Are you listening?

May 27, 2015 | 9 comments


God is always speaking to you. Are you listening?

It’s a good question to ask if you feel lost, worried, unsure about your future or blank about what to do next.

God is an all-knowing Mind that plans ahead for you and has an answer to any question you ask along the way. But like tuning into the radio station you want to hear, we need to make an effort to tune our thought into hearing what God has to say.

God doesn’t always speak to us like another human to get our attention. He may not yell or holler in our face. He may not put on a big show or act out an engaging drama. He may not take us by the shoulders and shake us down to our boots.

God often has a very humble, quiet, calm way of speaking to us. The Bible refers to His approach as using a “still small voice,” to communicate important messages.

To hear a still small voice requires us to shut down noisy competition in our thought that would drown out the guidance of God from being heard. That’s our job! That’s the purpose of prayer.

Prayer is about drawing up close to God so we can feel the divine Hug and benefit from Love’s care. It’s also about silencing fears and concerns that distract our attention from hearing God’s voice and following through with His direction.

We all have the capacity to hear God’s wisdom. It’s built into our being through spiritual sense. And just as we have the capacity to change the station on our radio when the content is disagreeable, we have the capacity to change what we are listening to in consciousness. It’s a choice we make.

So, the crucial question is never whether God is speaking. He is. The real question is, “Are we tuned in and listening?”

9 thoughts on “Are you listening?”

  1. Thanks Evan. Its so very true that God is our best ever friend. If we have God by our side, what more do we want? God guides us in the best possible way. If we just shut out our material senses, the continuous clamour of our own thoughts and be very quiet, we will certainly get the answers to all that is bothering and worrying us. God wants the best for us. So friends we need to be calm, serene and watch and listen for His guidance.
    After reading Evan’s blog I experienced this blessing. I got a very healing answer to a problem I was facing since many days, when I quietly and sincerely listened for God’s guidance. You too can get a healing answer from God. So be very quiet and listen for God’s healing answer.

  2. Thank you for this most perceptive and on-target blog! Yes, God is always directing us, but we have to LISTEN! To hear the ‘still, small voice’, to feel the divine Hug, to benefit from His loving care, we must listen and respond to His constant guidance! I love that you make the point that as we draw closer to God, we can hear His loving call! I need to always be responsive to this divine Voice, and hear no other call!

  3. The thought that most grow up with is that “God helps those who help themselves.”
    The truth of that statement is that God helps only as we listen. That’s the only way we humans can help ourselves. We ourselves can do nothing for we can only do what God leads us to do for we are reflections of God, not separate beings as is mostly accepted.

  4. An excellent exposition of our pastor’s admonition that “Spirit,God, is heard when the senses are silent.”
    I am trying to work out a knotty issue but not really listening. So this blog couldn’t have come at a better time!
    Thank you so much Evan for sharing your insights.

  5. This morning a contractor put me off for the umteenth time. Frustrated to the hilt. OK, as Tobias says, “God helps only as we listen”. I thought I had to be the director. From Evan, silence fears and concerns that distract from hearing God’s voice. I hope I truly ‘get it’. Who knows, maybe my faulty hearing will improve.

  6. Yes, tuned in to AM or FM? Animal magnetism and all that pulls us away from Love’s reality – or Father Mother and real reality?
    Thanks Evan!

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