Accept God’s normal

May 3, 2018 | 14 comments

“According to Christian Science, perfection is normal, — not miraculous.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings, p. 104.

What is your standard for defining “normal” in your life? Is it perfection? Or is it something less that allows for conflict, illness and lack? If so, your standard for normal can be revised and improved.

The standard of “normal” with God, is health, harmony, peace, and love. God bestows boundless good on man, and every moment of existence is our opportunity to experience and express God’s goodness.

Disease, lack and suffering are not normal. They are an aberration of the mortal mind that doesn’t come from God, nor are they sanctioned by God.

God never desires for us to suffer. God only wills peace and love upon us.

Jesus Christ came to show us how to find more of our God-given “normal.” He healed the sick and cast out evil spirits to show mankind that we don’t have to accept pain and suffering as normal. They can be healed and replaced with health and life.

Harmony is normal. Peace is normal. Health is normal, when living your spiritual life with God.

Accept only the best. Accept health. Accept abundance. Accept God! And live a life of peace and harmony. That would be normal for you as the beloved of God.

14 thoughts on “Accept God’s normal”

  1. Just read this after I had tripped up some stairs, so grateful to reacknowledge my perfection as God’s reflection.

  2. The quote from Mary Baker Eddy is new to me and I’ve studied Christian Science for years. That you for highlighting it this morning, Evan. I also love the idea of healing being supremely natural. Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health describes Christian healing:”Now, as then, these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural.” (p. xi)

    Perfection is normal and natural and it’s normal and natural to know that and experience healing!
    Blessings all….

  3. Thanks Evan for this reminder. Very important to see our God given life as normal and not miraculous. Last night after I had mowed about 4 acres of lawn, I notice that I no longer had my wallet in my pants pocket. Realizing that I just had it out at the gas station buy fuel for the mower, the thought came to me that it could be somewhere in the field I just mowed or even worse at the gas station for the next customer. I immediately stated a couple of truths, that man is made in the image of God perfect in every way and if found at the gas station would be returned to me intact. I also prayed to know that nothing in heaven is lost, a standard prayer used at our home when needed. I grab a flash light and ask God to lead me to find the wallet. I first looked in the truck and then thought I should look at the mower in the shed. There it was, it had fallen out of my pocket and onto the tractor side compartment over the rear wheel sometime during the mowing . This is not miracle but a normal state of God’s gift to us all. We are supported and indeed live within the realm of Spirit first no matter what human view first claims.

  4. I’ve heard it said that “normal” is a setting on the Dryer! I’ve also heard it said that it’s “Progress, not Perfection.” So many C.S students (me included) have been raised with or taught this idea of “Being Perfect”. For a “normal” human being this usually breeds what is called, “Perfectionism” which is definitely a detriment to feeling good about one’s self and can reek havoc with one’s self-esteem. There’s got to be a better word to use to convey the idea that we are created Whole in God’s Love……not necessarily “Perfect”. We are working towards understanding our relationship with God and that Journey includes a lot of mistakes or “learning lessons” and we’re not expected to be “Perfect” on this Journey! Love and Blessings to All Imperfect Human Beings out there!

    1. What occurs to me is that yes, in absolute Truth we are already perfect, but Mrs. Eddy says that the human footsteps leading to perfection are indispensable.

    2. Hi Bevi,
      Suppose God is thinking you perfectly right now and forever and always. And, you are reflecting that perfection. Now, suppose someone were to tell you a story using the 5 senses as “proof” you were material and kept repeating that “human history”, if you will, until you were convinced that story was true. Suppose they spoke (or educated) of aging, birth and death, sin and disease. A mortal father and mother, material laws of cause and effect. Has your spiritual perfection you are expressing changed? Or, just your view of reality? Your view of your identity? Just because one is convinced they are imperfect matter instead of perfect reflection of God does not make it true. Now, suppose that story were stripped and seen as a lie? You saw clearly that your identity was a reflection of God. Your Father-Mother was God. God the creator and man the effect of this perfect God? 🙂

  5. I was told the first month I was seeing a practitioner in her office that “we live OUT from God” and not “up to God.” It’s been about 40 years now and that statement has served me well in the striving and gratefull unfoldment of living a heavenly healing reflection of Life, ever new and progressive each day.

  6. Thank you Josef for sharing your experience with your wallet. And to Bevi, my understanding is that we are, right now, perfect just as God created us. We are not working up to perfection, but working out from perfection. Since there is no matter, there can be no imperfect matter. That doesn’t relieve us of the necessity to strive in all our activities to reflect God – Life, Truth, Love and all the synonyms for God. Blessings to all!

  7. Thank you Lori, I appreciate your comment very much. And I go fully conform with it; that`s realy true what you said!

    thank you Evan for today`s SpiritView! Living our spiritual Life with God which leads us into all Truth means for me, working out all our needs in prayer with God, and let God shape our day, let Him guide us in every instance, how big difficulties seem to be. Because in divine reality almighty God does not know any difficulty – how comforting!

    How blessed are we already by Evan`s SpiritView and by all the many interesting and inspiring lively comments – am grateful for it!

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