No stuffy nose

September 26, 2018 | 46 comments

Kathy and I had our first grandchild last June. A big deal for us! Her name is Kayla Renee, and she is a dear.

We were on babysitting duty for a week recently so that the parents could catch up at their workplaces, and loved spending our days watching Kayla. At one point, our little one was struggling with a stuffy nose. I loaded her into a carrier that positioned on my chest so that I could take her and the dog for a long walk. As I started down the street, I noticed that she couldn’t breathe through her nose, and that this stuffy nose issue had worsened. So, I decided it needed to be healed, and quickly would be good.

As I hiked along, I spoke spiritual truth out loud to Kayla in a gentle calm soothing tone.

In my prayers, I started with the facts of her being, reminding her that she was a spiritual creation of God, that her experience was formed and shaped by the Mind of God, and that she was spiritually designed to stay healthy and well.

After we got clear on what she was spiritually, I denied reality to the evidence of disease. I specifically refuted any claim of disease that came to my attention, for instance, that any germ, virus or bacteria could affect her health. In the allness of God, she had been exposed only to positive presence of divine Love, I reminded her. I denied any suggestion of contagion, knowing that only the goodness of God was floating around in her atmosphere, and that she could only breathe in the purity and holiness of God. I denied the suggestion that “colds happen,” and affirmed that only health happens.

After a thorough denunciation of any reason for suffering, I rounded the prayer back to the truth that she was a healthy and well child of God this instant, and that she was only capable of manifesting what was spiritually true about her.

After the above prayers, I was so convinced of her health and wellness, that I didn’t think of her as having a problem any longer. I enjoyed our walk with the dog.

Twenty minutes later, while sitting on a bench and watching the dog play in the grass, I looked down at little Kayla resting her head on my chest, and noticed that her mouth was closed. She was breathing 100% through her nose without a hint of trouble, and in a perfect sleep. Healing complete.

Hours later her mom noticed that Kayla’s nose was clear, and wondered what had happened, because she was aware of a problem over the last 24 hours. I told her about our prayer session together, and how the healing had come about. God had done the work.

Christian Science is awesome. It gives one total government over the body to keep it healthy and well through the power of divine Mind. It can clear up a stuffy nose.

46 thoughts on “No stuffy nose”

  1. How sweet and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us and explaining in detail how you have prayed.. I love, love, love this! 🙂

  2. This is just great and a perfect message for me as I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose! Thank you for showing us how clearly you declared the truth about your beautiful grand-daughter and we can know that this truth is available to all of us in whatever situation we face. We don’t always have to spend hours sitting studying and praying.
    An immediate clear and strong declaration of truth is often all it takes – as you showed. I am so grateful for these blogs and for Christian Science!

  3. Congratulations! And thank you for the lovely illustration of Christian Science treatment, and how effective it is.

  4. I am so greatful to you for Spirt View thank you very much. When I thank God for my healings in Christian Science and the practioners who have helped me I always give thanks for Spirt View.

  5. Oh, thank you so much Evan for this wonderfully complete healing – I see God`s love and yours in it!

    I had some tears in my eyes, and I stand in awe before each real healing like this lovely one, and I tune in to Michelle Nanouche`s congratulations for that extreme lovely new Gods-idea in your family and on earth. And I am very grateful as well, for the very lovely illustration of Christian Science really effective treatment you share with us all, it is so very helpful for me – thank you awfully Evan !!

  6. What a beautiful demonstration! Thanks for sharing.
    Grandchildren bring such joy with them and many opportunities for spiritual lessons.! We look forward to many more, Evan.

  7. How WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing this healing, how you prayed and the darling photos. As always you are so blessed and such a blessing! Heaps of blessings on this little one.

  8. How WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing this healing, how you prayed and the darling photos. As always you are so blessed and such a blessing! Heaps of blessings on this little one.

  9. Excellent demonstration for each of us to consider how to move forward in our own areas of challenge, Evan. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful approach to healing through spiritual understanding and standing firm on the principle of faith for divine law.

  10. So very, very dear – and TRUE! Thank you for sharing this tender healing experience and all Love’s blessings to you, your wife, and family! How blessed we all have been and are for the beautiful understanding you so generously share of God’s mothering, fathering care of all His-Her loved children with healing and blessing for all.

  11. Dear Evan, Congratulations on your lovely new little one! And thank you so much for sharing that healing and how you worked it out so beautifully. Very inspiring and helpful, as are all your posts!

  12. Lovely Kayla Renee. Thank U for sharing her and
    your testimony. I think about the “ contagion of good health.” How blessed U are and I am to enjoy a beautiful granddaughter. God’s children, each & everyone, watched over and protected. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

  13. Dear Evan, thank you for sharing this precious and endearing healing of Kayla Renee. I love the image of her safely strapped to your chest as you walked and quietly talked to her to about her spiritual identity. You have drawn a picture for us today of God’s relationship to each of us as well as He carries us close to His heart and gently talks and comforts and heals us along the way. Many blessings to you and Kathy and your whole family.

    1. Karen I love your comparison of Evan with his granddaughter and God with each of us. So true, We can expect to be held that close to our Father-Mother at all times receiving calm and powerful truths about our true nature.

