Live your ageless Life with God

April 26, 2023 | 29 comments

Would you like to live without angst over passing years?

Be conscious of living your eternal life.

Eternity never grows older.

29 thoughts on “Live your ageless Life with God”

  1. Yes, love it , Dear Evan , we have eternity !! When I first came into Christian science. I was so eager to learn all I could about it and read as much as I could to catch up ,, the practitioner said, don’t worry you have eternity. . I am so glad we can start now to live it !

  2. Many cultures put great value on retirement. As if it were some noble state of being..
    It’s one thing to say “Eternity never gets older” and another to live our lives in a way we never stop giving.
    One person I knew lived into her late nineties and her daughter said her mother’s best years were the last twenty when she volunteered helping others.
    Unselfed giving may be eternity demonstrated.

    1. John, I really like the thought that “Unselfed giving may be eternity demonstrated”..
      These days so much emphasis is also that once one retires, then one can travel, see the world, etc.
      When my husband passed several years ago, instead of living a “traditional” life around children and grandchildren, I chose instead to move where I could live a life of giving and caring for all mankind. What an ageless adventure, for sure.

  3. Thank you Evan. There is nothing as satisfying as
    the understanding that man is already living in eternity, knowing that eternal life is now,not shall be.

  4. There have been very challenging times in my life where I have said, “If This is
    what eternity will be like, I surely don’t want it to be”! But I have always turned
    to God in these times, more fervently and each challenge has always been
    resolved and actually was a lesson in understanding God Better … Trusting that
    everything works out the way God wants, not me.
    I have always had everything I needed, Just Enough, even though at the time,
    it certainly didn’t seem like it.
    Each spiritual lesson brings us closer to understanding what is really important
    in our life and it is the Eternal qualities … Love, Peace, Harmony, Happiness,
    Contentment, etc. that supplies us with what we need.
    I have often turned to hymns in the dark times and one in particular has always
    been of help, Hymn # 359:
    “Trust the Eternal when the shadows gather, When joys of daylight seem so
    like a dream … Then to thy child heart shall come strength in weakness,
    And thine immortal life shall be revealed.”

  5. Evan says, “Eternity never grows older.” I watch a TV show on public television called Growing Bolder. It profiles people of a “certain age” (what society calls older) who are doing amazing, inspirational things. Their motto is that getting older is not the end of anything, it’s the beginning of “What’s next?”

    Studying Christian Science helps us grow bolder because we start to understand who and what we are in God. I do still fret a bit about the wrinkles and spots and what it means that I have reached a certain number age. But I have the expectancy of good that as I continue to grow in spiritual understanding these material beliefs will seem less and less real.

  6. I relish and revere people who have attained great wisdom from their long experience on this earth… At this moment I have seven friends well into their 90s who -to me – are the most exceptional, remarkable, admirable of all. I love being with them to learn from them, and listen to their Measured perspective. Both my grandmothers lived to be vigorous 100, with their intelligence and fullness intact. My precious Mother was actively Giving & Doing up to the day she “moved forward.” . We are taught in CS that our lives are continuous, not measured in years! Measured only by the good, because we are learning to be expressions God unfolding Her Goodness. I rejoice in the incredible gift of Christian Science. I’m so grateful for SpiritView.

  7. For sometime now I’ve refused to join in on quips about old age, cartoons depicting the world’s beliefs of decline, appearance, ability, etc., & ads dedicated to the so-called ‘elderly’–as one considered to be in that category, I asked myself, ‘If life is eternal, how can you possibly ‘age’?’ The two are incompatible. One issue I’ve had to confront is the ‘good intentions’ of others treating me as one needing ‘help’ , too old for this or that, etc., –I even caught myself accepting these claims! We must be diligent in following Mrs. Eddy’s call to protect ourselves from mental malpractice! Our family & friends mean well but have no clue on how damaging such thoughts & actions can be if not confronted & denied. I’m not aging–I’m progressing!

    1. Thank you Nan for being so alert and sharing how important that is. As a little child I witnessed well meaning family members (who practiced CS) telling my grandmother not to help with the cooking of family dinners once she reached a certain age. My grandmother lived on farms most of her life and cooked for large numbers of people and loved doing that. So even as a little kid I can remember thinking “leave her alone and let her cook if that’s what she wants to do”. We need to be alert at all times and not assume family members or church members always express what is best for us. Deciding what to consume mentally is always our own responsibility. Thanks again for your comment and thank you to everyone that brought out similar ideas in their comments.

