Listen first, speak second

February 25, 2016 | 11 comments


“There is as much wisdom in listening as there is in speaking–and that goes for all relationships, not just romantic ones.”

~ Daniel Dae Kim

What we hear is often much more important than what we say.

11 thoughts on “Listen first, speak second”

  1. Thank you for this, Evan! I was thinking about how Listening and Hearing can really only be achieved thru Humility, humbling our thought before God. While Speaking can often be an expression of self-will, the little ego wanting to be heard above the Word of God. And of course, we should always try and Listen before we just blurt things out!

  2. This is really good to remember in Reading Room work.
    A young man entered a Reading Room when I was on duty, hesitant, because his appearance, after who knows how long without a home, clean clothes or a shower, would make him something less than welcome, anywhere. But I welcomed him in. He just wanted something to read, then he’d leave, he said.

    I always like to have visitors choose what they’d like, and as I took out a few of the sample Sentinels, reading the titles to him, an intuition strongly came to ask if he was a veteran. Quietly, he said yes, then, sensing my sympathy, he began to share, in brief images, some of the utterly, utterly horrendous experiences he’d been through. I said there was always help.

    I went to the computer, to JSH, and asked him what he would especially like healed. He said “anger”. We talked for a little while, addressing that, which led to my putting Science and Health in his hand. I stood by and let him just read it. His entire face changed. “This helps. Yes. This really helps.” A peace came over him. He came back to get other articles for friends in the shelter, and a copy of the textbook. Then, a few months later he came in clean, well-dressed, happy. He was employed, engaged to be married, and very, very thankful.

    Yes, good to listen.

    1. Thanks to Evan for this “listen lesson”. And Diane, thankyou for this window into the Reading Room visit, full of listening going both ways Prayers answered many ways.

    2. This is such an inspiration. Thank you! Great listening, love and follow through…and having the tools handy..JSH, textbooks, reading room all set and ready to be open and ministering- cherish this blessing!

  3. I have learned that to listen first, pray to God second and then speak not my word but God’s is the really true humility. The simple is most times the better.

  4. I learned to listen over time more than speak. Only God’s thoughts which come to all of us matter. I also learned, and I say this in the kindest way, that you cannot teach anyone anything, that most people are not interested in what you think but want a sounding board, and God is the only true teacher. At moments if asked you can offer what you understand. I leaned if you want to change your children, change yourself. The best help is understanding more each day the truth of your being.

  5. Thanks, diane, for sharing your beautiful experience in the reading room. It must have been a very rewarding interaction with that veteran. It is so important to listen with unselfed love and without judgement.

  6. Diane, thanks for sharing your reading room experience. Your willingness to listen to God and then the veteran contributed to such a beautiful healing.

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