Live governed by God

August 7, 2023 | 19 comments


Whatever is governed by God, is never for an instant deprived of the light and might of intelligence and Life.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 215

God is good. God is Love. God is Truth. When our life is governed by God’s goodness, Love and Truth, everything goes better! It’s easier to stay calm when mental storms swirl about, it’s easier to find peace of mind when troubles argue for attention, it’s easier to forgive when wronged, it’s easier to stay healthy, and it’s easier to love unselfishly.

To live under God’s government, we must refuse to live under the government of anger, resentment, self-righteousness, self-justification, and self-love. These are enemies to health and happiness, and they have nothing to do with God.

Let God’s presence rule in your heart and mind. Acknowledge the one power of God at work over your being. Live under God’s government. It’s a joyful healthy place to be.

19 thoughts on “Live governed by God”

  1. Wonderful start to the week. Thank you so much Evan.
    “To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science.” Misc pg 160
    We are all so lovingly cared for❣️

    1. Thank you Evan and Barbara for your messages this morning. I’m facing a very difficult situation with someone who is trying to place blame for their actions on everyone else and not take charge of their own actions. Your messages have shown me how God is the one truly in control and the more I understand this, the more I can rest in God’s infinite peace and presence and know that all is well.

  2. Thank you Evan!

    Divine Love IS natural and meant to be cherished and shared.

    I have shared this post with a dear struggling family member in the hope that he too can feel at peace and loved by God.

    I want everyone to feel this ever present divine Love as I have throughout my life and feel so blessed.

    To trust the Divine is peace and the greatest sense of a most loving creator.

  3. Thank you all! These are wonderful thoughts to hold on to.
    Hymn #232 reflects these sentiments:
    “O Love, our Mother, ever near, To Thee we turn from doubt and fear!
    In perfect peace our thoughts abide; Our hearts now in this [T]ruth confide;
    Man is the child of God.

    O joy that ever will remain, Midst seeming sorrow, hate and pain,
    Our hearts to fill with this glad song That soarrs above the mists of wrong:
    Man is the loved of Love”.

    It is rainy and chance of thunderstorms here today, but have some errands
    that need to be run, so am< taking God/Love's protection and care along with me.
    God's angels are always with us wherever we go. That is a very comforting

    1. An update: The weather held out and it was a God-present day. I love
      the 3 G’s Evan mentions above: “God is Good. God is Love. God is Truth”.
      I saw that expressed today when a teller at the credit union who has little
      by little been becoming friendlier, as are all the others there. Today she
      was so friendly and was telling me her whole life history… LOL and we
      chatted for about 20 minutes, comparing notes and rejoicing. I could
      relate to why she may have been acting the way she had been, but it
      was so great to see her happy and doing so well now. God’s precious
      presence at work!
      I love the article J has shared. A little Christmas in August. But with
      Christmas being Every Day, it is so beautiful and angels (God’s thoughts)
      do surround us always.

  4. Evan, self-justification, is just the thought I needed for today.
    Thanks so much and thanks to all who have made comments.
    This is the day the Lord hath made and I will rejoice!

  5. Thank you Evan and all. This is a great Truth. I am learning to see more of God’s government everywhere.. In The People’s Idea Of God by Mary Baker Eddy page 1:1-2 we read;
    “The great element of reform is not born of human wisdom.”

  6. Gild is where we are….
    Beneath around, above,
    Providing, guarding, guiding,
    Encircling us in Love….

  7. Thank you deeply dearest Evan! It is very very much needed to live totally under God’s powerful and yet loving and tender, intelligent government! The weekly lesson sermon helps us very much!

    Thank you all for your nicely enriching commentations!♡

  8. Thank you Evan and all. I am joining you late in the day today, but I say better late than not at all. Evan I take up your challenge and state that I “refuse to live [any longer] under the government of anger, resentment, self righteousness, self justification or self love.” I would add my refusal to live under the government of fear, worry, human outlining. Only under the government of God, all good.

  9. Evan’s post brought to thought that the shared mistake in self-righteousness, self-justification, self-love is “self” -small s- or sinful sense (wrong notion) that there is being separate from the endless, undivided, Being of God in which all moves, lives, and… well, has being! Yielding to the truth of Being is an inherent protection from any sort of inharmony, or more precisely, any inharmonious (false) sense. Thank you ever so much for the blessing of these posts, Evan. I’m grateful too for the ever helpful comments of the SV family.

  10. I think self-love is a good thing when it equates to self-understanding, self-compassion, and self-acceptance. “God is Love and man is created in his image and likeness” so we reflect the Divine Love and can therefore love ourselves, as God loves us. That brings me peace of mind.

  11. Thanks to the author, for the post; and thanks too, for all the comments — so wonderful. Acknowledgment of being under God’s government at all times, and under every circumstance, is peace – giving, calming, and soothing.
    Living and moving in, and under, God’s government – that controls and governs every area of our life; is great comfort.
    To live under God’s government,is to live under the government of Good, Life, Truth, Love, or Divine Principle; where, all is harmony.

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