Are you living?

September 24, 2014 | 9 comments


It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve tallied on the calendar, every day is a new opportunity to live and do something worthwhile.

The below short video caught my attention because it reminds us that life never stops. Whether 29 or 89, we can still be productive and have a good time.

“Nothing changes”

9 thoughts on “Are you living?”

  1. Thought is every thing. All things, discovery, invention, writing novels all have to do with thought first, then it comes to fruition. Now I ask you; “Does thought regress as you age?”
    A resounding NO must be your answer.

  2. I am in my 60s and do not feel like I am slowing down. but I am weary of the treadmill. I would like to think as my deepening of the Truth continues I will notice the treadmill but not be on it. I am ready for a change. Retirement, is that you? ha ha

  3. Thank you Evan – wonderful reminders/good examples in the video. Hope you don’t mind a short story! My dad was in the Spanish-American War (in the Phillipines). Married, had 6 children. Divorced. Became a legislator for State of WA in 1926. Remarried, lost everything in depression. Moved to CA. I was born in 1936 when he was 65 and my mother 45. He never looked back on bad times or said a bad thing about anyone , was very positive, loving to all. I never knew him to be ill a day in his life. He never felt or acted old and kept very active until close to 90. My mother passed on when I was 12. Although we were very poor he would make pies to give to friends at holiday time. He always said to give with no thought of receiving. At 12, since he had to be gone so much to find odd jobs, he told me not to do anything to hurt myself or him, to be as active in school as I could, and to follow the Ten Commandments, The Golden Rule and Jesus’ teachings and I would be guided and protected all my life. He took great joy in his 70’s-80’s taking us girls 40 mi. to Malibu Beach in his pickup and attending school events. He became Pappa to many students and their parents. Another wonderful example of living. After I learned of CS ,I thought Daddy must have read Mrs. Eddy’s works or heard of her in late 1880’s when he was in his home state of Indiana. I am so grateful for CS.

  4. Thank you, Evan. My mother remarried at the age of 82, having been a widow for 9 years. I always said that while my dad was her ‘Prince’, her new found love was her ‘Soulmate.’ It is inspiring to go forth with expectations of progress, and though no one’s path is the same, we all are part of a tapestry of unfolding beauty with each new day that we LIVE!

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