The surplus thinker

May 4, 2018 | 26 comments

To enjoy the abundance of divine Mind and see human needs met on a regular basis, be a surplus thinker.

A surplus thinker reasons out from the omnipresence of God. He sees supply, where the human eye sees lack. He sees answers where the human mind fumbles around in ignorance. He sees health where the medical view sees disease.

A surplus thinker sees God’s omnipresence.

In God, there is unending health, unfailing strength, boundless provision and eternal life.

God never comes up short for any need. Divine Mind always has a solution, an answer or perfect response to any query.

There is no lack in God. There is no lack of health, supply or purpose.

God is everything important, and God is all good. To mentally dwell in the omnipresence of God is to be where there is always a provision for every human need.

Be a surplus thinker. Reason out from God’s infinite, limitless good.

Don’t look to matter for God’s abundance. It isn’t there. God is not matter. God is Spirit.

Turn to Spirit. See all good as spiritual coming from God, and you’ll find your abundance.

A surplus thinker is a spiritual thinker. He sees what God sees. It’s always enough, and more.

“Unfathomable Mind is expressed. The depth, breadth, height, might, majesty, and glory of infinite Love fill all space. That is enough!” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 520.

26 thoughts on “The surplus thinker”

  1. Evan! This takes so many things that are currently (seemingly) out-of-balance in my life and sets them straight! Wow! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. I love the idea of a surplus thinker…as distinct from an over-thinker! The surplus thinker always sees more good. And there can be no excessive good in anyone’s life!
    The over thinker sees confusion, too many ideas without order sometimes and fear…yes the overthinker worries that it may nt be right or done rightly, or was something else meant? all thoughts based on fear.
    The Surplus thinker just sees abundance and has an expectation of good with an attitude of hope.

    thankyou for your insightful ideas Evan. its amazing how they just keep coming!

  3. The perfect message for today – as always! Thank you for listening for divine inspiration, then sharing it.

  4. and it’s not just “thinking positively” or being a “Pollyanna” which are human ways of thinking and being. It is starting with God, Spirit as the center and circumference of all good.
    Lovely. Thank you Evan and Diane for grounding me this morning.

  5. Very inspiring topic. Keeping focused on seeing what God sees. Enjoyed the comments on over thinking as opposed to surplus. Thanks all!

  6. Excellent. I love the word, “perspicacity.” It neatly sums up what it means to be a surplus thinker.

  7. Great sharing, all. Thank you!

    “…The superabundance of being is on the side of God, good.” – Science and Health, pg 201


  8. It’s all about Results…..Demonstration. Are we getting the Results of Healing from our Spiritual Thinking…….?? Words and Thoughts and Quotes and Spouting from Mrs. Eddy aren’t enough! What kind of Results and Demonstrations are people getting from saying, knowing and thinking all the above Quotes…..???

    1. I’m sorry I don’t know how to post a link, but there is a great article by George Channing, The Need for Spiritual Consciousnesses, March 1949 Journal, JSH.
      I saw this articled linked from Annette Herr’s blog Spiritual Perspectives.

      Thank you Evan for your blog, I read it everyday and find much inspiration from it and also from many of the comments.

  9. Thank you all–Evan and crew, for those wonderful truths, and for that Link to the JSH article.
    Precious ideas for all.

  10. Thank you, Evan, for another amazing post today! “Out of the park” or in your tennis language, “right inside the line”!

  11. I love these sharings that are short statements pertaining to God’s qualities that are also expressed by his creation, man/woman. It’s a keeper

    By the way, you have to be a subscriber to access that link to the article, but thanks for helping out.

  12. Thank you very much Evan, so Thank you, Evan so very inspiring is your today’s SpiritView!
    And thanks all for your comments!
    Thank you Evan for such an inspiring wonderful Spirit View!

    Thanks Diana for your interesting çomment . However as a German it is still not clear to me what exactly a surplus thinker is, or what Evan means with it.

    I just could imagin that it is one who knowes that all spiritual richness and abundance and care for us comes from God!

    1. I think that you are right, Uta, with your interpretation. A glance into my dictionary shows the following synonyms (among others) for ‘surplus’: ‘extra, overflow, overabundance, plethora, superabundance’. As I understand it, a surplus thinker does not put any limits, in whatever direction, on his understanding of God and the infinite possibilities and care He bestows on His creation. I love to put synonyms for the sentence: ‘All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation’ in the ‘scientific statement of being’… (S&H, p. 468), e.g. : ‘All is unlimited Love and its unlimited manifestation’… or ‘All is endless Life and its endless manifestation’, or ‘All is boundless Soul and its boundless manifestation’, or ‘All is fetterless Spirit and its fetterless manifestation’, or ‘All is eternal Principle and its eternal manifestation’, and so on. It gives such a wide view of the limitless, unbounded nature of God.
      It seems to me that Evan demonstrates this abundance in the vastness of the ideas he shares with us all EVERY day since so many years…
      I love this post. Thank you, Evan.

      1. Hi Beatrice,

        excellent explained and put together the “Scientific Statement of Being” with all the precious synonyms of our dear God – thank you – I love that!

        You are right Beatrice, we can learn very very much from Evan`s so very inspired SpiritView – an we are uttermost blessed by it! Thank you Evan.

  13. oh,excuse please dear commenters for the disorderly beginning !

    Am very grateful for this lively and loving blog!

  14. Hi dear SpiritView Fans and Friends,

    I just wanted to inform you that there is a gorgeous article from Evan with the title “Turn loss into gain”

    You can find it at JSH online – it is in the CS Journal March 7, 2011.

    Love to all and a very nice weekend! 🙂

  15. My what a bountiful blog this is. The George Channing article, “The Need for Spiritual Consciousness” is so helpful. Thanks Chellie for mentioning it and Paul and Kirstin for giving us the links. The article by Evan “Turn loss into gain” is one I remember reading before but was well worth a repeat. Thanks Uta for this reference (and for all of your comments which I have greatly appreciated) and to Ellen for giving us the link.

    Lastly, thanks so much Evan for just the inspiration I so greatly needed this morning. I am suffering from a lack of energy trying to keep up with a new little dog I recently adopted. I could sure use a “surplus!”

    1. Hi dear Lori,

      God , divine Love is the source of your needed energy.

      And let God do the keeping up of your new little sweet dog. You just reflect Gods joyful doing!

      Have a lovely weekend!

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