Live in the present, not in the past

December 31, 2018 | 29 comments

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

~ Cherokee Proverb

You’re not living yesterday. You’re living today! Honor and enjoy God’s goodness that is here today!

29 thoughts on “Live in the present, not in the past”

  1. Oh yes thank you dear Evan, to enjoy God`s goodness that is here today – thank you so much!
    Although there is actually no yesterday or tomorrow, only the God-centered and -guided TODAY, I thank you endlessly for all your blessings and Love with this wonderful SpiritView blog of the passing year!
    Looking forward to the Good comming!!!

    – H a p p y N e w Y e a r to a l l – Love you all and this blog so much! 🙂

  2. This is so appropriate for me today. I often find myself dwelling on the past – on things I did and regret; on things I should have done or said and didn’t. The practitioner of my church often says “Beloved NOW (are we the sons of God – I John). Stay with the now”. Blessings to all now and always.

  3. Had to go Searching to find this….it didn’t show up in my In Box this a.m…….! Yes! On to a New Year….to a New Experience and a New Perception! I do believe tho’, that it can be very helpful to revisit the Past, as I have been doing, for the purpose of Healing. A child’s experience can be so full of “not love” and hardness and the child tends to think this experience means he/she is not loveable, not worthy, etc. I’ve been doing some wonderful “Inner Child” work to find the loveable child I’ve always been! Just being raised in a Christian/Christian Science Family doesn’t mean that Love will be expressed from the Heart and felt by the children. So many Christian/C.S. parents themselves had hard childhoods and thus their hearts weren’t open and healed so they had no real Heart Love to pass on to their children. REal Love doesn’t come from Books, from Religion, or from Church. Real Love comes directly from the Heart that is Healed and Close to God. Happy Heart Love to All this New Year!

    1. Bless you Bevi! I too have memories and experiences that try to claim I, and others, are NOT perfect, beloved child(ren) of God, always surrounded by divine, unconditional Love. Those lies must be refuted so we can embrace our true identity!

      It has been harder the past year after Mom’s passing. She was the one person who best expressed Love in my life, and my best friend. We would exchange CS ideas all the time to lift each other up. Intellectually I know Love cannot be diminished, but it can be hard to feel it. For now, for me, it’s a process of refusing to be sucked in by bad memories, or sadness; rather, replacing them with awareness of Divine, unconditional, ever-present Love. I’m gradually getting better at it.

      1. Oh, Ellen. Thank you for this. I lost my mother too and it has been extremely difficult as we were very close and I was best friends with her as well. I was very glad to read your comments and I am trying to work to stay in the present now instead of looking back all the time.

        1. Sorry to hear about your mom! I’m glad my sharing helps. It’s a process for sure. It’s hard but I’m slowly getting better at it. (That’s why they call CS a “practice” – we have to keep working on it!)

          1. Oh Ellen and Cynthia, there is no death, and your dear mothers a r e living, that you can be very sure about! Take this comforting Truththought with you into a blessed and happy New Year! Love from Uta ☺

  4. A CS nurse once told me Mrs Eddy was quoted as saying “Never look back past breakfast.” Sometimes we have challenges that seem interminable but error does not become more real no matter how long it seems to have been around. It is still just a lie. Don’t be impressed by error’s longevity, it has none. Treat each day as a fresh opportunity and know God is always in control.

  5. Thank You So Much for your Loving Support, Ellen! My Heart goes out to You! I have found it more effective at this stage of Healing to let myself feel – from the Heart – the feelings that my Inner Child needs to Feel so that She can Heal. Children feel with their Hearts, not with their Intellect. Therefore the Healing of Child Abuse must come through Healing the Heart Feelings! Feel, Deal and Heal! I know C.S. has some Great Healing Ideas, but we need to incorporate Healing Love from the Heart for it to be effective! Love You from the Heart!

  6. Now & always I am blessed I grew up hearing the words, “You are God’s perfect child”. How truly blessed I am. Evan & friends, thank y’all!

  7. P.S. It’s Okay to let yourself Cry, feel your Anger….that’s how we connect to the Heart Healing of the Inner Child. Not by denying the Feelings with thoughts and words of intellect. Those never really reach the Heart wounds, but only put a band aid on them………Feel, Deal and Heal! Love You!

    1. Thanks Bevi! Yeah everyone’s process is different. I need to work through things like you’re talking abut, too. Some people seem to be able to just let go, and rise above, and if they’re truly letting go that’s great – but human denial never works, it just makes things fester. You have to address the error, and refute it! And release all the pain to make way for Love to fill you up – “flood-tides of Love!”

