Live like it never happened

September 11, 2020 | 33 comments

A reader told me that she saw a water, fire, and restoration company truck driving around her town with the logo, “Like it never happened,” emblazoned on its side. In thinking about bad experiences tempting us to feel despondent at times, she mentally reworded the slogan to read, “Live like it never happened.”

What freedom this motto for life can bring!

God gave us all a super good life to live. It’s a life filled with love, peace, dominion, health, productive activity, and profitable action. It’s a progressive life that experiences the ever-unfolding goodness of God taking on infinitely expansive and broader forms.

Unexpected loss, disaster, disease, failed relationships, feelings of depression, and any other sensation of lack, would question God’s goodness and tempt thought into believing suffering is the norm. But this is temporal illusion. It seems real to the thought that believes it, but with a spiritual perspective, it is overcome and demonstrated over with the goodness of God that never fails, never runs out, is never destroyed, or lost.

Complete restoration is possible. We can prove that our good is spiritual and always with us. We can continue to experience our wholeness and completeness as children of God and move on with no weight of despair or sense of lack.

With God, we can live like it never happened.

“I will exalt you, Lord, for you rescued me. You refused to let my enemies triumph over me…Sing to the Lord, all you godly ones! Praise his holy name” (Psalm 30:1,4, NLT).

33 thoughts on “Live like it never happened”

  1. This is so lovely Evan to take us over the weekend. Plus of course all the uplifting comments that everyone else makes here.
    The Psalms verse is so right..I have been rescued and triumphed with Gods help. ( not forgetting Mrs Eddys direction and the much appreciated help from a loving Practitioner! )
    I can live like it never happened but I cannot stop thinking about how my demonstrations leave me slightly in awe of overcoming mortal issues by accepting and understanding my true being.
    I’m also so aware of the need to pray about all the world issues. Especially the ongoing fires affecting western parts of the USA and the immigrants wanting some help and peace after arriving in the U.K. Divine Love is guarding and guiding us all…right now❣️

  2. This is so helpful for dealing with history, thank you Evan. Some months ago the command came to mind: “Stop living like an unknown mortal” … it helped me to sift out the mortal claim to my history and begin re-writing my story according to how God knows it. I have been able to look back and set aside the sad story, and times, and look at it all thru the lens of Science and am so grateful that I can know from God, and not from a so-called mortal identity calling itself ‘me’. It has been very freeing. Every time I find myself worrying about my family now scattered around the globe and seemingly far away, I remind myself that there never was a mortal ‘sense’ of motherhood with a mortal sense of children, but the God-Idea fully represented and harmoniously active – always. It has been incredibly freeing and instead of dreading the future, I am welcoming new views of God and His Idea. Recently I came across these arresting statements from an article by Clarence Steves called: “How to leave all for Christ” ~ “Consciousness is God, and there is nothing ‘sub’ or unconscious about it; it is conscious, and it can only be conscious of now.. Now, how do we rise to the zenith of demonstration? The only way we can rise to the zenith of demonstration, is to acknowledge here and now that man, idea, is the functioning presence of the Mind that is God.” ~ This helped me to realize that I didn’t have family members that I needed to worry about, but to see all as already in the Ark of God’s Consciousness.

    1. Fay,
      Where is it possible to read Clarence Steves’ article “How to leave all for Christ.” I would be interested in reading it.Bar

    2. What a wonderful illustration of applying the Reality of Love’s unceasing Renewal. Love is mindful of all of Her Ideas and the Fatherhood of Love is constantly protecting and supplying each one as a healthy, whole, harmonious, complete Child. The Consciousness of Love is what you demonstrated as “Pressing Into Love” by affirming the divine relationship of Perfect God, Perfect Man. Since we cannot find ourselves outside of this Consciousness, then the only effects we can experience and retain are ones initiated and sustained by divine Love. As a result, “the material sense testimony must give way to the divine”– the spiritual sense of what already is established. Thank you, Evan and Fay!

      Emilie Anne

  3. Thank you, Evan. I am enjoying this development of the idea expressed by Jeremiah in this week’s C.S. Bible Lesson, and I love the way you put it by saying that “Complete restoration is possible” and to “Live like it never happened.” Deeply grateful to you.

  4. Like the Hebrew men that didn’t even have the ‘smell of fire’ on them after coming out of the fiery furnace, we don’t need to experience any remnants of a mortal experience after accepting and experiencing the presence and power of the Christ. Isn’t this the ‘Expunging” mortal history that Mrs. Eddy writes about?

  5. Thank you Evan.
    I’ve recently gained a new perspective of an incident that happened over twenty years ago, a more uplifting and spiritual perspective, for which I am very grateful. I really appreciate how thought can change daily as we progress with a more spiritual view and Spiritview!

  6. I love “live like it never happened”. Thanks! To me, that means making my life an on-going affirmation of the truth of Truth, God.

  7. The past, regarded as never happened, is a release from it’s effects. The stories of my past would fill a lot of books. Better the negative effects of those historic events be forgotten, like they never happened.
    Thank you all for this lesson this morning. Especially from Fay’s heartfelt comments. Family means so very much to all.
    We are a Science family, dear. Comforting each other this morning.

