Seeing the universe of Spirit

October 24, 2018 | 16 comments


Jesus Christ taught that God is Spirit (John 4:24). Christian Science explains that God is all, therefore, the real substance of the universe is Spirit, not matter.

Many people try to understand the universe through the evidence the material senses present. They study the body to find health and the economy to find wealth. But there is more to health than can be found in the flesh, and more to wealth than money in the bank. As Jesus proved, health and wealth are spiritual, gifts from God, and originate in Spirit.

Trying to understand God’s universe through material sense is like looking through a straw to see around you. The view is constricted. To see reality, dispense with the straw—with the material sense of things—and use your spiritual sense. Then you’ll find abundance where you thought there was lack and you’ll find health where you thought there was illness. Your mental eyes will open to the infinite goodness of God, here and now, and the limited view of material sense will not limit you any more.

16 thoughts on “Seeing the universe of Spirit”

  1. Especially helpful today when my house has a variety of problems to be fixed. Yes, I truly need the spiritual view of Truth every day. I just thought of Mary Baker Eddy’s inspiring words on page 2 of her book Pulpit and Press: “The real house in which ;we live and move and have our being’ is Spirit, God, the eternal harmony of infinite Soul.”

  2. Yes, what Jesus Christ taught was reality, that’s why it had the power to heal (the way waking from a dream has the power to destroy the dream’s illusion, the way 2+2=4 has the power to destroy any other wrong answer.)

    I’ve been disturbed by a sense that lies pronounced as good and useful have mesmerized millions into apathy, indifference, even hostility against others. I resist a response of resentment, hostility, despair — that’s trying to overcome evil with evil. We must overcome evil with good, as the Bible demands. How?

    I woke with an imperative command “ONLY KNOW THE REAL’.
    it’s the concluding directive from a rousing poem–hymn 5– by one of Mrs. Eddy’s close students, Irving Tomlinson. Whenever I read it I feel how he was urged by Mrs. Eddy — in words and example– to help the Cause at a time of tremendous attack. This is a time of tremendous indifference, far more insidious. What are we to do? “The cause requires unswerving might/ with God alone agree/ then have no other aim then right/ end bondage, O, be free./ Depart from sin/ awake to love:/your mission is to heal/ then all of Truth you must approve/ and only know the real” Only know what God knows, infinite, almighty good.

    Mrs. Eddy requested that Christian Scientists pray for peace in the Russo-Japanese war, and the treaty was signed just 50 miles from Concord. A student, Hayne Davis, who struggled and then achieved this prayer came up with a prototype for the United Nations.

    Only know the real. The world will feel it.

  3. Thank you, Evan, for your daily blogs, and your wonderful commitment to helping others find and follow the truth.

    Also thanks to d.w.allison for your insightful comments! Very healing thoughts for The United States and the world!

  4. Grateful to U, Evan & fellow readers. I receive your helpful insights & info. and look forward to your sharing each day. What a blessing!

  5. I love the part about the straw ! You always have a wonderful way of “stirring up” my thinking and moving it in the right direction. Thank you for sharing this daily blog. And those who share in the comments.

  6. Thanks as always, Evan, for an inspiring and thought provoking blog and to all who have shared their insights. I have been praying for the caravan of migrants headed this way, especially the women and young children – even infants. I love where the Bible states that God will place the solitary in families. Humanly I can’t even imagine what the solution is, but I do know that with God ALL things are possible. Since God is OUR Father, the true parent of each child, man and woman, we can trust Him to care for us, protect us, and meet our every need.

  7. Thank you Evan for your “always right on” blogs. D.w. allison thank you for your remarks and bringing to attention Hymn 5 – a prayer for United States and all nations. I, too, love the “straw” analogy. And Lori, a wonderful prayer for the caravan of migrants headed this way. Thank you all.

  8. Thanks to all! D.W.Alllison, I love Hymn 5, and am so glad you gave the history of it. I am trying to spiritualize everything I see and do, and am finding true satisfaction and joy in doing so, claiming the spiritual nature of myself and others, and of the world around us. Sometimes it’s difficult, but it is so worth it. Thanks, Evan, for raising this topic!

  9. Amen to all shared. I believe that all Hymn 5 puts forth is coming to fruition for many folks. We all must see far beyond the material sense of existence.

  10. Thanks so much Evan, leading our thoughts to the reality of Christ, who proved the infinitude of Spirit, GOD through his great deeds, i.e. healing, feeding the lots of people with only a few fish and bread, being immediately in that place he needed to be although he was miles away from it etc. His deeds are so fascinating and I am grateful he did that; that is the Love of God to man, as we know!

    I am grateful that Evan shows us, that through prayer and being aware of our spiritual being in God, Spirit, our mental eyes will open to the infinite goodness of God here and now, and that we actually not at all dependent on the limited view of material sense ! Am so very grateful for the privilege of learning and making progress in this!

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