Let your actions speak for your thoughts

October 23, 2018 | 8 comments

“Well done is better than well said.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

8 thoughts on “Let your actions speak for your thoughts”

  1. As the proverb says: “Actions speak louder than words”. Very young children get to know love through the way the parents cudddle and play with them, more than any words could teach them.

  2. Amen, Annepat UK!!!! Words have very little impact on small Children….even words from the Bible and Science and Health. Children are feeling, psychic beings who receive and give Love thru their Soul Senses – Glorious Senses! A popular saying at the Public Schools where I teach is: “Children may forget the Words you speak to them, but they will NEVER forget how you made them FEEL!” Feel, Deal and Heal!!

  3. Thanks Evan, for this powerful little reminder from Ben Franklin!
    And Bevi — the same wisdom is true for anyone, not just the little children!
    A good rule for living Love.

  4. From Colossians (thank you wise Paul The Message:
    3 1-2
    So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, ACT LIKE IT! Pursue the things over which Christ presides. Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from his perspective.

  5. Dear Uta, Thanks for your comment yesterday. Since you may not go back later in the day and read the comments, I am repeating mine here. I also was blessed with the activities of the Christian Science Monitor Youth Forum and am so sorry it was discontinued. I strongly feel that the lack of these social activities is the reason for many of our young people leaving C.S. In Rochester, New York, where I grew up we had 4
    Christian Science churches. Through the Youth Forum I was able to meet and mingle with teenagers from all 4 churches. We had so much fun!

    1. Yes, dear Lori, you are right, it is a pity that the headquarter in Boston quit to be headquarter for all Youth Forums in the world. Here in Hamburg we had five Churches, and yes we met from all five churches once a week, as I remember. All interested from age 15 to 30 could attend. And on several meetings we worked with the Christian Science Monitor. But the thing is, that not all sunday schools might have pupils in that age to even meet in an informal CS Youth group presently – but it might change to the better, though – through our prayers.

      Thank you dear Evan for today`s so wise thought in your SpiritView!
      This foto speaks to me, saying – there is love for each other and for the nature.
      And thank you dear commenters for your inspiring, wise and helpful posts! 🙂

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