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February 24, 2016 | 15 comments


There’s a story about a dairyman who delivered milk to Mary Baker Eddy’s household and one day reported to the kitchen staff that his well had gone dry so he wouldn’t be delivering milk for a while. The message was relayed to Mrs. Eddy, who in turn replied, “Oh, if he only knew that divine Love filled that well.” The next day, the dairyman returned with a delivery of milk and was astounded to report that his well had filled with water that night, and it hadn’t rained.

Divine Love had filled that well.

Are you looking at an empty well right now? Maybe not enough money to pay the bills, a shortage of love circulating in the home, or a future that looks bleak? You can heal that picture of lack with an understanding that the resources and blessings of Love are infinite, without end. They fill all space and exist in every place.

There are no empty wells in Love, no empty spaces, no lacking situations, or hopeless conditions. Love is God, capable of all good, and actively at work supporting all that is right and progressive. Where material resources come up short, spiritual resources overflow.

The physical senses are not aware of God’s infinite blessings, but spiritual sense is. Through spiritual sense, what appears to be lacking materially can be found spiritually.

So, don’t get mesmerized by any mortal mind picture of lack. Look beyond it, into the realm of infinite Love, and right where you thought there was an empty well you’ll find a full one.

15 thoughts on “Your well is full”

  1. Up early this morning and happy to read this. Often the material sense can be distracting and the reliance on the physical senses an old habit that we often begin with. I have seen the limited help this focus offers time and again. Looking to the spiritual as a source takes practice and experience . I look to developing more my spiritual ‘muscle’ and freedom.

  2. Thank you, Evan, for translating this instance into spiritual understanding, showing us that the fulness of God is with all his dear children at every time!

  3. Thanks for the SpiitView each day. Here is a statement that has been helpful to me. What the eye sees is a mistake. Then know the reason why.

  4. My well begins to start filling after I read the lesson every morning between 6-7 AM
    Weekends may be an hour later. The well never becomes full because I am always searching to reach for the Truth.

    What a wonderful feeling , a glow, when I finish the daily lesson. A street saying, ” When I get right with Lord”.

    I will continue to go to the well!

  5. The well to be full is the C/S lesson sermon to be read each morning to clean the cobwebs of wrong thinking in the morning just as important as cleaning your teeth or taking a shower so as to allow spiritual consciousness into your thought. You will notice how wonderful the day goes.

  6. Thanks, Evan! Love that story! In Christian Science it’s really not about “Positive Thinking”. It’s not just changing your attitude to see that the well is half full, not half empty. It’s about Knowing that Divine Love fills all Space and then seeing the tangible results in our Human Experience. That’s what Jesus brought to humanity – he demonstated the Science of Spiritual Healing!

  7. Just what I needed to remember this morning after a difficult day yesterday. Now to put it into practice! Thank you so much.

  8. Last week Bevi asked a question about supply that got me thinking. It occurred to me that if I placed a tall glass of refreshing water on the table next to my bed, then went to sleep and dreamed I was stranded in a desert and dying of thirst, the solution to my problem wouldn’t be to get some water. The water was already there. The solution would be to “wake up!” and see the water that was already there.

    It seems to me that with this well story, the dairyman and Mrs. Eddy were in two different states of thought. Mrs. Eddy knowing that God is Principle, Love, knew that God would never let His child lack. So when she was told about the well she naturally said “Oh, if he only knew that divine Love filled that well.” And her knowing the truth about the situation caused the dairyman and everyone that knew of his situation to awake to the reality of a full well.

    Thanks Evan for sharing this story and your thoughts about how this applies to all aspects of our experience! And thanks to everyone for your comments!

  9. Thanks Evan. When we were kids and someone used the word “well”, we would jokingly say “that’s a deep subject.” Your message proved not only is it a deep subject, but a profound one. Thanks for a great message.

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