Be generous with your compliments

December 28, 2018 | 27 comments

“There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed by a small compliment.”

~ Robert Brault

Have you complimented your wife today? Have you noted something nice a friend has done? Have you given a co-worker a positive pat on their back?

Compliments help. They brighten people’s day. They bring a smile to another’s face. They make you feel good for giving them. They note the activity of good. They reflect God’s presence. They heal.

27 thoughts on “Be generous with your compliments”

  1. Yes, for sure that is something I will practice all day today!, tomorrow and all my tomorrows. I sure went on a grumpy trip lately and have managed to leave the door wide open for illness to creep in. Never will understand why we, way to often, bite on the criticism bait, it never feels good. I pray that I have learned my lesson that blessing and praise and gratitude give me all the joy I could ever want. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thank you, Charla, for your comment of “grumpy trip leaving door wide open for illness”…..big “aha.”

  2. Yes…thank you SO much for this reminder! All too often we forget to compliment or praise those close to us – those most precious
    Thank you for all these lovely reminders Evan!

  3. Compliments cost so little and mean so much when offered freely & with sincerity.
    Thank you, Evan & friends, for the helpful reminder.

  4. Whenever I have complimented a friend it has met with such a positive response. The person complimented feels happy, confident and I feel so blessed for giving the
    rightly deserved appreciation. Moreover, we are seeing, appreciating and acknowledging God’s good quality reflected in the person whom we compliment. All in all it’s a healing experience to compliment and appreciate whenever our friends or even strangers deserve a good compliment.
    So go ahead and never shy away from complimenting friends, strangers and even our seeming enemies. It will only bless.

  5. “They (compliments) note the activity of good.” I love that idea, Evan. It gives a higher meaning to a compliment. We are magnifying good when we compliment sincerely. Seeing good in the other person and rejoicing in that good! Not a bad idea to compliment ourselves now and then as well, Grace, you are doing a pretty good job today of expressing love, joy, peace :-as long as we give God the glory for all the good we reflect. Thank you, dear Father for making every single one of us good. Open my eyes, dear God, that I may see that divinely designed good in everyone!

  6. Please check me on this! This isn’t just good advice; it’s the ninth commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Jesus saw Lazarus an the undying manifestation of God’s perfect law; observation has effect on appearance. So, for us to accept anything other than the beauty of holiness and the perfection of being ; is a belief in “something” other than the All-ness of God? I am new to Christian Science but am learning that Mary Baker Eddy is possibly the most brilliant human to ever walk the earth!

      1. Jesus knew and saw only God and His Reflection is present as God is Infinite Spirit and Life thus Lazarus’s life is an expression of the eternal Reflection of Life (God) forever present. No death in Life.

        1. Hi Pauline, thank you for this reply. I just recently read a book by Ames Nowell The Decalogue and in it he explains what (he thinks) Mary Baker Eddy meant by “Reflection” and he uses the dictionary definition “a state of mind considering its own content.” Can this Idea be understood as– man is to God what Hamlet is to Shakespeare? If so, it seems to support; Man is God’s Idea, One Mind, and the Allness of God. Thanks for your wisdom!

  7. I had recently made it my goal to give one sincere compliment every day, It’s more difficult than it would seem ,Does get good results,, especially if you find someone who looks like a smile could cheer them

  8. How appropriate and gracious for a new year’s resolution! I give out little painted rocks to clerks, snow plow drivers, waitresses, hostesses, floor sweepers or those working and providing so much good for others. After 3 years of having the fun of collecting and painting I cannot tell you the blessings I have received in return. God’s Love is truly shining on all of us, ifrom every corner, every street, and it is our supreme privilege to share and embrace our fellow man with a truly meant compliment. Thank you Evan for your sharing!

  9. What a Wonderful Reminder! More and more I try to remember to actually Voice the Compliment to the person (or email) instead of just think it inside to myself. It really Does make a Difference to both the Giver and the Receiver. Recently I just emailed a Friend: “You are a Beautiful, Beautiful Woman, inside and out.” Boy was she surprised and so pleased! A Happy New Year of Gracious Compliments to All!

  10. Great topic, Evan – thank you.
    Such wonderfully inspiring comments. I have Lake Michigan stones all around my house – enough to spare – might just take up painting them and passing them on – thanks Ellen. I was at a friend’s house for Christmas and she, with great excitement, showed my a painted stone – winter scene with snowman etc. and positive message, she had found on the outside ledge of a restaurant she frequents – the “instructions” on the back of the stone were to either keep it and continue to enjoy it – or – put it somewhere for someone else as a surprise. God’s sweet love is indeed manifested in such interesting, fun and gratifying ways. How about a big shout of praise for HIM.

  11. Dear Evan, you are and you do so wonderful, teaching, comforting and blessing us so lovingly, also with the fotos and your awsome Vlogs! I think we love you a lot for it and thank you very very much indeed!
    And dear dear commentators, I am very grateful for all your various inspiring ideas to Evan’ s SVs . It was and is so enriching!

    So as I had only my sweet guinea pigs to compliment today , it is a pleasure to compliment you all and Evan here above.

    Further I compliment my dear Father-Mother God that He made everything so very good including us all, His children, and that He is guiding us so lovingly.

    Compliments bless us and the like our neighbor, and yes they heal all kinds of situations where I have to correct my thinking of or doing to a person. Yes, compliments when coming from our heart are a remedy to everything. And at the end I would say, that the willingness and ability of complimenting is also a quality of God, that is very comforting for me.

  12. I sometimes think of this as bridge building as well. It keeps friendships (whether casual or deep) linked. You never know when you might need help from a friend (casual or deep). Those you’ve complimented in the past on even trivial things, will remember that first and foremost!

  13. Thank you to all! Yes, compliments given and/or received bring much good and brighten our days! Our pooch, Pua, perks up and wags her tail when we tell her what a good girl she is and how much we love her! (And, Uta, I’m sure your sweet little guinea pigs feel the same!)

    1. Oh yes, dear Daphne, they quiek when they hear me in the mornIng or when I come back from outside – I love when they are talking .
      I suppose, Pua is your lovely dog?
      thanks for your comment

  14. God has only created good and also provides Us- His Children with good environment and atmosphere of Love to grow and thrive. Our activities of encouragement, praise, support and awards are the effect of God’s provision of such awesome generous support as friends, family, mentors, teachers, parents, carers and even strangers. Thank You for all forms of generous support we received whenever we need them.

  15. I love being in nature and one time came across a huge stag standing high above me and I stopped to tell him how magnificent he was, and I know that he understood the compliment. I also love to go outside in our back yard and tell the forest of huge tall oaks how pretty they are. Not only is it good to give sincere compliments to our friends in nature, but also to those upright walking ones who we love or the strangers that really could use a little uplifting. It honestly feels so good inside, like giving yourself a sweet inner hug. Thank you Evan for your wonderful daily ideas! We all love you so much!!

  16. Once when I was super low, as I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge the toll taker gave me a big compliment and a bigger smile. His sincere good will still uplifts me today. I love to see a grumpy person, give her/him a sincere compliment and usually see the ‘grump’ lift right off. (it can even be a compliment of a color that the person is wearing ).

  17. It is wonderful to hear all the acivity in service of the good all around us. Yes, to compliment someone does cheer them on but we are also in a non personal way confirming the good always shining through. I am reminded that before I began to wake up I spent al to of time trying to manage evil ,as if my life depended on. Recognizing the good has become my focus. Still a porter of my thoughts. I hope to continue to not add power to the ignorance in the world that can be tempting in its fearful way. the happiest New Year to you all.

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