Long lasting protection

October 29, 2021 | 22 comments

Breakthrough cases continue to increase as the vaccine for Covid evidently loses efficacy over time, news reports are indicating.
A report in my area documented that 15% of Covid patients last month had been previously vaccinated, up from 1% breakthrough cases nine months ago.

For long lasting protection, one needs spiritual protection! Drugs have a temporal effect. That is no surprise.

Drugs are what the medical community knows, so it’s what they promote. But there is a better answer that brings better protection.

For real protection, for safety that endures, for a remedy that keeps one safe under all circumstances, and for all time to come, understanding and demonstrating spiritual immunity is the way to go.

In the early weeks of the pandemic, when a member of my family manifested some mild symptoms of Covid, we treated the condition with Christian Science, and with good results. We prayed to see the omnipotence and omnipresence of God operating on this individual’s behalf, keeping them healthy and strong. We saw that their spirituality was their immunity to disease, neutralizing any belief of infection, and present to keep them well. The symptoms went away without ado, and there was no spread of suffering to others.

If you want real protection from infection, practice a consciousness of spiritual truth that demonstrates immunity to disease. It will serve you best over the long run.


22 thoughts on “Long lasting protection”

      1. This article is so helpful in so many circumstances. Thank you very much for bringing it to our attention.

    1. Thank you very much Martine for thr link to the English translation in the Journal.
      Would it be double to you to find the link to the German original in German Herold. Or could anybody else help? I cannot get JSH.
      I myself can read that English well. However I want to print the German translation out and dubmit it to friends who are not so firm in English.
      It is a wonderful and helpful article !
      Thank you for all your helpful moments.
      Dear Evan, I am always very grateful for your steady help in finding the spiritual Truth to demonstrate the nothingness of error.
      Very helpful is what you said in the testimony I.e. “We saw that their spirituality was their immunity to desease, neutraizing any belief of infection, and present to keep them well.” I find that Truth thought very helpful. Thank you for the whole SpiritView!♡

  1. Thank you so much, Evan, for all each peace of daily inspiration, and thanks too, to all those who contribute. SpiritView is such a great blessing to us all.

  2. I see the constant struggle for mankind to see the truth in every situation as a purpose that keeps his ego in check believing himself to be his own god of a sort. As we are constantly confronted with our unlikeness, that struggle leads us to our true likeness as a child of God. To be this likeness, we have to have the qualities of meekness, humility, founded upon the principle of the truth rendered through Life and Love. We cannot move forward to recognizing our true selves as God’s creation if we believe ourselves to be of our own creation. We have to use our spiritual senses to perceive the truth of our true identity in Christ. Immunity from all error begins with the humility of being encompassed within divine love.

    Thank you Evan, your post are most helpful.

    1. Josef, I love your phrase, “Immunity from all error begins with the humility of being encompassed with divine Love.” Thank you.

      Humility is most important; through humility before God we can see beyond or beneath the mortal mind pictures and lies that are paraded in front of us. God made everything and declared it “very good” and then declared His work was complete (Genesis 1:31 and 2:1). Nothing can be added to it or taken from it, case closed. So all that is real is good, including us and the whole universe from the infinitesimal/microscopic to the grandest element of creation. There is nothing harmful in that and nothing that can be harmed.

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to all of you!

    2. “We cannot move forward to recognizing our true selves as God’s creation if we believe ourselves to be of our own creation.“
      To believe we can be creators of anything opens a door to much mischief. To believe we are God’s creation, made in His image, keeps us safe and secure. I Samuel 2:9 “Bound in the bundle of life/love with my Lord. Our spiritual Identity is so important.
      Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for the article. What a treasure! I’ve bookmarked it in my JSH online.
    Thank you Evan, I look forward to reading SpiritView every morning.
    What a blessing Christian Science is!!

    “Every synonym of God is indivisible, for the infinite has to be One. But the same applies to infinite manifestation, and every quality of God, like joy, safety, strength, freedom, abundance, intelligence, has likewise to be indivisible. Every statement of God begins with the words, ‘I AM indivisible…’ There is no localized or personal good. That is belief.

    “I have also enjoyed the statement “nothing inharmonious can enter being, for Life is God” (S&H 228:5-6). Turning this round, it is perfectly correct to say ‘Because I AM Life, nothing inharmonious can enter the safety, freedom, harmony and boundless bliss that I AM being.’

    ‘I AM the Life of all being divine, and being divine and nothing else. Nothing can threaten, invade, or adulterate My pure consciousness for there is nothing outside of what I AM being. Every claim of ‘them,’ ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘they’ is annulled in the presence of I AM all consciousness and all being now.’”
    (J.Hargreaves 2000)

  5. Some very helpful profound statements …thank you Barbara for your contribution today. I also like to remember a short ( paraphrased ) statement from a recent referenced sentinel watch. .. there’s nothing going on with an except God!…. Instant thought alignment for me. Blessings to all❣️

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