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October 26, 2018 | 16 comments


In my country, the news media is widely advertising fears about people catching the flu this winter season, so it’s a good time to build up one’s spiritual defenses against such suggestions.

There is no divine law that says one needs to get the flu. But we can’t be naïve about popular belief on the subject. Community fears and medical warnings need to be spiritually negated so that they don’t carry their harm into our experience. It’s possible to stay healthy no matter what others think around you to the contrary.

On the topic of contagion, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “We weep because others weep, we yawn because they yawn, and we have smallpox because others have it; but mortal mind, not matter, contains and carries the infection. When this mental contagion is understood, we shall be more careful of our mental conditions, and we shall avoid loquacious tattling about disease, as we would avoid advocating crime. Neither sympathy nor society should ever tempt us to cherish error in any form, and certainly we should not be error’s advocate” (Science and Health, p. 153).

Protect yourself from catching the flu by knowing your spiritual immunity to it.

God’s man is not a mortal susceptible to illness from a virus or bacteria. God’s man is spiritual, always healthy, and always safe, living in an atmosphere of Spirit where there is no dangerous contagion.

Understanding yourself to be a spiritual child of God living your spiritual life now, and possessing health that is fixed in Spirit, creates immunity to the flu.

If a suggestion of illness doesn’t get into your thought, it can’t get into the body. Your spirituality is your immunity.

16 thoughts on “Protect yourself from the flu”

  1. This is great timing Evan, as in the UK too adverts are appearing inviting people to have the flu jab in preparation for the coming winter season. I love the idea that we have spiritual immunity and that is not just relevant for Christian Scientists but for ALL mankind as we are all God’s children. Once again, this is a keeper. Thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for posting this today as the flu/colds seem to be running rampant at work and have been fighting last night and now the symptoms. Our God-given dominion! over all the material senses!

  3. There’s an old joke: “I opened up the window and in-flu-enza”. Don’t open a window of opportunity for a false belief. “Stand porter.” !!

  4. The following words from a CS Hymn helped me once immediately “in atmosphere of Love divine we live and move and breathe.” I am so grateful for the teachings of Christian Science! Thank you so much, dear Evan, for your strong, loving and healing SpiritView of today, a wonderful treatment for us all !

    How joyful, lovely and refreshing today`s foto – thanks! 🙂

  5. My in-laws seem to be obsessed with discussion and expectation of sickness and disease so this is very helpful Evan. Sometimes it is very difficult to negate the constant barrage of illness talk especially at a dinner table of nurses and hypochondriacs! However, the ideas you posted today are so strong but simple and easy to hold to, so I printed it out to read first when I need to “do lunch” with the relatives in future!

  6. Thank you, Evan and SV thinkers of Truth! This is a great negation of the suggestions of fake news along with fake advertisements. Many folks are waking up to the ‘side effects’ being worse than the so-called ailments unaware mortals tend to believe in. It all seems to lead back to making a profit off of fear and false beliefs. In relying on and understanding God’s perfection, we can avoid the suggestions of such beliefs.

  7. Thank you for the strong words of defense! We are not slaves to mortal opinions and beliefs. We live above them in the realm of Spirit and Truth. Thanks.

  8. I was just thinking this morning about handling the fearful talk and suggestions that seem to be everywhere. This was a perfect answer. Thanks Evan and all.

  9. Thanks for a very timely alert. I mute all of the TV reports, but I can’t stop the greeter at Costco from holding a sign with huge letters “DID YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT?” as you enter the store. I declare that yes I have taken my mental shot against any type of contagion. It can have no power over me or anyone!

  10. People all used to greet me “How do you do?”
    But now they all say “Are you safe from the flu?”
    So I turned thought to God to ask what He knew
    And Love it responded “Hold fast to what’s True!”
    Thank you Evan for sharing your spiritual sight.
    The flu has been shot! It never was! And that’s right!

  11. Thank you, Evan, for reminding us to keep our armour on against the fiery darts of mortal mind.
    And thanks to you, too Ken for that excellent poem. I shall print out both the article and the poem!

    1. that is so nice and suitable said, Annepat – keep our armour on against the fiery darts of mortal mind – thank you!

  12. Some of my Bridge friends that are taken-in with material medicine refuse flu shots, because of side effects. I’m grateful for the “alert,” Evan. I appreciate the “open the window & in-flu-enza” How grateful I too am for C S. I count this blog & contributors as one of my blessings!

  13. I am a school teacher and work with kids 5-8years old. The subject of illness often comes up this time a year. All the teachers are saying “oh its too bad jonny has the creeping crud. So does Timmy. I sure hope I don’t get it. ” One ciwker even said, ” I kind of wanted to send Joey home today cause his sister is out sick. I dont want to catch it.” I was shocked at what I heard. Here we are not only afriad if contagion, but SHUNNING the people (and kids) who are sick or around those that are sick. This is the completely wrong reaction.
    Jesus did nor shun the sick. He had compassion on them and healed them. Wouldn’t time be better spent really trying to be like Jesus? Praying for pretction from contagion and sickness for ALL those around you? If Jesus had shunned people he could not have done the healing work that he did.
    “In Him we live and move and have our being.” This includes all of us! The healing truth is free to ALL.

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