Conquer worry

October 25, 2018 | 27 comments


“Worry is a misuse of imagination.”

~ Dan Zadra

The human imagination can run wild, at times, entertaining all types of suggestions that breed fear, worry and concern. But this need not be.

God’s man is not governed or controlled by a human imagination. God’s man reflects the sound thinking of the one Mind that reasons with spiritual truth.

God never worries about anything. He is too busy making good things happen, and all for your benefit. The more you think on what God is doing, and less on what the human mind is imagining, the more of God’s good you will feel and enjoy. And what you thought was something to worry about, will be no more.

27 thoughts on “Conquer worry”

  1. When we focus on our fear, on a problem, we can become so fixated that we stop moving forward, and forget the goal. It’s like being chased by an alligator, – if you keep turning round, looking at the size of its teeth, the speed of its legs, you will likely trip over, you certainly won’t see the path ahead that leads to safety. Our goal is is to see our spiritual oneness with God, – not the imagination of good, There is nothing ever chasing us, nothing hiding to catch us unawares,- only God always loving us, embracing and surrounding us in His /Her knowledge of infinite Truth.
    Human imaginations are contrivances, falsities. Spiritual imaginations are the lively conceptions of Soul. And we are known to God. What joy!

  2. Thank you so much, Evan! I do feel at peace. I rarely have problems suffering from worry or overthinking things. When I go to bed at night to rest, it is usually just that – rest! But I often pray for those who suffer. You put it so simply; so matter of fact. I’ll share it with those close to me that tend to overthink! Hugs!

  3. Worry has seemed to me to have an almost selfish aspect to it. Doesn’t it want us to think that we can come up with a better solution to a troubling issue than God can? And that if we worry/think/ruminate about it long enough, we’ll eventually get it figured out. What cannot God do? He already has it figured out. Instead of worrying, our job is to listen to that angel message and then act on it. Simple: Just listen!!

    1. Yes! worry has a very selfish aspect to it. My sense of self was arguing for itself so loudly last night that it’s a wonder I finally heard the angel message: “get over your sense of self already.” Ha! Wonderful.

  4. Thank you…good thoughts…all of you!
    I was told this yrs ago….”Fear (worry) knocked on the door, Faith answered, nobody there.” 🙂

  5. Wow! What a great and timely for me post. I am very grateful for it and got something good out of everyone’s comments. Worry is just a false sense of self arguing for itself. God always has a perfect plan of good in store for us. God’s plan will never include worry, doubt, fear, confusion. ♡

  6. Yes, SueRae, I heard the same thing…”Worry is atheism.” God, Love is everpresent….no fear in Love.

  7. Thank you so much Evan ! What a lovely assurance “we are known to God. What joy!” So so needed!
    And if you worry presently, you can be comforted and joyful again when you take to heart this: “God never worries about anything. He is too busy making good things happen, and all for our benefit.” That sentence tells me: God loves us a lot!

    How very nice your comment, dear Kathyw about worry, and faith answered, nobody there!
    That makes me laugh and be glad – thank you. 🙂

  8. Worry is a little bit like wild horses running amuck.
    Reign them in through holding to the allness of God.
    Reign them in through Love.
    Reign them in through God’s everpresent care.
    Reign them in, understanding that with God, all things are possible.
    God reigns! ;0) There is no other presence, might, or mind.

  9. Whoops! Sorry everyone! That’s a “rein” for the horse (thoughts running with fear) and reigns for God reigns. I knew I was spelling it wrong!

  10. Thank you Evan for always keeping your mind “tuned” into God’s inspiration to share. Guess what? This morning I woke knowing that I needed to handle the belief of worry in my own life. Big projects looming and “how do I deal with difficult aspects”? seems a constant worry.Your article helped me realize that because Spirit is impenetrable and all is thought/mental anyway, the corrosive nature of worry cannot eat away at Spirit where it is unknown. [teeth/bone – structure of thought – issues] And if all substance is Spirit, I, the reflection of Spirit, God, Love, Life, Soul, Truth and governed by divine Principle, cannot be hijacked by another illusory mind claiming that matter is the substance of man and the Universe. Staying in the One Mind and sticking to the “spiritual knowing” of all, my mind cannot wander down the imagination road. There is no vacuum in God’s “knowing”. Thank you also for all the contributions and feedback on this thread … tremendous value realized in our Bank account of spiritual ideas.

    1. Thank you, Fay, you helped me just now very much. My spiritual understanding of my real God-given intelligent being as expression of divine Life, Truth and Love cannot be robbed by worry of any kind.

      Just before I read your comment, wrong worrying and fearful thoughts tried to creep into my thinking.

      But that cannot happen as the all good God is the only consciousness there can ever be. And so, false thoughts , whether about me or others can have no hold at all in my thinking.

      I am so very grateful for SpiritView which inspires and heals and helps us, also through all the gorgious comments of you all coming up here – thanks to Evan and to you all!! Love from Uta!

  11. Thanks to all! I heard once that worry is like sitting in a rocking chair. You keep rocking (worrying), but you don’t get anywhere! 🙂

  12. Love the rocking chair example,Daphne! Thank you!
    Prayed with these thoughts you all shared and my worries went away re: a dentist appt today…all went so smoothly……angels guided me the whole way. Much gratitude to you all.

  13. The evidence of man’s immortality will become more apparent, as material beliefs are given up and the immortal facts of being are admitted.

    Let us just accept today that:

    1. the evidence of immortality is a present fact.

    2. we are willing and able to give up mortal beliefs NOW.

    3. that the immortal facts of being can be admitted by all mankind, now.

    We are not of the Jewish religion, “WAITING” for salvation or the Messiah to come;

    we are not engaged in some sort of quest for the Grail;

    AND we are not Catholics, needing to be crucified in order to access heaven.

    BEHOLD, NOW is the time of salvation, now is the accepted time.

  14. My previous comment was meant for close relatives, who I know already agree with some of the ideas I posted. So the LET US is not meant to force anyone else into accepting these thoughts. But I felt these ideas may be related to letting go of worrying.

  15. A very helpful SpiritView, thank you Evan, and all contributors.
    Winkerbean: I would add two words to your statement: Worry is ingratitude IN ADVANCE!

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