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    1. Thanks Angie. I have been praying for a young lady who has decided to be a boy. She gained traction by threating suicide. Somehow she had learned of hormonal treatments. I have been praying for her and another with the same conviction.
      A article in “Featured” from the Sentinel team followed and revealed a solution for this belief. I shall forward it to her inbox.
      As always thank you for your research and and sharing.

  1. Thank you Evan for your continual spiritual support.
    Thank you Angie, very good article shared it with a friend.
    Dear David, do you have the name of that article, would love to read it. My family too has an instance of homosexuality. It is as I’m sure you already know a confusion of ones true identity as a spiritual not material child/idea of God. Keep up the good work it blesses all mankind. We can’t be confused!

    1. Dear Linda, It is from October 26th, Sentinel. “Freed from Anxiety and Depression,
      by Barbara Foster.
      The younger have access to the worldliness through social media. There truly needs to be more Sunday School for these precious youngsters.
      Page 62:17 S & H helps…

  2. Hi Linda & Brandon,
    I’m unsure of what you mean by “an instance of homosexuality?” There is infinite variety in God’s kingdom and since male and female are spiritual qualities, why should love be only between a male and a female? As for the woman mentioned above who feels she is spiritually male and needs to experience it physically – well, that’s between her and God. I don’t feel it’s our place to judge or even interfere with their spiritual journey by “praying about it.” Maybe I’m misunderstanding your views and if so, I apologize.
    “Love is universal in its adaptations and bestowals.” (S&H pg. 13)

    1. Thank you, Andrea; I heartily agree – we are ALL loved unconditionally by our dear Father Mother – he/she sees each one of us as a beloved and cherished expression, not identified by gender.

      1. Thank you so much, Andrea and Jennifer. Barbara Vining’s Sentinel article ‘The “male and female” of God’s creating’ is excellent.

          1. J thank you for that article/podcast. A lot to digest there and I will go back and read it all. Regarding the question by Steven from London, one thing she replied was, “Ultimately, all of us are spiritual beings—here and now, spiritual. Yes, God created them male and female, in quality, in character, but the idea of sexuality goes to a very mortal concept of man.“

            We identify ourselves in a myriad of ways in our day to day life, including gender identity and sexual identity. But all of these are subordinate to our one True identity as the perfect spiritual idea of God, always loved. If someone is troubled or distressed or in pain about their sexual or gender identity (or anything else) and requests prayerful help, of course that is appropriate.

    2. Hi Andrea and all,
      I so agree. I have noticed the infinite diversity in nature and believe it is natural for human life expression also. It is our job to love unconditionally. God is maintaining and sustaining every idea.

    3. Dear Everyone,
      I knew that this would bring many comments. I have an issue, not that sexuality has to be male or female. I never referenced “Homosexuality”.
      My issue is the young getting injections of hormonal fluids to follow a trend initiated by the interference of the internet. Another fad from mortal mind.
      I have told this young person that she is loved no matter what. At this stage it isn’t about sexuality. It’s the idea of identity. Identity being wholly spiritual.
      In the UK they have laws that anyone younger than 18 may not undergo hormonal treatment.
      They have found out through experience that when mature the same person after the changing influence of the drugs that it are no longer desired.
      There will come a time for everyone when there is no more sexuality whatsoever.
      But there is comforting lovingkindness. Hugs to everyone!

  3. Does anyone know of an article which states what God’s favorite color is? I so want to win a debate with my neighbor. Did God err in not putting puppet strings on the newborn babe? Is the Science of Christianity about human opinion or God’s Truth and Love?

  4. Wow. It’s cool to see that for the first time. Thank you Evan for your consistent spiritual insights to aid all of us in our spiritual journeys.

  5. Thank you, Evan. A few words are sufficient to better understanding. From now on I will always remember this sentence! I’m possible!

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