Let your Love be Real

November 25, 2014 | 4 comments

“Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them.”

~ Romans 12:9, NLT

4 thoughts on “Let your Love be Real”

  1. Big Subject!

    The Question of the Ages is, of course, “What is Love?”
    Answers are all-over-the-place, as we know. Intuitively we
    recognize Love as vital to life, though some may disagree. But in its
    highest sense, as defined by Mary Baker Eddy, Love is the force
    that creates and maintains the entire universe…but, as she goes on to explain:
    this creation refers to the infinite universe of spiritual ideas…all that really exists,
    and not material objects.

    When we truly love another person, we are actively acknowledging
    their true being (and our own), their uniqueness and perfection. Of course this is felt
    and so appreciated!

    Thanks for the reminder, Evan!
    I’m workin’ on this.


  2. I have to stress this; Love is not or ever will be or ever can be SEXUAL GRATIFICATION. Love is God and his perfection as in his reflection MAN as revealed.

  3. I’m still thinking about your blog topic from yesterday, “A Higher View of Government”. Diane’s comment about needing to send in her vote and feeling like “none of the parties should be running anything” is often how I feel. But then I ask myself, “who would want to run for political office during these times?” A person holding political office is subject to so much criticism and hate, often simply because they have different ideas on what is needed to solve problems as compared to someone else, that I worry a lot of good people won’t bother to run for office because they don’t want to be subject to all of that negativity. I have noticed good people also not wanting to go into management in the company I work for due to this same reason.

    So the quote you provided today made me pause. Do I really love our politicians and other people in leadership positions or do I just pretend to love them? I think I have room for improvement in this area, so thanks for the wake up call! Tobias’ comment that “The most dangerous thing to do is to put all good or all bad upon person instead of understanding that ‘EVIL IS NEITHER PERSON, PLACE OR THING.'” is also a great reminder that we can hate evil as Jesus’ did (Hebrews 1:9) without associating that evil with a person. Since God creates each individual identity, we can pray to love each of these identities as God does, and know that each identity (that appears as a “person” humanly) can only reflect the nature of God.

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