Let your panoply shine bright

April 3, 2015 | 10 comments

“Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 571

The word panoply is often defined as armor, a form of protection from enemy attack. But it means even more than protection. It is also a state that makes a major impression on observers.

The first definition of panoply that appears in my Encarta dictionary is, “Full array: An impressive and magnificent display or array of something.”

So, how is your array of Love today? Is it magnificent? Is it glowing brightly for all to see? Is it so strong and compelling that no suggestion of hate would even dare come near you for it senses instant death if it did?

10 thoughts on “Let your panoply shine bright”

  1. Fresh take on “panoply” for me as a magnificent display (of Love) in addition to being a protection. Yes, human hatred cannot stand up to the panoply of Love and crumbles in its Presence. That is the resurrection/ascension story we are celebrating this week as Christians, isn’t it? Thank you, Evan, for getting my thought kick- started with these thought- provoking ideas!

  2. What a wonderful rainbow and inspiring thought! Rainbows are so awesome and declare such harmony, light and beauty as they glow across the heavens. I once saw a rainbow in the winter years ago, which was so unusual and needed at that very time. My Mom had passed on and I was missing her, as it was the first Christmas she wasn’t here…or so it seemed. I had overcome the sense of grief until that morning when the sense of loss seemed overpowering. It had been snowing and amidst the snow showers came the sun, peeking out and there appeared a rainbow that was so inspiring, it erased every sense of loss and I Knew Love was present and divine Love was filling all space where a void seemed to be.
    This beautiful display of colors and light reminded me of that wonderful experience and every time I see a rainbow, I am just in awe.
    Thank you so much Evan for these inspiring messages and all the commenters that enlighten your blogs.

  3. I just learned the meaning of PANOPLY. I am glad that it means Armor. As I awake from a nights sleep, I put on an armor of Love and wear it in thought all day long, thereby making a blessing for myself and every one else that my thought is on.

  4. Thanks for increasing my understanding of ‘panoply’. We have enjoyed thinking of the panoply of Love as having the four corners of ‘loved’, loving’, ‘lovable’ and ‘lovely’. This is my first time responding to you, but I faithfully read Spiritview and always enjoy it and come away with good thoughts.

  5. Thank you Evan for the expanded view of ‘panoply’. Very inspiring. I am going to put on my “array of Love” today and make sure it shines brightly. (=

  6. Thank you, Evan! As Jesus said, “Let your Light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.” Also, thank you for having so many wonderful C.S. Lectures on UTube on your website. I just finished listening to Jon Benson’s Lecture, “Step out of your story and into Healing.” WOW! Perfect Lecture to listen to at Easter time! It’s about letting go of our Human History and allowing ourselves to be Reborn into our True Identity in Spirit – the way God knows us! Yahoooooo! He is risen!!

  7. Oh, how wonderful to have a new view of “panoply!” Don’t you just love using the dictionary to expand thought on important subjects?!

    Carol, I feel your sadness about your Mom’s passing. I looked for a Sentinel article that
    I loved, and found another entitles “Celebrating Mom” By Holly Gerbing Harrington
    From the Christian Science Sentinel – October 5, 2010

    In it she writes about the fact that rainbows are actually round. To me, this is such a helpful
    symbol of the eternality of Life! No beginning, no ending, just God’s goodness forever and ever!

    Evan, thank you for this article today. I will work on remembering to focus on the whole
    truth, and not just parts of the arc!

    May we all “resurrect” peace, joy, gratitude, love each day, forever.

    Happy Easter!


  8. Feeling Sue’s expression of “resurrection”; peace, joy, gratitude, love each day, forever. Your sharing of the 2010 article was a wake up; thank you for the added explanation about rainbows being round, never beginning, never ending. Thank you and happy resurrection!

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