  8. “Truth and Love enlighten the understanding, in whose “light shall we see light;” and this illumination is reflected spiritually by all who walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense.” Science and Health p 510:9

    In this week’s lesson, this stood out to me. Isn’t living in the past, acknowledging the past, re-living events, all false material sense? No amount of rehashing old events is going to bring healing, in my experience it only made it more real, causing false sense to be inflamed, hurt, angered….where is any good is that? I then chose to forgive and forget, and prayed to let those images be forgotten. Very freeing!

  9. I’ve heard it said that: “There are Head Christian Scientists and there are Heart Christian Scientists.”……. I’m a Heart Christian Scientist!

    Love to All – whether in the Head or in the Heart!!

  10. I am so grateful for living in the “now”. Having been married nearly 25 years, I at one time thought it would be certainly impossible to get rid of all the turmoil my family experienced in the past. People often remark now that I must have memories, though. Fortunately, I do not. The past has been forgotten! Thank you, God! The chaos was released from thought and I no longer dwell on what the family experienced. I find it best to know who we all are as God’s dear children right at this moment!. I know my children and myself are surrounded by Love at all times and are perfectly at peace. The past was just a huge “mortal dream” and once we see it as a silly dream and not the reality of our life with God, we become much more aware of His constant and gentle loving care. So very thankful I heard God’s voice so clearly when it was time for me to initiate the steps to move forward on! I know it seems we all have a story – some good or some bad, , ,but the real story never changes as God is here for us now. He loves and cherishes us, He is always available to us and will never leave us. What more could we want? Go to Him and lean on Him now – He will assist with how to release stories of confusion or ugliness which is just the mortal dream and not the truth of our story. The spiritual story of “now ” is what all our true stories are and it is a beautiful story that I am most grateful for. Thank you God and much love to all for a Happy 2019!

  11. I’m so grateful for these loving, healing messages that come in my inbox every morning. Thank you Evan for your daily inspirations and also thank you to each one who adds to these messages. Happy New Year.

  12. I’ve trying to remember this more. It is important, we can’t change the past and we can’t know the future, so we have no choice but to live in the present!! Thank you for tge reminder.

  13. Beautiful comments from all. I also found a statement made in a CS group on Facebook that is proving helpful to me in dealing with flashbacks of bad memories. The contributor wrote in part: “All there is to the past, or the future, is a projection from the present. In a deeper sense, all there is to the present is eternal harmony, and consequently that is all there is to the past or the future as well. Regardless of what I did or didn’t do in the past, this ‘now’ is where I am, and where I am is harmony. As my state of thought is spiritualized, human circumstances change accordingly. “

  14. Thank you Evan! More and more I’ve realized how important it is to understand through prayer that any supposed past negative experiences aren’t true about my God created identity. Healing through Christian Science occurs by understanding what is true about us…or occurs when we align our thinking with what God knows about us. And since God is absolute Love, God would never actually allow us to experience anything negative. But it’s important for us to understand that truth through gaining a true understanding of God and man that destroys the specific illusion that we may be struggling with. Christian Science is not a religion of blind denial, even though some people that go to Christian Science churches may make that mistake sometimes.

    Below is an article that provides a great example of the correct way to apply Christian Science based prayer to negative past experiences and the resulting healing of scars that can take place when this is done.

  15. Once again, Brian, I can’t thank you enough for the links to both articles. They both addressed problems directly that I have experienced. Forgiveness was a struggle for many years and expunging the record even more difficult. Persistent prayer has resulted in my freedom from both, but wouldn’t have been possible without Christian Science and the understanding that God gives us the angel messages we need to conquer all error from our experience. I am deeply grateful for SpiritView – to Evan for creating it and to everyone who shares their experiences and insights. Happy New Year!!!

  16. Thank you so much, Brian, for your wise comments and the precious articles you have shared. They are real treasures!
    … and many thanks to Evan for this post on this last day of the year. I just realized that to live in the now, is constant newness… I love the last sentence in the Bible of this weeks Bible Lesson: “And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.”

  17. How many times have I let the past steal the goodness of today from me. Going to be more diligent in the future to avoid this.

  18. Beautiful !!! Thanks , I share it. Blessings of Love for you Evan and family .
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 !!! Ma. Cristy <3

  19. SpiritView is a wonderful gift every morning of the week. Thank you Evan and all the commentators. Happy New Year all!

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