Let there be peace

December 22, 2022 | 32 comments


“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14).

May your Christmas celebrations be filled with the peace of God that brings hope and healing to all of whom your thoughts rest upon.

32 thoughts on “Let there be peace”

  1. Dear Evan. Thank you so much for yet another year of wonderful messages which have been so helpful. I look forward each day to reading what you have written. It really kick starts my day. The lovely picture today reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas songs “O Holy Night”. Blessings to you and Kathy and to all my fellow SpiritViewers. Linda x

  2. Thank you Evan for all these messages. I now have discovered your videos are on YouTube. They are filled with encouragement and natural beauty.

  3. Let there be peace on earth, / and let it begin with me. / Let there be peace on earth, / the peace that was meant to be. / With God our creator, we are family. / Let us walk with each other / in perfect harmony.( H 521:1)

    Happy and Blessed Christmas to you, Evan and family, and to all Spiritviewers. Many thanks for all
    the sharing during the year, and all the love that flowed.

  4. I started singing “Let there be peace on earth…” but could not remember any more words. Now, thanks to Maggie, I’ll be singing it all day long.
    I love reading SpiritView for the insight it often gives to
    Increase our understanding of God and His dear Christ.
    Merry Christmas to all!!!❣️

  5. Merry Christmas Evan and all who share in this space. I’m always looking forward to these postings and am very grateful.

  6. Thank you, Evan. And thank you for these daily healing messages. They are a wonderful gift to anyone who reads them. Merry Christmas to you and to all:)

  7. Thanks Evan for all those inspiring posts and refreshing videos. Wishing you Kathy and family a very Happy Christmas

  8. Thank you Evan and all who share insights. SpiritView is a blessing amplifying what is good and true. A peaceful and blessed holiday to all. Merry Christmas.

  9. Thank you dear Evan.

    I echo all the gratitude being shared for you,

    It’s a beautiful time to amplify love for humanity. I just love the peaceful thoughts shared here and reading the comments brings me joy daily.

    May I wish you, Kathy, and your entire family a warm, peaceful Christmas.

    And May I wish all who join me on SPIRITVIEW a gentle, loving day thinking of our sweet baby Jesus.

    1. Thank you Susan J and Libby for mentioning the word ‘amplify.’ That caught my attention. Focusing on and resting thought on God and His peaceful, joyful universe will surely amplify our sense of Peace.

      To amplify means to increase in size or volume (sound). Amplifying the good (the real and true) makes it seem to grow and become more real to us, God’s voice to become louder. Of course God can’t actually increase or become louder, but how wonderful for our sense of God/Truth to be clearer and more apparent in day to day life.

      Many blessings and a lot of Love to Evan and family and all of you wonderful fellow SV travelers.

  10. Thank you so much for your daily inspirations, which naturally unfolds into all the comments that add to the theme. Once I finish the daily Bible lesson and I turn to Spiritview, it completes my morning meal. Merry Christmas to Evan and family, and Spiritview family!!

  11. There is a truly gorgeous rendition of “O Holy Night” on YouTube, by the First Baptist church of Dallas. It starts out at normal volume, and builds to a most thrilling crescendo over 8 minutes. I’ve sent it to so many friends but I’m not sure how to attach it here. Anybody know?

      1. Thank you Carolyne and Rose!♡
        your links are the same song but very different music Interpretation and different Singers. However both are very very beautiful and really worth listening!

        Thank you very much dear Evan for the great Bible verse and for your loving words today!
        I can also only say this wish:
        “Peace to the World!!” … and then know that God is giving it to us through the constant coming of His Christ!-♡

  12. Today’s wonderful message brought me to Hymn 174 (as I love to flip
    through the hymnal for inspiration and this came up this morning):

    “Like a mother, God comforteth His children:
    Comfort is calm, that bids all tumult cease:
    Comfort is hope and courage for endeavor,
    Comfort is love,
    Whose home abides in peace.”

