Always time to show love

April 25, 2019 | 25 comments

“If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself. You are not that important.”

~ Apostle Paul, Galatians 6:3, NLT

To help another in need is to express love. Is there anything more important than to show love?

25 thoughts on “Always time to show love”

  1. Love is the greatest thing in the world. “Love and love alone is life.” Love is the liberator. Love is God. The one who dwells in love, dwells in God. So a person who always reaches out to help others expresses the most love. Such a person never runs out of health, strength, vitality or plenty. But is always full of vigor and vitality and his energies never deplete. In fact such a selfless person is richly rewarded by God. “The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable”. So nothing in the world is more important than to love, help, show compassion. In fact it makes you the most important, cherished and loved by God Himself. So go ahead and reach out in love. It gives you the most joy, makes you feel at the top of the world. Thanks Evan for the lovely inspiration.

    1. Thank you for your truly loving and inspiring words Nergish❣️ I just finished writing them down in my prayer journal that I keep near me. I will reread them often.
      Once again I am so grateful for SpiritView. To be able to gain wisdom from Evan and all those around the world who take the time to comment is such a gift. I find myself visiting this site daily and now more than once a day so I don’t miss any helpful thoughts.

  2. Thank you Evan to make me think deeper on LOVE, which is God itself!
    Thank you Nergish for your inspired and helpful comment!
    Very much I do love the whole chapter 13 of the first Letter of Paul to the Corinthians. I call it the chapter of total Love, where it says in the last and 13th verse: “Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these i s Love.” (NLT Bible)

    Am greatful for SpiritView – it is uplifting, inspiring and enriching me.

  3. I guess not showing love can be considered burying our ‘talents.’ Almost everything I have found TRULY, valuable in Christian Science, like finding the Christ in my life and learning to pray more consciously within the Kingdom of Heaven, has come from love reflected in love. Sharing healing ideas when they were desperately needed, spending time with someone who needs to feel loved in that moment, holding tightly to the true image of a person when that seems impossible and then sharing the fruitage of that prayer; these things were ALWAYS rewarded by God bringing me deeper into His Love in a way that I most needed. Love is the consciousness of The Kingdom of Heaven, and every demonstration of Love brings us further into conscious union with (and the receiving of ) God’s power and Grace.

  4. I have had the privilege of meeting and knowing many important people in private and public life. More often than not I have discovered that the reason they are important is because they love to help others.

  5. Thanks to our leader, Mary Baker Eddy, who gave us so many examples of loving. My favorites are when she helped the reporter with the sore throat, and the following:

    from Golden Memories by Clara Shannon, CSD
    Clara Shannon was one of Mrs. Eddy’s most trusted and loyal students who served our Leader at her precious “Pleasant View.”

    “When I read the Chapter in Miscellaneous Writings on “Love Your Enemies,” a particular experience which our Leader had in 1899, and which I recorded, is recalled by which I saw the carrying out of her teaching in that chapter, exemplified in her life. One of her former students who had manifested great enmity against her and was persecuting her and falsifying her character was dealt with in the following manner. One morning as our dear Teacher was writing letters, she called me and said, “To whom do you think I have just written?” From the look on her face I said, “I suppose someone to whom no one else would write!” And then she said, “It is so and so, and I have invited her to come to see me. I have given her two days from which to select the time most convenient to her, and have asked her to telegraph and let me know the day.” She read the letter through to me and told me to enclose a stamped telegraph form. I said, “Oh, Mother, how could you write to her, when you know she is doing all she can to harm you, and not hiding it, but talking about it?” She said to me, “You must learn to love that woman.” I said, “Do you love her?” “Yes, and I am trying to bless her! If you and I do not love her, who can or will?”

    To that letter Mrs. Eddy received no reply. When the second day named came, before going out for her drive she put on her special best dress and ordered the carriage to be at the door to take her for her drive an hour earlier than usual, in order to be home early before her guest arrived. Before leaving, our Leader ordered another carriage to be sent to the station to meet her. Just as she was putting on her gloves before entering her carriage, she called me from my writing and said, “Will you promise something?” I said, “Of course, I will if it is something I can do.” She said, “If Mrs. — comes before I return I want you to greet her kindly.” I said, “Yes, Mother, I will.” Then she said, “Lovingly?” with a note of interrogation in her voice. My answer was, “I will try.” Then she said, “Just heavenly?” I answered, “I will go upstairs and ask God to help me to do that and to show me how.” Lastly she repeated, “Now remember what I say-kindly, lovingly, just heavenly!”