  14. Dear Evan,
    How blessed you are with your precious little grand-daughter, and how blessed she is to have a Grandfather who knows exactly how to handle mortal mind’s suggestions and bring about immediate healing. I echo the thanks of all the other Viewers in thanking you for sharing step by step how you prayed. Our four lovely grandchildren are all in their teens now, but still as precious to me as when I, too, had the joys of caring for them in their early days – it is such a privilege.
    God bless you and your family.

  15. Truth is what it is: we are the PERFECT reflection of God. It’s these somple truths that make each step forward harmonious and unfettered by ANY erroneous belief!
    Thanks Evan!!

  16. Thank you for sharing this! I loved the way you dealt with this “stuffy nose”. These little ones respond to so much that we can only help deal with these problems no matter how old they are. I have the opportunity to watch my great niece, who is now a year and a half, and she picks up so much and you just have that chance to share truths with them as we interact with them! She has so much love, it’s contagious! I leave feeling so uplifted knowing she reflects love! Enjoy!

  17. This was so touching and powerful…it brought tears to my eyes. Now I have a stuffy nose, but for all the right reasons!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful healing – it is so beautiful and precious. Christian Science is awesome. Blessings to you and your dear family and to all today.

  19. Evan, what a beautiful and pure post today. I’m so grateful for the step-by-step treatment for your pure and perfect little granddaughter. By the time you got to “she could only breathe in the purity and holiness of God.” I felt such an overwhelming sense of peace for myself. As always so much gratitude for sharing with us your understanding of our Oneness with God. ♡

  20. Bless the beasts and the children! Love your clear sharing, demonstrating how their innocence responds so quickly to Christian Science treatment. What happy times for your family.

  21. That little baby is so lucky to have you as her grandfather. I’m thrilled you get this amazing experience. My first grandchild arrived 9 weeks ago. It’s pure joy having her.

  22. Thanks so much, Evan, for explaining so clearly how to treated your granddaughter and for sharing such precious pictures.

  23. Thank you for this post, Evan. I too am babysitting our first granddaughter this month. She is cutting teeth and appears to be very fussy when it’s nap time. I declare that she is God’s already complete child, God is swaddling her (and everyone) with His love every second of every day and she can never be alone while sleeping or awake. Top this with singing or humming “O Gentle Presence”, and she finds heavenly rest!

  24. A truly lovely picture. Thank you for sharing Evan. Daily I give thanks for your generous sharing and for Spirit View and all who take the time to comment.

  25. Thank you, Evan, for that beautiful sharing! Kayla Renee- a beautiful, peaceful name! Having a 20 year old grandson, I can say they only continue to add love, blessings, and gratitude for all things spiritual
    and beautiful – and they are delightful and best of all
    —— they go home at the end of the day! Just kidding!
    Much love to your family!

  26. Thank you for this roadmap on prayer with little ones. I am a grandmother of 4 and though they are in my prayers daily, I often am confronted with this idea of a cold when I come to babysit.

  27. This is a bit late, but I’d like to thank Dilys Bell for her outstanding testimony in the Sept. 24 Christian Science Sentinel–beautifully worked out. And Evan, the look on your face in the picture accompanying your article is -so full of tender love for that little one. Thank you for that wonderful treatment.

  28. Thank You Evans, sharing this as we move in Springtime here in Australia. Breathing in holiness’s purity made manifest in our peaceful life.

  29. Thank you, Evan. I love the details of how you handled this false claim, and how Kayla Renee was blessed by your Truth-filled declarations of her innocence… healed so quickly, as healing should be.
    Thank you, also, for your daily posts. They always seem to hit the mark, and are a blessing for all those who read them.!

  30. Kayla Reneevie indeed is very fortunate to have you Evan, as her grandpa. Perhaps one day she will grow up to be a great healer herself. What a lovely demostration. With all your love for Kayla who was nestled close to your heart, and with perfect understanding of Divine Principle, healing had to follow immediately. Congrats!!!
    So kind of you to share the lovely pictures and the step by step description of the perfect understanding of the perfect child of God, which made you see the perfect reality of Kayla Renee. Deeply grateful.

  31. Congratulations to you and Kathy, and thank you for the step-by-step process that brought about the healing. A wonderful treatment for all of us. You are so appreciated.

  32. Wow! Isn’t this right where we all want to see that we are, wrapped in the arms of divine Love? Being known for who we really are. We can all curl up there and feel this wonderful trearment. Such love and joy this dear little one brings to your family! Thanks Evan for sharing.

  33. Congratulations Evan and to your wife!
    What an opportunity both for you and
    Kayla Renee to be there for each other.
    You will be a great and fun Grandpa!
    What teachings to be had for Kayla Renee!
    Enjoy the new addition to your life.

  34. She is so beautiful! Your little grand daughter, and how you prayed! So much Love! As Mrs. Eddy says ‘The heart and soul of Christian Science is LOVE and one can see and feel the result in the complete and quick healing.
    Thank you so much Evan for each thought on Spirit View. Such precious gifts every day. I saw this post only today so the delay!

  35. I cheated and used your Trearment ideas for Kayla Renee as a Treatment for myself. Adapted of course to fit my situation. As I read your entry this thought came to me. “Let this be your Father speaking to you.” Understood before I was half way through that there is no personal content to the Love you expressed. I was also a recipient of it. I belong to the “Me Too” movement but in a slightly different context. Thanks for sharing this. I had a chuckle after this Treatment. It had no charge attached to it, it was free.

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