Look at the cause, not the effect

September 27, 2018 | 12 comments

“Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped.”

~ African Proverb

12 thoughts on “Look at the cause, not the effect”

  1. This proverb reminds me of the C. S . testimony where the lady was with a group of ladies that were playing “can U top this about my illnesses and medical problems” Finally one lady relived an incident where she had fallen. The C. S. Looked at her & admonished, loudly : U are not a fallen woman! That broke the A M mesmerism & everyone laughed. Much gratitude for keeping my thoughts on high.

  2. God is the only cause and Creator so the effect is always good. So going to the source, the cause is always more important. You start well and you land well.
    If we are not vigilant in our life, we often slip and fall. Instead of dwelling on the fall, it’s important to find out what was the reason behind the fall.. the cause of the fall. We need to learn to be vigilant and watchful to tread on the right path. If we are careless and not watchful we will slip from the right path. So its more important to be alert to avoid the slip from the right path, lest we fall.

  3. “I walk with Love along the way” Hymn # 139 comes to mind with this quote, Evan, but also with your lovely testimony of the beautiful experience with your new granddaughter yesterday! How very sweet and such a special bond, like our bond with our Father/Mother God…holding us, caring for us with such Love. (I’m sorry but did not receive Spirit View in my inbox, for whatever reason yesterday and just now noticed it in the older post)… “Let childlike trust be yours today”….

  4. Whenever I hear the words “cause” and “effect” it always brings to mind the article in Miscellaneous Writings “One Cause and Effect.” Thank you Evan. 🙂

  5. Turn from the problem and look right to Father-Mother God. Ask God to reveal to your consciousness what God sees, what God says. It will always be perfection. ♡

  6. Since the changes made to your web site I have been unable to view the complete text. Both sides of the text are cut off and the middle of the site is blank. I do miss your insights Evan. Please can you help me. I have tried everything I know and have also discussed it with my sons both of whom are involved in modern technology, but to no avail!

    1. Google hides truncates text on my computer also, so try accessing using Chrome or Firefox, to open Spirt View, where the whole screen is viewable?

    2. Elizabeth,

      Try using another browser. Others have done the same, and it fixed itself that way. Sorry about the trouble, but it is working for thousands of users, so I’m sure it’s a simple adjustment on your end. Chrome works great for me.

      1. This brings to thought how often many of us who are not techies need to know the meanings of terms such as “browser”, etc. Technology is a foreign language to so many–even in this day and age.

    3. Hi Elizabeth, first to the technical: Firefox works good for me.
      now the metaphysical: God works better; I mean with it, that with God all things are possible (working)

      Perhaps, if you pray and listen the right thing, which works, will show up!

      Love to you 🙂

  7. I love this. Thank you. We all must remember to be certain we are “not arguing on the wrong side of the equation.”

  8. Thank you Evan! First I did not understand the correct spiritual view in the African proverb.

    But after reading all the comments, I hope I got it by the time.
    I am fully in tune with what Trista comments – so true.
    Metaphysically I understand in CS that God is the cause and His creation including man is the effect.
    But in this case today I think the proverb means something different; today I am not so sure about that.
    But anyway, I would say that if a human slipped either mentally or slipped on the floor or on the street, what happened to me decades ago, either you know that God was there where it happened to protect you, or you know your spiritual individuality completely in God, where no accident can happen and never ever has happened, as unknown to God.

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