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May 28, 2006 | 3 comments

Do you ever worry about your future? How to pay the bills, getting along with another, staying healthy, finding a date, receiving a promotion, aging, and other concerns often top the lists of people who over-worry.

I’d like to suggest there’s a better way to live than worry, worry, and worry more. We can make the most of God’s good now and banish the worry-mentality to no-more land.

What is this thing called “the future” anyway? Is there such a thing? Does anyone ever actually live “in the future?” No. It’s impossible. We always live in the now. We do not live in the future. We might think about the future, but we live in the now.

Worry about the future prevents us from making the most of today.

Yes, we need to plan for a healthy happy tomorrow. But the best way to ensure a prosperous day ahead is to make the best of the day we are in. The good we accomplish today accumulates and builds for a successful tomorrow.

If facing a lack of money, a lack of ideas, lack in love, or lack in anything essential, don’t fret over whether you’ll have it tomorrow. Find the needed supply today.

God is an ever-present help. God doesn’t give us the aid we need in the future. God gives us what we need in the now. Accept His gift now! He loves you now and provides for every need without delay.

At one point, while in my twenties, I got very worried about ever getting married. There were no prospects for marriage let alone dating on my horizon. To cure my angst, I decided to live in the now. I committed myself to expressing actively and more abundantly day by day the qualities of love I figured would constitute a healthy marriage. Three years later, when least expected, I crossed paths with the woman I would marry. She lived 1700 miles from my home, yet God brought us together in the most unexpected way. I was ready. She was ready. I had made the most of my every “now” moment, and that faithfulness took care of the future. We have been happily married for over 19 years.

Live in the now! It’s the only moment you have. Spiritually considered there is no future, just the present, and you are in it. Enjoy making the most of it.

3 thoughts on “Live in the now”

  1. Thank you for your helpful and inspiring articles. I will work on living in the “now” and let go of everything else.

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