    Thank you, Evan, for a treasure chest of helpful thoughts throughout the
    year. Thank you, Kathy, for your beautiful videography. Thank you, to
    the person who picks the complimentary photos and Thank you All, for
    the Love you share.

  13. Evan…my gratitude for your presence and influence in my life is unmeasurable. These Spirit Views and viewer comments have meant much and are deeply appreciated. Christmas blessings to you, Kathy and family and to all my fellow viewers.

  14. Thank you Evan for your dedication to bring Truth, joy and spiritual clarity to us all,
    You and your family have a blessed Christmas gathering,

  15. Since peace between nations, species, groups, family members, and individuals begins with peace in one individual’s thought and heart, what can each of us do or think that spreads healing, regenerative peace?

    It is easier for me to feel and spread peace when I let go of attachment to scary stories, or my sense of ego and personal will. I feel more peace and joy when I question my beliefs and explore opposites of them to find what also might be more true. (Byron Katie’s @The Work “Judging my neighbor” worksheet.)

    When I trust that God is all powerful and all good, perfectly in control, blessing all, I can trust and be grateful without outlining or knowing the details. That helps me feel more peace, and do less of what interferes with others’ peace.

    When I remind myself my job is to thank God and love everyone, and God makes that possible, then I become more willing to trust and praise God, and to be humble, curious , flexible, and generously gracious.

    When I choose to forgive myself, and others, even in advance of whatever might happen, it is easier to feel peace. When I choose to be grateful and disciplined to find the lessons and blessin’s in each situation, individual, and even sensation as an opportunity to grow in grace (love, humility, self knowledge, and good deeds for justice for all) , I feel more peace. I’m less apt to unconsciously do the things that would bother others and escalate conflicts or keep me stuck in trauma or deadly apathy/selfishness or cowardly moral dullness.

    When I might not feel able to do rigorous, deep, creative, thinking with the bright mind and spiritual depth, and logic, I can feel more peace when I keep it simple: I have only two choices here — to fear or to love, and I choose love. That gives me peace that spreads. that gives me solutions to act on, and the resulting grace and merciful justice grows peace.

    Righteousness gives fruit to peace. When we want more peace, we need to spread more social/environmental justice so everyone is treated with dignity and needs fulfilled.

    A friend shared these rules for his peace, and when I follow them, I feel more peace. It is not about me. (It is not about my ego or will but about growing my character as I focus on God and God’s will here and God’s goodness in them/us, and lovingly seeking how I can bless them and their needs can be met.) I don’t need to know everything and I don’t need to control what they know. It doesn’t have to be my way. (It might be best that I not get what I now want.) I can be the first person to apologize and forgive. I don’t have to have the last word.

    What helps you feel and spread the peace/justice/good will toward all that heals and grows more goodness?

  16. Many thanks to all who contribute to this lovely gathering each morning. It is a joy to realize we have a worldwide family connecting each day with the spiritual ideas shared by Evan in this inspiring blog.
    Happy Christmas to every one of you, and especially to Evan and his family!

  17. Love, Prace, and Joy to Evan, kathy, this precious Spiritvuew family, and to our Whole/Holy Family, living In Love, as Love’s beloved children. Thanks to our Great Light of Day leading us forward. Thank you, Evan, for being our willing guide here & now, & the others who so generously provide loving ideas. The picture which opens today’s blessed meal is just wonderful
    Thank you

  18. Today’s Spiritview is a benediction that ties in beautifully with this week’s lesson. Although I comment only occasionally, I seldom miss reading/viewing this inspired blog and all of the comments. Spiritview feels like a gift I open every day. Christmas love to all.

  19. I want to thank everyone that has contributed today. So many loving thoughts that inspire and generate Love to all. It is such a joy to read Evan’s thoughts DAILY and all those that contribute really make my day!
    Just KNOW that everyone will have a wonderful Christmas Day and a joy-filled 2023.

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