Water the seeds and not the weeds

April 29, 2019 | 23 comments

A reader sent me this picture that she took in a local garden.
I thought you’d enjoy the message.

23 thoughts on “Water the seeds and not the weeds”

  1. Yes, thank you very much Evan, I do enjoy the picture so much. And thanks to your reader, too. These flowers I do have also in my lovely little garden.

    Once I heard these words of truth, i.e. that I have a Garden of Spirit and that I am gardening in Spirit, and I love thinking of my garden like this, and am grateful for these thoughts. One can apply these thoughts also to our garden of our Life. If our life is Spirit-oriented we have only seeds of Spirit planted in our nice mental garden and thus we have a lovely Garden of Spirit to water everyday through studying the lesson sermon etc.! 🙂

  2. Lovely message, Evan. thank you. And thank you Uta for your thoughts.

    We are engulfed in flowers in our garden room, and much beautiful foliage and flowering shrubs in our garden. It has to be said that in order not to water the weeds we need to continually watch for them springing up and pluck them out – then when we water the plants we love, they will flourish. Such also is our spiritual garden, we pluck out the weedy thoughts which try and sneak their way into our consciousness, and then keep our spiritual blooms well watered with Truth and Love. I always love to be in the garden – somehow God seems much closer.

  3. I LOVE it! Thanks to Uta and Maggie for their thoughts, too.
    I love gardening, and keeping on top of the weeds is quite a task. And so it is with the weeds sown by mortal mind, which Mary Baker Eddy says (MIsc. Writings 343) “are not always destroyed by the first uprooting” and admonishes us to tear them away util no seedling is left. (and see paragraph above).

    1. Thank you Annepat and Maggie. That is so true and nice what you say, I agree fully with your inspired comments 🙂

  4. I Love this! I have found with gardening that with perennials, if there are enough Flowers, (Good Thoughts and Actions in our mental gardens), the weeds don’t have a chance to grow, because they are replaced with Love and beauty. There is a saying, “May all your weeds be Wildflowers” and “Friends are the flowers in the garden of Life”. Thank you all for being the flowers in my garden.
    : )

  5. My little “grotto” on the side of this old house has always been my happy, peaceful where I work daily in good weather for an hour each morning. I find it hard to sit and meditate, but I can sort out weedy thoughts easily when tending my garden. I love that Mrs. Eddy used this metaphor as well. Gives me hope I’m on the right track!

  6. Thank you all for such loving thoughts! I enjoyed both pictures. I water my garden of thoughts each morning and throughout the day. One little treasure I have is from an Editorial by Barbara Vining; “It is divine Love that brings spiritual purification, healing, and reformation into human thought and lives. The role for you and me is to consent to Love’s cleansing activity – to humbly yield to God’s power to expose and remove whatever resides in our consciousness or character that is unlike God. God’s love does this work in the way light always displaces darkness.” (Sentinel, April 1, 2019) I especially like character being included as well as thought. After this I then pray “Create in me a clean heart; O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” How great it is that God does this work!

  7. Thanks to all. I, too, have often thought of my consciousness as a garden and have tried to root out the weeds of mortal mind—the resentments, hurts, envy, stress, etc.,—and replace them with the flowers of grace, love, gratitude, etc. (I even wrote a poem about it>) Lori, I love Psalm 51 and thought right away that the solo, “Create in Me a Clean Heart,” goes so well with this week’s Bible Lesson. Our church is having a lecture this Tuesday evening by Phillip Hockley. His story is really amazing. Another member and I went to his lecture this weekend and we are praying that those we have invited (plus others who hear of it) will come.

    1. N i c e , Josef, to see it this way. – that w e are the seeds of God`s garden for whom He cares lovingly. Thank you Josef 🙂

  8. I noticed once that my grandmother, who was an orthodox christian from Lebanon, never went to church. Her English was limited but I think it was something else. She grew up in the Bekka Valley on a farm in the 1800s. My grandmother always had a little garden in her backyard. My mother told me she would say her prayers while she tended her garden. I think this is where she felt at ease to talk to God.

    1. Good idea, Diane, I post it every day on my facebookside, so that more friends can enjoy Evan’ s inspiring SpiritView

  9. I don’t think my situation is like the above people but, I have been involved in local politics because I care about freedom. However, in one group that brings in speakers from all over the US, we have learned some shocking things and often things in the past, we can do nothing about (except for me. I can write) and sometimes I leave feeling like I have been hit. It seems the deeper you did, the harder it is to take. I do like, though to help the public.
    I don’t know if this I related to your subject?

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