Follow God’s wisdom rather than another’s opinion

April 24, 2019 | 21 comments


Have you ever felt controlled by other people’s opinions? Perhaps a family member, co-worker, or boss, expresses strong convictions about what they think you should do, and then you start to think you have no choice but to follow through and do what they believe? If so, the remedy is to consult God’s point of view, rather than being swayed by personal belief.

God is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind that has the best answer for any quandary you need solved. If you want to know the best thing to do, silence opinion, whether your own or another’s, and listen for the voice of wisdom within. It will lead you aright.

God’s wisdom can often be heard through other people who are luminaries for good ideas, but the wisdom of God will never be the product of pride, self-righteousness or ego. It will not be pushy, arrogant or judgmental. It will come across with love, understanding and patience.

So, don’t let other people’s personal opinions become your truth. Listen for truth from God, and let that be your guiding light. You will be happy with the results.

“The opinions of men cannot be substituted for God’s revelation” Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 92.

21 thoughts on “Follow God’s wisdom rather than another’s opinion”

  1. Thank you, Evan. This is a wonderful idea worth sharing. Opinions of men are sometimes false perspectives until the principle of Spiritual Truth is gained. This is a necessary and timely lesson for me.

  2. “It will come across with love, understanding, and patience.” I love this. In other words, what is valuable might not come with fanfare and bombast. It may well be meek, and quiet, unassuming. Puts one in mind of “the still, small, voice”. Lovely. Feeling much gratitude.

  3. Evan’s statement that God’s wisdom can often be heard through other people who are luminaries for good ideas ties in with a citation in this weeks Bible Lesson that “man … reflects the beatific presence, illuming the universe with light.” (Science and Health, p. 266)

    I have been pondering this citation, wondering how we can illumine the universe. I now see that we do so by expressing Mind, not human opinion. Let your light shine!

    Thanks, Evan!

  4. Just yesterday I was sorting through different opinions and perceptions of my own and family members. I did not like the confusion I was feeling and what you share today Evan is comforting for me. Thank you Josef and Katherine for your comments. I must remember to listen to the still, small voice and to trust it. To be put in the middle of two differing opinions and the feeling I get thinking I need to choose the right one continues to be uncomfortable. I see the need to let my own opinion go and just listen❣️Thank you

  5. What is beautiful
    about today?
    I ask myself…
    early in the morn…
    as the evening
    sky relaxes…
    sometimes in color…
    other times not.

    I remain quiet
    for a moment;
    take it all in…
    before I answer myself.

    When it arrives
    I know it’s now
    time to speak.

    What is beautiful
    about this day?

    I’m conscious.
    I am alive.
    And both of these
    do not cost
    they are free.
    LIFE is free!

  6. I have one friend in particular who is very opinionated and often expresses his opinion that most people are “sheeple” and stupid. He will insinuate that if I do not agree with him I am stupid. I hold him in Divine Love and tell him that I do not necessarily disbelieve what he says, or what others say, nor do I necessarily believe what is said. UNLESS what is being said is hateful, unkind and flamatory. Then I know that God would not say that, therefore it cannot be true. My friend scoffs at that and says that there are just purely evil people in the world. I have other friends who express that opinion also. I share my belief that there are only evil behaviors; that all are God’s reflection and likeness. I then choose to love them anyway and pray for God’s guidance.

  7. Thank you are so right on! I at times get caught up in opinions of others and get in a tizzy. Then I listen to that still small voice which results is such clarity and right direction. It’s not always easy but so freeing. Thank you all for your inspiring comments!

  8. Thank you, Evan, and all. I had an experience a number of years ago where I was told by family members and close friends what I should do regarding a very important issue. I felt extremely confused and finally closed my ears to their opinions and turned wholeheartedly to God for my answer. I did what He told me to do which was completely the opposite of the human opinions. I felt a great sense peace about it. It lengthened the process of what I was going through, but it was so right. I never had any doubts or regrets about it, and later it was agreed by all that it was the right thing to do. When we are confused and bombarded by human opinions, our Father will hold our hand and lead us to do the right thing.

    1. Thank you Evan and thank you Daphne I’m going through a similar situation now how everyone seems to advise me that I am not completely wrong and what I’m doing and so it’s very confusing because I prayed about this along time for many years now and God tells me that I’m still on the right track following his advice & his direction but I was confused for a short time because especially a beloved family member is fiercely opinionated & many other well wishers we’re just trying to convince me that I was completely wrong and being abused by dishonesty and craftiness. So I asked myself is God wrong ? Am I wrong & confused by explicitly following God, Divine Mind every step of the way in this case for almost 7 years? I don’t think so If we are humble, full of faith and steadfast in following the leadings of Christ, Truth.

