New video on healing power of God

November 25, 2014 | 1 comment

I have a new video out, “The Healing Power of God.”

It was filmed in Pasco, Washington, October 11th, during a lecture series First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pasco, sponsored. The event was a big success, and several videos were produced as a result.

You can find links to the whole series at “Pasco Lecture Series.”

Here’s a link to my video:

“The Healing Power of God”



1 thought on “New video on healing power of God”

  1. Hi Evan – the lecture is just super! I have listened twice already and as you folks would say across the Pond, it is “a keeper”.
    With love and gratitude for the whole series of lectures, for all that is shared so lovingly and in so many ways – especially this blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.

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