Let eternal Life shape your expectation for the future

October 29, 2018 | 11 comments

Are you preparing for life or death? It’s an interesting question to answer. We prepare for what we expect to happen.

For instance, if you expect your boss to give you a big raise today, you likely will go to work with a happy expectant upbeat attitude. “A raise is coming my way!” you may be exulting. On the other hand, if you expect to be fired, you might go to work feeling downbeat, depressed, maybe even despondent. Your attitude and body reflect what you expect to happen.

The same rule applies to life and death. If we understand Life to be eternal, every day is an opportunity to live Life to the fullest and be everything God has designed us to be, and without limit. Focused on eternal Life, death is not feared or revered. It’s as nothing to us.

If one reveres or fears death, however, and sees it as an ending point to life, it could lead to a downward spiral of health, attitude and outlook. Human thought prepares for what it expects to experience.

God’s children never die. They live forever. They are the offspring of Spirit, not of matter, and they never lose their existence, ever.

You are a child of God! You were born of Spirit, where there is no death, no passing, no coming and going, just ever-present Life eternal.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Life is eternal. We should find this out, and begin the demonstration thereof. Life and goodness are immortal. Let us then shape our views of existence into loveliness, freshness, and continuity, rather than into age and blight”
(Science and Health, p. 246).

Set your sights on reality—on Life eternal—and live every moment as if it’s the best moment of your Life. It is. It’s the only moment—God’s ever-present moment. It’s a Spirit-moment, and it never ends.

11 thoughts on “Let eternal Life shape your expectation for the future”

  1. Yes Evan so true. A child of God is born of Spirit. So no passing, no coming and no going, but exists in life eternal. Since God is our life, life is eternal.

    When there is no question of death, there is no fear. When there is no fear life is eternally vibrant and blissful since there is no part
    ing and no pain. We rejoice in the knowledge of our departed loved ones’ presence, though we can not see them, but knowing fully well, that one fine day we will meet them again. We also rejoice that the so called death is only the door to a new homeband not the end of our existence.

    This is the Truth of our being, that we live in God, who is life eternal. How freeing can this thought be. Isn’t it. Not bound within any limits, we soar and sing and rise to the true consciousness of our being..fetterless and free, dwelling in Life, Truth and Love eternally.

    Thanks so much Evan for daily lifting our Spirits.

  2. A small correction please..We also rejoice that the so called death is only the door to a new home and not the end of our existence.

    1. I would rather realize that death is an illusion of the senses, not a door to anything, and I would rather understand that I have never left heaven for earth; I do not need a new home. I need to realize that I am at home now, and have always been in the consciousness of love, at one with the divine.

        1. Thank you, Georgette- that was a beautiful and inspired post. Spiritual Life and material
          “Life” are not related or contingent on one another – ever! Mortal thinking always tries to subtly entwine them.

      1. It seems to me that it is different human language standing for the same Spiritual principle, Life, God, eternal.

  3. I’m not sure Why….but I’ve always believed from the time I was a young child that I could never REALLY die and that my life is Forever. I do understand tho’ that we do go thru a portal on this human level – or as Mrs. Eddy says…..”…we’ve but passed the portals of another belief.” Sometimes I just get excited thinking about what my next Adventure will be – beyond this One! Anyone read the Book: “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani? Excellent read on how she was Healed of Cancer, because of and after, her “Death” Experience. Mrs. Eddy had a similar experience when, on the threshold of Death, she had an Awakening that resulted in Healing! Feel, Deal and Heal! P.S. Great Topic, Evan!

    1. Hi Bevi, yes I have read that book and several others that also make it very clear from people’s experiences, that death is really SUCH a misnomer! I think this “death” word should be replaced with “transition”. There is nowhere for our consciousness to go but to stay within God’s presence! I have felt my brother’s thought with me very distinctly and powerfully many, many times since he “transitioned” from our sight and I can never fear death as a separation because of this and the testimonies of so many others. Mary Baker Eddy speaks of death as being like walking from one room to another and Paul spoke of it as an awakening that happens “in the twinkling of an eye” and certainly not as something dark and fearful. We are all ONE …with THE ONE that is All…no separation, no time and space to cross as all is consciousness, without limitation. “Man is the compound idea of God”…not many ideaS…but idea! ONE complete singular Man/IDEA! That is how I read it anyway.
      How can God and His/ Her idea become fragmeted or divided or separated from the whole of Gods universe? Impossible !

  4. How grateful am I to be educated in Christian Science in a Sundayschool and have now the opportunity to study the CS weekly Bible Lesson and participating in our church so I can understand better meanwhile the great Truth of eternal Life, Evan is giving us so clearly in today’s SpiritView – how freeing and comforting is that Post of today – thank you very much dear Evan !

    Yes, let’s live in the best moment there is – in the n o w of God’s ever presence!

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