      1. RH, your comment so hits home! Even before I came into Science, I saw the unhelpful effects of so-called ‘good intentions’–my dad absolutely loved his garden, was usually up early & out with a hoe or picking his produce–he was in his early 90s when his sisters came for a visit–“Carl, you mustn’t be out there in the heat; at your age, you should be taking it easy & not exert yourself!'” Well, he soon began taking their advice–sad to say, his gardening days grew less & less–my dad passed on within a year. We must be diligent in shielding ourselves from mm.

    1. Thank you, J – that is really an excellent article on this topic.

      The problem with the belief of ageing is in believing that we
      are mortals. If we are the reflection of God, we cannot be
      anything else but spiritual and immortal. A reflection cannot
      become aged, wrinkly, spotty, or anything unlike its original.
      Our God isn’t subject to these beliefs, therefore neither can
      we be.

      I have been declaring that I am immortal every day for some while, and I often
      affirm that I was never born into matter or been conditioned by matter, therefore I
      can never be sick in matter, grow old in matter, or die out of matter. I declare
      that I am immortal, ageless, brand new every moment as God’s idea. I need
      to constantly remind myself of these spiritual facts, because we are bombarded
      with material ageing beliefs every day. The recording of birthdays is another
      subtle suggestion that we are limited to a mortal life in a material world.
      Mrs. Eddy tells us never to record ages, and that is good advice.

      1. You are so right Maggie. I find myself spouting off my age as if I am proud of it. The truth is its hard to believe the number but I don’t act in the way the number claims I should. I need to stop claiming that. I love seeing those great grandchildren coming along and to be happy to enjoy them. I love the way you are demonstrating your thoughts about your true being. Thanks for sharing this.
        Thanks Evan.

    2. Thank you J, the article was so inspiring and uplifting!

      And thanks to all for adding great thoughts to this most important topic, I was benefited by everyone’s contribution.

  8. All of these great declarations of agelessness are So helpful in
    removing mortality and materiality from thinking. Thank you
    all very much!
    In a society where youth and the outward appearance is so
    focussed on, it is very refreshing to read all of these Truths of
    our Spiritual Being that reinforce the fact that we do not have
    to give in to what society, advertisements claim, to be relevant.
    We Are robust in Spirit and able to overcome adverse conditions
    that try to define who we are or confine us to the limitations
    of matter. Sometimes I feel “younger” and more vibrant now
    than I have ever felt.
    Again, Thank you all. I loved reading the article, J , and Nan …
    what a sweet photo and coinciding poem!

    1. Thank you for your comments Carol! Love the unbounded and unrestricted thought that you “sometimes feel “younger” and more vibrant now than I have ever felt”. It reminds me of MBE’s statement: “Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of man’s dominion over the whole earth.”

      1. It’s true, J . I enjoyed what you shared with MBE’s statement.
        Thank you.
        From Frank Lloyd Wright: “The longer I live, the more beautiful
        life becomes.”
        As we understand more and more of what is Real, Spiritually,
        we do appreciate God’s creation with increasing awareness in
        new and childlike wonder.

  9. Evan, I am very very grateful for today’s topic of never aging!!!
    Wow there is a fullness of wonderful spiritual ideas, the gorgeous article (will read it later) and that very lovely poem!
    I go totally conform with many commenters here today! Thank you all very much!
    What I can ad to all these comments is, that when I retired, I was happy to have lot of time to take over offices for my church. By the time I was library assistent, second reader and now I am clerk. With all this I could and still can express my God with joy and love! And as Life is eternal I am looking forward in which further offices I can serve God and His Church!
    Much love to you all♡♡♡

  10. Love this idea of agelessness. Thank you Evan. Here is one on my favorite poems. September 1997 Christian Science Journal “Not a wrinkle on the image of Soul” by Margaret C. Herminghaus .

  11. Thanks for that wonderful poem Sharron and RH for the link to it!

    I just reminded that my stepfather, who took me to sunday school when I was age of 10, always said that he never will accept age. And I found that very good and made it to my motto, too!
    Christian Science is “the healing Christ in action”, am thankful for it and for gorgeous SpiritView! 🙂

  12. I Thank you for tackling this belief and the wonderful responses.
    This has been most helpful . Disease and fear not real for anyone
    Anytime. Thanks for your thoughts and articles.

  13. Sharron (and RH), Thank you!
    What a timeless wonder-ful poem
    That ties us to God’s Perfect reflection
    Walking along our journey
    Watched over by heaven’s vision,
    Soul’s delightful expression
    A lovely dwelling of Spirit’s Eternal home.
    … “Life’s eternal Now”. Beautiful!

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