Let divine Mind do the talking

May 7, 2018 | 20 comments

Have you ever wanted to share a perspective or idea with a friend or neighbor, but felt they weren’t receptive to what you had to say?

Perhaps you have a teenager who turns a deaf ear. Or a co-worker who has their mind set in a way that is not open to your input. If so, trust the one Mind to speak to them.

What you cannot get across humanly, God can get across spiritually.

All of God’s children share one Mind. That means the ideas available to one child of God, are available to all other children of God.
If an inspiration comes to you about how to do something better, that inspiration can come to your acquaintance too, and it doesn’t have to come to them through words you speak. It can come directly into their thought from the one Mind.

The one Mind always knows best. It knows the right idea to share at the right time, to the right individual. And it knows how to get its point across in a way that the receiver is happy to receive.

The one Mind speaks directly into the thinking of everyone. And they have spiritual sense to hear what God is telling them. Trust this truth.

One time, I took an action in my branch church that another member found offensive. There wasn’t anything I could say to help. So, I quit talking about it and started praying about it, knowing that they had the same Mind I did, and that we could see the situation from the same point of view. I decided that I didn’t have to say anything more. I was going to let God do the talking and convincing from then on. It worked. After I found my peace, they found peace, and we quickly arrived at a mutually agreeable middle-ground.

So, if you ever get frustrated about sharing ideas with another person who you feel is not listening, take heart. You don’t need to persuade them of anything. Let the one Mind do the convincing. Also, be open to modification yourself, and God will bring about the perfect solution for everyone.

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20 thoughts on “Let divine Mind do the talking”

  1. Thank you Evan.
    I do appreciate these helpful ideas.
    I think I read the following statement in one of the biographies
    about Mrs. Eddy.
    “God helps us most when help is most needed, for He is an ever-present help”

  2. Just what I needed to read today, Evan. Thank you! I have several things going on today which might mortally Appear to be ‘stressful’, but will keep holding on to these thoughts that you have shared, with the one Mind. Also, how great that each of us gains from what you’ve written in our own individual experiences, but still guided by One Mind.

  3. A member of a group I am in, called to say another member has been very unnecessarily and offensively critical of her very good work and efforts. But as she was telling me this story, I happened to glance at this email and after she hung up I read it! PEEEEERFECT for his difficult situation..thankyou Evan…time to get to work on thought right now!

  4. Thinking of Moses. “I don’t know what to say to them, God.” God answered: Don’t worry, Moses, I will put the words in your mouth.” 🙂

    SH 284:31-32 “The intercommunication is always from God to His idea, man.” (Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy author).

    Notice it says, from God to man, not man to man! Family tensions have been dissolved knowing that I didn’t have to say anything unless moved to do so by God. God would communicate. That God is communicating His/Her ideas to all mankind is a huge shift in how we resolve misunderstandings and make progress. This is a beautiful way to start the week, Evan. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sheryl,
      Here is the poem you referenced in case someone hasn’t seen it.

      Let the angels tell them

      From the September 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

      ANGELS. God’s thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality, and mortality.*

      Isaiah of old said, “Hear now, behold,
      a virgin, conceiving, shall bear a son.”

      Indeed it would be as God’s prophet foretold.
      But who would tell Mary, the favored one?

      Let Gabriel; let the angel tell
      Mary, the virgin, of the Highest’s will.

      Who would tell Joseph and make him believe
      that here was a virgin who could so conceive?

      The wise virgin Mary let an angel tell him.
      (Let an angel tarry, for more surely, we find,
      does one believe angels than words from mankind.)

      Who was there to go out at nighttime and tell
      the shepherds who wandered high up on a hill
      that the Saviour was born? It was a bright angel
      who brought them good tidings of joy for all people.

      Practicing Christians, prepared to convey
      the Christ understanding that’s with us today,
      proclaim the glad tidings.

      And should one refuse
      to hear healing truths from lips of men,
      let the angels,
      let the angels,
      let the angels tell them.

  5. Very useful reminder! God, Mind is in complete and total control. We’re ready to say or do something if led by Mind, but God is in charge. The Bible says “His work is perfect.” We are all part of this work.

  6. Evan, It is rare that I comment on your blogs though I read most of them and share many. This one particularly is helpful and I know to be true from experience. God not only spoke to Mary but God spoke to Joseph as well. There was likely nothing Mary could have explained to Joseph that would have convinced him of her situation. God did that communicating and still does. Thanks for bringing that to mind again.


  7. Evan, I like to print out your messages sometimes. But a google ad pops up right in the middle of of it when I try to print it out so a part of it is blocked.
    I try to get rid of the ad but it won’t go away. Do you know what to do about that?

  8. thanks very much for the gorgeous poem, Karen.

    Oh, Evan, so very good, helpful, healing and full of Love, thanks a lot for today`s most precious SpiritView and for sharing your healing experience in church!

    One day an acquaintence told me that she believes in a fortune teller, to tell her the future.
    I just said after a while, Oh, I do not believe in it at all, rather I am very religious believing in God only. She replied nothing. And now according to today`s SV I would say, that the one Mind also speaks directly into her thinking, telling her what is true. I do trust this Truth very much.

    Thanks so much dear commenters for your loving comments! 🙂

  9. Thank you, again, Evan and fellow “Viewers.” I appreciate the uplifting messages in SpiritView very much, and endeavor to put them into practice. Thank you!

  10. Thank you thank you! Just what I need, right now.

    It’s easy to get defensive when someone accuses you of something untrue and unkind. I tend to want to argue and explain why they’re wrong. That never works!

    This is a great answer to that, and just what I’ve been working on- knowing there’s only one Mind, which communicates directly with each of us. So false concepts have to disappear in light of Truth.

    Also, every single person is created by God, created spiritually perfect and loving each and every moment. We are each filling our own place. There is no unjust treatment, unequal distribution of effort or stuff, etc. – all operate in divine harmony.

    Putting that into practice can be challenging! But, God is right here the whole way.

    Thanks again!

  11. Thanks so much, Evan, for a very timely blog. It answers my question about responding to anyone who has a negative opinion of Christian Science. Let God do the talking – great!

  12. I recently had a visit from one of my nephews. He is in a very bad way and possibly suicidal. He is a ranting nightmare to behold.
    As I was driving him home we talked a little more calmly. I urged him to get real help and move out of his mother’s home, as it was bad for everyone.
    Later I prayed for him, acknowledging that no matter what it looked like who he was was not touched, that the same Love that talks to me and never abandons me, is with him. This Love has not been interrupted. I spent a good part of two days with this prayer.

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