No more tired joy

April 26, 2019 | 21 comments


In a poem written by Mary Baker Eddy, titled “Christ My Refuge,” is the verse:

From tired joy and grief afar,
And nearer Thee, — Father,
where Thine own children are, I love to be.

The words “tired joy,” jumped off the page to me recently when singing this poem as a hymn in a Christian Science church service. What do they mean, I pondered?

I thought back to my time farming before I went into the full-time practice of Christian Science.

Farming had its joys. Planting trees and seeds, caring for trees and plants, and harvesting a bountiful crop are rewarding experiences that a farmer looks forward to going through year after year. We had some good years, and we had some tough years. But I was also learning about the higher things of Spirit during this time, which brought me infinitely greater joy to think on and live out than any number of bins of apples harvested.

As my love of God grew, my interest in growing apples diminished.

The need to commit a large amount of mental time to planning the crop year, caring for fields, weeding, fertilizing, supporting the employees, and organizing a harvest started to feel burdensome, like they were getting in the way of experiencing the incredibly greater joys of growing spiritually, and helping and healing my neighbors with my understanding of God. Farming became a “tired joy.”

I eventually left farming for the greater joys of Spirit, and that feeling of growing burden I had been struggling with, vanished too. There was no more “tiredness” in my life. There was a fresh expansive joy that took over from devoting my energies to God and living true to my spiritual life.

Are you suffering from any “tired joys?” Is it time to move on, to move on up to the higher joys of Spirit?

Real joy never leaves a feeling of tiredness in our being, but of buoyancy, delight, and soaring inspiration.

Go for the best. Don’t settle for tired joys. Move on up to Spirit-joy, which brings out the happiest and healthiest you.

21 thoughts on “No more tired joy”

  1. Thank you so much for this uplift. I am so grateful Mrs Eddy wrote ‘Father, where thine own children are I love to be.’ The human sense would tend to say ‘I long to be’ but in writing ‘I love to be’ Mrs Eddy lifted our whole thought to the present possibility of our oneness with God.

  2. Interesting that MBE in the first writings of this poem had the last line “where thine own children are, and love to be”. The changing of the one word and to I makes it totally more inclusive!

  3. Very timely Evan – I’m feeling less than joyous with old stuff and need to upgrade. Thanks for the motivation.

    1. I love your phrasing and definitely need an UPgrade . This great lift so timely and helpful.
      Thanks, Evan, as always.

  4. I will hold these thoughts, Evan, today and move forward. They resonate with me. To be “nearer thee” is what I desire.

  5. Evan! I love the way your example helps us navigate without negativity. We don’t need to denounce outgrown ways – we need only open to grace. The correct choice is an energizing connection, like the correct port.

    1. Thanks Jay! As Mike mentioned, I also really like the idea of moving on with Grace. There truly is no need to judge or condemn old ways. Progress is the law of God. A natural and seamless moving forward.

  6. What a wonderful treat of music, along with the very inspiring, happy message of joy, Evan. Desiree’s
    angelic voice brings such clarity to this treasure of a blog.
    Thank you!

  7. What a wonderful explanation of “tired joy,” Evan. Thanks very much. And thank you, Jay, for your thoughts about not having to “denounce” outgrown ways, just move on with grace…being grace-full.

  8. Evan, thanks so much for the added music to start our day! Desiree Goyette has an amazing voice.
    Thank you, too, for all the good work that goes into these daily messages you share with us.
    Gratitude beyond words for motivating us to move beyond the current moment and rise higher each time! Blessings to all!

  9. This is very good to think about. I am approaching a time when I can retire from my current job after 20 years. I have some ideas of what I would like to do but I am asking Father/Mother what do you have in mind for me?
    I do like my job, hate my commute, but I am experiencing a ‘tired joy’. this job has been tremendous for me in many ways, using all the talents I forgot I had but I feel I am moving on. thanks

  10. I have always been puzzled by what Mrs. Eddy meant by “tired joy” – how could joy be tired? But you have explained it so clearly. Thanks for including the music – a real treat!

  11. Evan this has tremendous meaning for me this morning. It’s an angel message from God sent through you, I’m so grateful. To answer your question are, “are you suffering from any ‘tired joys?'” My answer is yes!! And today I had planned to take a huge leap of faith to let go of my “tired joy” so this post is so timely, comforting, and inspiring for me. I’m so grateful to have these powerful truths. Love to all.

  12. When spiritual progress is manifested in our human experience, there is no need to feel as if we were part of some monumental task that took herculean physical and/or mental effort on our part, leaving us with a sense of feeling tired. God did the work, we benefited, and the results were triumph and joy.

  13. Lately, I’ve focused on the words in MBE’s Daily Prayer. What helped me the most this week, were the last three words; “and govern them”. Applied to a contentious action, which I felt could be corrected, I applied the lift up to God, seeing Him governing all involved, so it led to knowing that “tired joy” would be erased divinely, when God was governing all.
    I took action, am waiting patiently for God’s correction to erase this mistake. Thank you for focusing on these few words, “tired joy, and “grief afar”…..we’re nearer Him. Love the thought.

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