Live true to yourself, not for other’s expectations

March 28, 2019 | 20 comments

“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.”

~ Raymond Hull

20 thoughts on “Live true to yourself, not for other’s expectations”

  1. Thanks Evan – there is a need to put oneself first right with God and not to be conditioned by others.

  2. Ah so perfect with this week’s lesson on Reality. Do we listen to human opinion or to God’s messages of love? Isn’t it interesting that listen and silent use the same letters?!!

    1. HHHhhhmmmm Patty, that small detail never hit my radar before, not even in “classes” on Active Listening. Silent and listen solves a conundrum and blesses me as a reminder. Thank you for this eye-opener.

  3. So appropriate for me, I just realized that I was doing this with a friend. Thanks Patty I never noticed the use of letters before for listen and silent, and, thank you Richard your comment is “right on”
    Thank you Evan for your tireless efforts to support our learning of our relationship with God.

  4. “Unto Thine own self be True and Thou cans’t not then be false to any man.” William Shakespeare. Sometimes it’s hard to give ourselves permission to honor our own selves, our desires, our wishes and our path in life. Wanting others’ approval over honoring ourselves usually leads to deep disappointment and tends to come from not really loving and cherishing ourselves the way God does. Find out how much God Loves You and then You will Love and Honor Yourself!!!!

  5. Someone recently suggested to me that I let my Christ light shine outward more instead of just inward. If we are doing that, we are being true to our real, God reflected self.
    At a different time, we talked about working to “please.” Instead of working very hard to please other people, we ought to be working to please/serve our Father-Mother God. Again, this helps us to align more closely with our true Christly nature.
    A while back I was working on a project with 2 parties both of whom I am close with. Part of my job was to be the middle person, communicating between the two and keeping everything running smoothly. It felt stressful at some points because I wanted everyone happy and comfortable. I was praying while working one day and the strong angel message came, that the only one I needed to impress or please was God. I loved that because it became more clear to me what my job was and I performed it much better following that thought. We could never please every human mind, but we can work to please the one Mind.
    Thank you Evan for supporting this community with your thoughts and pertinent topics. Thanks to all SV commenters and readers.

    1. Thanks Trista! That was very helpful. Here is a link below to a great article “Prayer that begins with God, not self” by Christine Dreissen. She speaks of turning our prayers away from self and making God the centre of the prayer. I hope the link will work, if not then copy and paste the link in the URL. Thanks Evan for this subject today and thanks for all the thoughtful comments.

  6. Great thought-starter! How often do I lose sight of the truth that I –
    like my Way-Maker – am fully employed in my Father’s business and my perfect job, for which I am abundantly provided, is to express, not impress!

  7. Thanks—so important to remember that! The only one we need to please is God, and we do that if we follow His commandments and guidance.

  8. those are tough looking shoes. Yes, as there is only one like yourself, foolish to replace what Mind has intended. I wish I had known about mortal mind when I was a teenager

  9. Very funny picture in connection with that verse, worth to ponder.
    Oh, SpiritView friends, you all expressed such a variety of wonderful truth thoughts.
    My thought and understanding of that matter is to obey the commandments, the beautitudes and what Christ Jesus commanded us how to behave, than we please God and express Him, which is our only duty and blesses all.
    Thank you Evan for this wonderfully simple verse causing such a large metaphysical and practical resonance!

  10. Hi Lacy,
    if you read this, want to tell you, that I replied to your yesterday`s comment.
    Perhaps you want to read that – Love from Uta 🙂

  11. I often got very worried trying to please everyone all the time.
    Then one day a wise Ghristian”Scientist said to me”We only have to please God, for in pleasing God we are pleasing man in God’s image and likeness.”

  12. I actually used to believe that pleasing everyone who ever crossed my path was my whole purpose. When I re-traced the contributors to the clinical depression that I fought in college, I figured out that that was a major one. No one really taught me otherwise and I was left to figure it out the hard way. It was very difficult for me to understand why I was being taken advantage of all the time or why people were getting so frustrated with me when I was trying to be helpful. I didn’t know for a long time that people can actually sense when you’re doing something just to please them.
    That’s yet another reason why it’s so much better to use God as the ultimate guide. 🙂

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