You Have a Purpose

September 26, 2014 | 23 comments


Everyone has a purpose in life, including you!

Your purpose is to reflect God. It’s to be God’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.

When you get up in the morning, your purpose is to be grateful for all the opportunities for progress that lie before you.

When you go to work, your purpose is to demonstrate worth and value, to prove your usefulness, to spread love and cheer around the workplace and to be a blessing to everyone you come into contact with.

When you look at your to-do list for the day, your purpose is to be grateful that you have something to do, that you have the ability to follow through and finish that list with grace and poise and that you can stay in a good mood all the while.

When you come home to an empty apartment, your purpose is to reflect on the fullness of God’s love that greets you at the door and keeps you good company while resting and living in that apartment.

When reading the news, your purpose is to pray for anyone out in the world that has less than you do and bless them with the truth that their needs are met by God too.

When walking around wondering what to do with your time, your purpose is to recognize that what you do with your mind is the most important activity of all, and that you can be mentally and spiritually productive at all times.

When suffering with a sickness, your purpose is to know God’s love better than ever that takes away that illness.

When afraid of the future, your purpose is to know that all of God’s good is here and now.

When wondering what your purpose is, your purpose is to remember that when you reflect love, wisdom, and gratitude, you are living true to your God-appointed purpose, and that you are doing what is needed most of all.

23 thoughts on “You Have a Purpose”

  1. Well this helped alot as I have been struggling with my recent security guard job at a local mall in the city where I live that has well left me with a run down feeling after being there almost every weekend for the past 9 months or so. Anywho, this article reminds what my true purpose is, in the higher sense, no matter what we do, this type of talk above should be our starting point then apply it to the specific human duties we are being left to take care of. Thanks for this Evan 🙂 Great Timing….

  2. This was just what I needed!..Just beautiful..moved me to tears!… Thanks Evan for this!…I will be sharing this with others! Everyone can gain through these beautiful ideas!……..Have been going through a deep health issue and knowing that my true and only identity is truly with God and can never be separated from Him. These ideas reminds us who we truly live and work for..GOD!…it’s why God put us shine with Him!…no one else can take His place!
    Love to All,
    Kirsten : ) : ) : )

  3. Ditto. I was really inspired by this message. When I was younger I felt that I had a purpose which was my job. Now I see my higher purpose. Thank you/

  4. My purpose is to think. That is where all help, all answers to solving the great problems are, IN THOUGHT and nowhere else. It is so easy to survive when you know where the answers are.

  5. We ARE already who we ARE
    as Mind’s direct-without-interruption Expression.
    No struggle, no pressure, no effort
    for God’s man to BE idea.
    An idea in Mind, God, perfect Love, the Creator.
    The Only Creator.

    Do humans struggle sometimes?
    Yes. But let’s consider why.
    The five senses struggle to see the round earth,
    the infinite number of galaxies, the roundness of rainbows,
    health where illness seems so real.
    They will always struggle
    until they yield
    to the Facts.
    This has always been so.

    The real man, Mind’s idea man, does not struggle.
    God is effortless Mind, expressing
    Itself AS man, Its direct image.

    yield to these facts.
    Relax (trust) in the truth.

    It’s who we ARE.

  6. Dear Evan, this is the best straight forward prayer for the day that you could give us! So grateful for this and I have shared this and will translated into Portuguese to our Portuguese speaking people….

  7. Thanks so much Evan! I really appreciate this message. I was feeling bad this morning, praying about it and was reminded that God has a reason for me to be here, and it certainly isn’t to suffer! S/He is blessing me and caring for me, and I may not know exactly what my greater purpose is, but God does – so at the moment, my purpose is to trust God and listen for guidance. This spoke directly to that!

  8. Yes, this is definitely a keeper! Thank you, Evan!

    It always helps me to work with each of the seven synonyms for God in my daily work, so I have been re-reading this wonderful blog with those synonyms inserted. For example:

    “Your purpose is to reflect Life. It’s to be Life’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”
    “Your purpose is to reflect Love. It’s to be Love’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”
    “Your purpose is to reflect Mind. It’s to be Mind’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”
    “Your purpose is to reflect Soul. It’s to be Soul’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”
    “Your purpose is to reflect Truth. It’s to be Truth’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”
    “Your purpose is to reflect Spirit. It’s to be Spirit’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”
    “Your purpose is to reflect Principle. It’s to be Principle’s presence wherever you go and in whatever you do.”

    Thank you again, Evan, for these wonderful blog posts, and for all you do for the world!

  9. Thank you Evan.
    As students of Christian Science it’s so important to know we have a purpose.
    It’s great to know God is enabling us to be his shining light.

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