  8. So good to be with all of you this morning as we redeem what seemed to be horrific and sad events in our past, whether concerning our country or our families. Our family may seem absent but I love what David Brandon said, “we are a Science family, dear. Comforting each other this morning.”
    .And I love what Jesus said in Luke 8:21 when he was told that his mother and brothers were waiting to see him. He answered “My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.” Love and peace to you all dear Science family. The Comforter is here!

  9. Evan thanks for the wake up call today to repent and cast aside this temporal illusion of life in matter with its constant claims. I am “over” ready to move to a new mental place.
    Fay thanks for the Clarence Steves info, I see he has some wonderful articles that I will read.

  10. I tried to find the article mentioned in Faye’s comments but couldn’t. Does anyone have the link for that? She says it is How to Leave All for Christ by Clarence Steves. Could not get it on JSH-online.

  11. My co-workers used to chide me, when I’d stand back and exclaim “that didn’t happen!” if it SEEMED like I had poured hot coffee or water on my hands, or what not. It always came about as I said – there was no mark, redness, nor pain… and no after effects.

    I love Christian Science and the knowledge it gives, and have been medicine free for 40 years now: my true perfect medicine is MIND.

    This particular wisdom has helped me when it LOOKED LIKE I tripped over the dog in the house l, or I took an unexpected trip down the stairs a couple of times – and always it is as I said… nothing untoward happened.

    I’m so very grateful for this. Thank you and bless you all.

  12. “How to Leave All for Christ” is in the book ” Selected Addresses of Clarence Steves, CSB”. These addresses are amazing. The book was published by Healing Unlimited of Seattle, Washington. Email me for address and email.

  13. Thank you so much Evan for this timely message and reminder. As a California resident, I find myself finding moment-by-moment inspiration to overcome the fires, the fear of contagion, and the seeming apathy of our political situation. I am grateful for each and every comment! Much love to all!

  14. Years ago I had an experience where a young driver had run a red light, hit hard and sideswiped again my little car that I was driving to a Wed. evening meeting. I had been in a joyous, healing frame of mind. As it was happening, I said to myself, “Oh, this can’t be happening!” It was literally like a dream, surreal as mortal mind is. A gentleman screamed for me to get out of the car, thinking it may catch on fire and I crawled out the passenger side, where a policeman had instantly arrived to help. A tow truck driver was just leaving his shop which was a few blocks away and was like an angel with his calm help. He said that I was “lucky” as a matter of inches of where the car was hit, I probably would not have survived. Both cars were totaled, with hers being much larger than mine, but we both walked away, unharmed and we were so grateful for our protection.
    I was able to get a ride home right away from the friend I was on my way to take to church. Two witnesses came forward, otherwise it would have been the other driver’s word against mine and her car insurance paid and it actually turned out to be a blessing, as I was able to get a more practical and safer car.
    The negative side of it was truly “like it had never happened,” and in reality it never did. Gratitude fills my heart as this experience taught me how God does care for us.

  15. Got it! SpiritView is so great! Thank you Faye, Sallie and Janet. Ordered the book “Selected Addresses of Clarence Steve’s, CSB“. They even have a kindle edition.

  16. An on-site from this weeks lesson re woman healed of issue of blood..
    She had exhausted medical treatment and touched hem of Jesus garment. Jesus healed the woman by this thy faith had made thee whole.
    To me Jesus meant My garment-has no power to heal but your seeing
    That you are Spiritual not dependent on material conditions is the

    Faith the that healed .Thanks Evan for this acknowledgement that
    Yesterday’s problems are not binding but unreal to our spiritual

  17. “Live like it never happened” – just what I needed today. There are no accidents in God’s kingdom, and that’s where I dwell continually. This is so applicable to challenges I’m facing as well as the past.

  18. This Moment of Your Living

    You’re alive—not merely existing. You are: you’re not trying to be. You are the Life of the moment—this moment of your Life-living.


    Not you as an amalgam of happenings, you-as-you-were a decade, a moment, ago: to ask What was I? is to be blind to the fact of Presence. Man is not a chronology. Not you as a mosaic of hopes and fears: to ask What will I be? is to stop discovering. Not you content with a status quo:
    a cup of years spilling some satisfaction over the hour. Not even you-as-you-becoming—


    You spiritually. You in the action of being you where being is the emanation of I AM. “I AM hath sent me unto you.” Being, God, impels man, breathes through him Love’s incentives, Love’s own experience. Soul’s expression now you go as His fragrance in every place: this is your felt unity with Him. Moment by moment


    Not you in the moment. But this moment of you—radiantly, immaculately. Knowing is being—infinitely. Mind’s Allness, Mind’s Oneness never stops being known. As God-idea, one infinite indivisible idea dwelling in God’s thought, you are instantly understood, always being known. You have Soul’s mobility within this hourless knowing: the pristine movement fulfilling the Mover without end, as beauty in the unspoken, as rhythm in what is still.


    To ask Who am I? is to be irrelevant. To ask What am I? is to be blind to substance, to the is-ness of Spirit that is what and where you are. Man is what God is knowing of Himself—Love’s
    pure idea birthlessly real. Beautifully. Brilliantly. Precisely. Agelessly. Mightily. Deathlessly. You are what you are because I AM THAT I AM. Now. Moment by moment by moment by moment…

    (We’ve enjoyed the clarity of this precious full statement of Science just a week or so ago. This is its author’s original language and presentation. The online copy has been altered in some places.).

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