    I went to my room and prayed earnestly to divine Love to help me, for, as it was right for her to feel that, it was right for me to manifest it. In a short time I felt such a desire that she should come, and willing to welcome her in the most heavenly way that I knew, because I knew what a blessing there was awaiting her through an interview with our Leader and great good would result.

    Our Leader returned from her drive an hour earlier than usual, and when she got out of her carriage, she said, “Has she come yet?” I said, “No, Mother.” “Never mind,” she said, “I will wait in the drawing room for her.” In the meantime the carriage had been sent a second and a third time to meet three trains in succession. The last time it was late and too dark for her to have come, and our Leader sat in the parlor waiting till then; after which, she rose to return to her sitting room, and said, “Oh, what a benediction of love she would have received! It would have saved and comforted her!” I too felt sorry for her to have lost such an opportunity and a great blessing. I learned a lesson of love such as I have never forgotten. “

  6. Thanks Evan,

    Interesting how your sharing today, so supports my study on the Parable of the Talents.

    R.C. Trench on the Parable of our Lord, when speaking of the one talent that was buried … wrote this

    There is great danger that such persons may deceive themselves; for there is a show of humility in the excuses often made by persons so inclined: “the care of my own soul is sufficient to occupy me holy; while I am employed about the souls of others I may perhaps be losing my own. “That was repeatedly the case in the history of the early church. Augustine on the other hand, makes striking use of this parable, while speaking of the temptation of which he was conscious, to withdraw from active labor, and to cultivate a solitary piety: “nothing is better, nothing sweeter, “he says, “than to search the divine storehouse with none to disturb. To preach, to argue, to build up, to take care of each one, is a great load, great toil; Who would not escape from it? But the gospel deters. “ it continues

    1. A wonderful analogy!

      When I was a kid, I wondered why the servant who buried the coins got in trouble. I didn’t realize wealth isn’t the same thing as currency. Wealth is the product of allocation of resources, which is why money in the bank depreciates. Like currency, love is a medium of investment. We can’t withhold love and think we will keep it!

      (This is beautifully demonstrated by MBE in Patricia’s PleasantView example.)

  7. Thank you Patricia for sharing that wonderful recollection of MBEs faithful student! It’s really got me thinking about this…not only the love it would take to love someone who has spurned you, but to love someone so heavenly as to prove that love by being ready even though there was no evidence that the person was even going to come, and then to love her anyway when she didn’t respond. I feel that the person would have felt that great love and probably didn’t know where it had come from. Oh so inspiring!!! And Thank you Evan for this meal today:)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing that story, Patricia. What a great example of unconditional love! Jesus taught us so much about love in his life. If we all put the Golden Rule into practice think of how our world would improve! Thanks to all for your precious comments.

  9. I’ve been married for over 30 years, to the best man I know and have always loved him. For the past year, he has been ill and I’ve been his primary caregiver. I thought I knew what love was, until I was called upon to care for him almost as I would a child. Occasionally, I’ve felt tempted by resentment, and frustration and have been shocked to feel these things towards my husband, and ashamed as well, but have kept them in check for the majority of the time, but if I’ve given them air, it has been only for a moment, and then the realization of the error has been enough to squelch them. But, I am learning that those feelings aren’t mine at all. They belong to the “Adversary” – the thoughts that actually have no power at all, unless I give them power. I realize they don’t belong to me and am rising above them, and am gaining a great victory over self and learning what Love, really is. I am so thankful for Christian Science.

  10. As I was one of the first commenters today, I just now read all the amazing and inspired comments – thanks to you a l l -.

    Patricia, that is a great comment about Mary Baker Eddy’ s deep Love also or specially for her socalled enymies – from that we can learn, how to really l o v e ! Thank you very much!

    Am so grateful for the blessings we all receive from Evan’s wonderful SpiritView! 🙂

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