful. I can see me casting stones in your poem, and a way out of that hellstance. Thank you so very much!

      Evan, as always, I love your Spiritview and all the commenters who add to the thought, I am so grateful!

      1. Jennifer, thank you so much for “hellstance!” I like to call mortal mind “problem mind” because it sees a series of problems where perfection resides. But “hellstance” has really got mortal mind’s number!

  7. We can create the present – we can’t recreate the past. (Not that we always want to!) Thanks Evan for your elevated thoughts on that.

    1. Thank you for this as I need to hold on to present goodness and perfection at this time. I had a bad fall yesterday, but realize this is in the past and that presentky God is telling me I am his beloved child.

  8. Thank you, Melissa and Ken for these lovely expressions
    of inspiration. Thank you Evan and All for such blessings of angel thoughts shared with such Love.

  9. It is all good; that is all the God has created for us. The present immortal perfect Now and the next moment is also the present immortal perfect Now and the next and the next forever. Thank You Evan, Genesis 1 is everything we have in God’s wonderful eternal creation for each of us.

  10. Again, thank you all especially Evan for setting the stage for thought to develop in different ways. We have a lecturer that speaks on time. One of the thoughts he explores is ,” if it was true in the past( the healings) , it is true now and it applies to me” There are no delayed healings. Harmony reigns is all and there is no other consciousness.

  11. Thank you dearly, Evan, for this so comforting SpiritView of today, very helpful and needed and so loved!
    Thank you Melissa for your inspired poem and Ken for the link to the story of this week’s lesson sermon. 🙂

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