A good ending

September 25, 2018 | 21 comments


I like the thought expressed here…

“In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not yet the end. “

~ Fernando Sabino, translated from Portuguese

This quote forces one to define “the end,” in spiritual terms.

“The end” with God is always good, never evil. And all things do inevitably end with God.

So, when events are looking down and depressing, even as if something good is ending, its an opportunity to look beyond the material evidence to the spiritual reality. “The end” is never in matter, the realm of the temporal. “The end,” is always going to be in the spiritual, in the realm of reality, where God has the final say. And in the realm of reality, all is good.

That’s the best “end” one could ever have, and the only one.

21 thoughts on “A good ending”

  1. Dear Evan, have you changed the configuration of your page because I am unable to view the entire page. it gets cut on the left. if you have then would you change it back because I am not able to read the entire message you are trying to convey

    1. I cannot view everything unless I am in Google Chrome. I was using Internet Explorer and Google but I couldn’t read the whole page.

    2. Try another browser. it’s some type of adjustment on your computer that will fix the issue for you. Trying another browser sometimes fixes the problem. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this perfect idea this morning. I appreciate your posts more than I can say. Much love to you.

  3. Dear Evan…….this is an angel message…..sent to reassure me that I cannot be deprived of good when a class I attend disperses today. This Truth is true for all of my class and all!!! So so grateful!

  4. This reminds me of the Quote from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

    For “expected end” I read “the future you have planned”. What a wonderful promise!

    Have a great day everyone. It’s a beautiful sunny Autumn day in the U.K.

    1. Hello Dilys, jumping on your comment here after searching for your contact info. Thank you Evan for tolerating my aside here!! Dilys, I just quoted your lovely poem of the 7 synonyms as a caption to my fathers paintings of the seven “verities”. You can find them on the amaranthine museum facebook page or email me at [email protected] if you’d like. Thank you!!

  5. Thank you Evan!!
    Like Ann, I see this as an angel message too. Not only to put good things into perspective but to rise above the feeling of loss of a loved one, as well.
    Love and happiness!
    Ali in South Lake Tahoe

  6. This Week’s Bible Lesson Sermon in The Christian Science Quarterly is so very helpful for recognizing Truth’s Kingdom at hand… a present reality!

    I am trying to learn that spiritual reality is not some “far off, divine Event,” but present right here, at hand, before our feet, and that we can see and feel it here and now!

    Yes, this seems to take some doing, this overcoming of material-sense-claims-to-the-contrary, but the clouds are lifting!!

    Thank God for the divine Science that is revealing Reality!!!


  7. To those who were not able to see the whole message. I cannot see the whole
    message if I use my Internet Browser. When I use FireFox as my browser, it comes
    through clearly. Perhaps you could warn at top of message. As always lovely
    “food for thought”.

  8. Everything turns out in the end. And if it hasn’t turned out…..it’s Not The End! (This gives me soooo much Hope!)

  9. I like this Evan. If we start with God we will end with God and that always ends with good. Thank you. Blessings to all today.

  10. I like this Evan. If we start with God we will end with God and that always ends with good. Thank you. Blessings to all today.

  11. For those having trouble seeing the page centered, Chrome is working well for me. But finding someone with more experience how computers work and what can fix the glitch for you would be especially helpful. I wonder who that angel is for you?

  12. Thank you dear Evan for another inspiring SpiritView!

    So wonderful ”The end”, is always going to be in the Spiritual, in the realm of reality where God has the final say, and there is everything good! This is very loving and comforting. Am so thankful for the most valuable Pearl ,,Christian Science”

  13. I looked up Fernando Sabino and found this other quote by him:

    Everything one sees is merely a projection of what one does not see, its true nature and substance.
    From wikiquote.org

    Isn’t that interesting?

  14. Using your SpiritView about “an expected end” arrived at such an important time for me and provided a much deeper insight into what my experience has been recently, trying to launch my young adult son. Thank you with deep appreciation.

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