A virtue of patience

October 30, 2018 | 16 comments


“Patience is the ability to count down before you blast off.”

~ Author Unknown

And while “counting down” know that God is in control causing everything to work together for good in His good time. The temptation to “blast off” will dissipate and peace will remain.

16 thoughts on “A virtue of patience”

  1. Oh, Evan! How did you know that this is exact;ly what I needed right now?
    I have been wrestling with thoughts concerning a company that seems to be most unreasonable, and wondering how to deal with it. Now I know – have patience.
    Thank you so much!

  2. I think it’s imperative to know when it’s right to Speak Out and when it’s right to Keep Silent. It’s not Black and White…..no Rules set in Stone. Jesus knew this and so did Mary Baker Eddy. Patience can sometimes be “used” as an excuse for not having the Courage to Speak Up and Out when there is Injustice and Abuse being perpetrated.

    1. When I was a little girl, I was a very loving child, but I used to have tantrums when things seemed so unjust. One Christian Science Sunday School class changed all that. The teacher sat down at our table glowing, just glowing. My child-heart felt that she had experienced something profoundly important, a message from God. She said three simple words: “Patience is love.”

      They bathed my heart. I realized how unloving impatience is, how judgemental and selfish. Patience was a word that now glowed with love. It meant taking time to love, taking time to care, taking time to look at the other’s point of view and be gentle and compassionate with it.
      Tantrums ended.

      We can express it even when– maybe especially when– courageously standing up against injustice and abuse, for it’s not putting off love, it’s enveloping the whole scenario with love, it’s standing on the side of omnipotence, the ever-present authority of good, and living the good that casts out evil as powerless.

      1. Thank you so much, Diane! I love your comment. Also, it reminds me of what Mrs. Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings, page 340: “The lives of great men and women are miracles of patience and perseverence.”

  3. Deborah Warncke says: reminds me of a Bible verse from Psalms 19:14. “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”

  4. When I think of patience,,..it gives me pause to wait on God. Seems to maybe take time…but really it’s a realization of the Truth about whatever we need patience for,. Our quiet peaceful and absolute knowing of the Truth…expresses itself in the relative …the outward….the speaking or whatever is needed, Thinking equals experience.

    Thank you Evan….and all.

  5. Thanks for the message and all the responses. It has often occurred to me that Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy were actually not very patient people in the ordinary sense. They healed and dismissed error immediately, they prayed importunately. Of course they did seek God’s guidance for every step before they took that step and that’s the real patience we all need. Here is a definition from Webster’s Second that I like: “exercising or manifesting forbearance or self-control under provocation from others.”

  6. Hi dear commenter friends, I thank you a l l very much for your so loving, inspiring and helpful comments.

    Thank you dear Evan, I love your comforting post of today: knowing that God is in control causing everything to work together for good in His good time.
    Your post today is so valuable for me, as I am working on it, not always blasting off, but stay calm and patient with God, letting Him be in full control – oh am I grateful for SpiritView, so healing.

  7. This was an amazing message I received today. Ken, I love your definition and will pin it on my bulletin board. Actually I have printed the complete blog with all of your inspiring comments. I have put this into work today…..and it has given me dominion over impatience. You know the impatience that says..gotta get it done now or else you will miss out! Hey wait a minute, who’s in control?
    Love this blog and the dedication that it takes to keep it up. You are top-notch Evan!

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