  9. Stop looking for permission to follow your truth! You don’t need permission to live an authentic life. It’s your birthright! You just need to claim it All of your answers are inside of you! Self-trust is a muscle -it gets stronger with use! You have the right to take back your life! There are no medals for learning to accept the unacceptable. If something doesn’t work for you, you have the right to rethink it….no permission needed. You don’t need others to tell you that something is “Right”. Go inside and feel and trust what feels right to you. (Excerpted from “STOP…..Looking for Permission!” by Kelley Kosow

  10. What a great topic to address Evan! It is so important to take a stand – not out of “pride, self-righteousness or ego” as Evan says but out of love.
    I remember a time many years ago when I was working for a company and the president of the company pulled me and my supervisor aside and asked us to “park” another companies liabilities on our financials. I waited for my supervisor to respond. She was silent. I thought about all the people in my life that had contributed to my education and all the work they had put into me – my parents, my family, my teachers, my friends…the list goes on. I thought about the employees at our company and how this decision could effect them. I thought about the investors that would be effected by this decision – and all the individuals who had money invested in this company who thought the financials were presented truthfully. I thought about all the hard work I had done to be where I was. And, I said “Mark, that is illegal and we can’t do it.” I recognized he was making a really bad decision for his company. My supervisor spoke up and supported that decision. Although I had hoped he would see the wisdom of this decision, it didn’t quite work out that way. He didn’t much like what was said and it wasn’t long before my supervisor was let go and I knew I was next. But, I also knew, as a still small voice guided me, that I needed to learn as much as I could to prepare for my next step. Although the atmosphere was very, very toxic, with humility, I worked in it and endured it. I also knew the president of our company was not a bad man. Mark had taught me a great number of things. He was being influenced by some pretty bad thoughts – that he needed to be a “team player” with the uppers at a company he thought he needed. When they asked him to do this, it should have been a pretty big red flag to not have anything to do with them. Moving on from that company was a huge relief but the experience and education I gained there was wonderful and it taught me exactly what I needed to know to be successful in my next position. We work for God and we always have a choice. Truth and Love are pretty good advisors. 🙂
    And, another lesson I learned was to let go – rather than thinking I have to save others by changing their opinion, I actually had to let go of that self-will and know God will save them, They need to come to that understanding themselves. Sometimes they come to it through Science and sometimes by suffering. It is hard to see someone suffer but it is important for them to learn the lesson in their own time and their own way.

    1. Kirsten, I am a day late on this response and not sure that you will see it, but wow! Thank you so much for your expression of moral courage. We stand for Truth and CANNOT be punished in any way for doing so.

      1. Hi Trista,
        We really can’t. Our whole purpose is to love. That takes the front seat. I am not going to say it was easy though when I was going through it. But, what I learned by going through it – I am really grateful for. 🙂 But, what is sad is when someone makes a really bad decision, it can open Pandora’s box and if they are not stopped, it can lead to more and more bad decisions. It is hard to see someone go in that direction, especially someone who I felt contributed to my growth as a person. I wish he could have seen that I was trying to help him but maybe he thought he didn’t have a choice. I don’t know.

  11. I’ve had a lot of issues with that for most of my life-my mother especially has had that effect on me until relatively recently. Over the years, she succeeded in talking me out of a LOT of great things that I wanted to try. Now, I don’t even let her know about my plans unless I absolutely have to and I’m 100% positive that they’re going to go through.
    I used to be convinced that my only real purpose was to please everyone who ever crossed my path. And then I wouldn’t understand why I was being taken advantage of all the time or why people would get frustrated and then I would end up frustrated and confused with myself. I’ve learned the hard way that it is definitely best to rely on God instead. 🙂

  12. Yes, I like what Lacy says here! Relying on God, never other people. Not inner self talk either. But relying on the impeccable direction of divine Mind to lead the way. The answers from God always come with a beautiful sense of peace and calm (as Evan pointed out).I love this blog.

    1. Grace,
      You bring out a good point. Sometimes inner voices might not be the still, small voice of Truth and Love. It might be mortal mind suggesting fear, planning ahead, etc. Choices that bring us peace and calm are a pretty good way to test if it is mortal mind or Truth and Love talking. 🙂

  13. Wow! Such great sharing around this huge topic. This is why we need each other…if not as fellow church members, then members of the family of man….and of course, ideas in God’s Family!
    We learn from each other!

    I am so aware of the prob of conflicting opinions about this or that issue at church, or in family decisions or …heck, just about everywhere! Politics! But, the basic thing is that we need to continue to learn to silence human will, to humbly listen to divine intelligence, God, and act up to our highest sense of what is right under the circumstances. This is inevitable, after all. The Christ is lighting our way out of the darkness of mortal belief, illusion, as we know. Whew!!

    Thank you Evan, and All.

  14. Wonderful post, Evan!!

    When I feel pressured by other people’s opinions, I find it helpful to remember that what I’m experiencing is mostly internal.

    Maybe people are being pushy. But people push about all kinds of things, and I can usually disregard. House guest thinks my toilet paper is on the dispenser backwards? There are many valid perspectives on this controversial subject.

    In a 30-year “discussion” with Dad about the length of my hair? Hair-length remains stable; relationship with Dad remains a source of great joy.

    When I perceive someone as nagging, it’s usually because they’ve hit a nerve. My critic and I share the same fear and we’re tossing it back-and-forth like a hot potato. The extent to which I agree with my critic, even in error, is the extent to which I’m battling myself.

    There’s only one Mind of Love, and there’s only one false mind of fear. When I resolve my ambivalence by listening to God, I’m often amazed by how supportive other people become!

    1. So Jay, there isn’t only one way to put the toilet paper on the toilet paper holder…imagine that!! (said with a smile). I enjoy your sense of humor. 🙂

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