Look for the gain

March 29, 2016 | 14 comments

When hit by trouble, look for the gain.

It’s not always what the human mind is inclined to do, to look for something positive when negative is all around. But it’s a healing path to pursue.

God is infinite good. God is everywhere and at all times to be fully experienced. But a key point to understand is that God’s goodness is not felt through material sense. It’s discovered and experienced in spiritual sense.

Despondency, discouragement, despair, and their kin, are all agents of material sense. They are out of touch with spiritual reality and fail to feel God’s presence. They see darkness and reason to give up. They are enemy states of thought that need to be put off and replaced with spiritual sense.

And this is very doable, because each and every one of us have spiritual sense.

You have superb spiritual sense, by the way, in case you weren’t sure. It’s the way God made you.

When you watch TV, you make conscious choices about which channels to watch, and select accordingly. You can do the same with material sense and spiritual sense. You can make a conscious decision to not “watch” material sense, and choose to tune into spiritual sense.

So, when conflict looms, look for the blessing getting ready to burst upon your relationship with the other party. Ask, “What lesson in Love am I learning that will make me a better person and bless my fellowman too?”

If there is not enough money to pay the bills, ask, “What is God teaching me that enables me to demonstrate abundance and never see lack again?”

If struggling with a health problem, ask, “What is God teaching me about the true nature of health that will make be stronger and better than ever?”

There is always a spiritual gain to be reaped out of every challenge we face. It’s part of God’s law of progress.

The demands of Truth will never let us rest in a static position. There is always a demand to grow and learn more about spiritual truth. Challenges are often the means in which we are forced to grow and progress. So embrace them. Don’t fear them, run from then or dread them. Take them head on with a conviction that a huge gain is coming your way for mastering that struggle. You can learn a valuable spiritual lesson and become better for it.

Always look for the gain…and go for it!

14 thoughts on “Look for the gain”

  1. “There is always a spiritual gain from every challenge we face in life.” What a wonderful thought Evan. So very uplifting and comforting. Thanks indeed. If we all make a conscious effort to see this spiritual gain in the challenges that we face in life, then I am sure every challenge would become as light as a feather.
    Challenges do help us to grow, progress and come closer to God. We can feel the touch of the Christ, and the comfort and care, which whispers in our ears ” Be not afraid I am with you at all times and under all conditions”. We need to feel more of God’s presence instead of feeling despondent, discouraged when faced with a challenge. The light of God’s loving presence can certainly destroy the darkness of despair. God never fails nor forsakes His children. With God there is always a victory.
    Deeply grateful to Evan for such wonderful inspirations, which daily help us to tune in to the joy of the spiritual sense of things and depart from the despair of the material sense of things. Great. God bless.

  2. “You have superb spiritual sense, by the way, in case you weren’t sure. It’s the way God made you.”

    These words are game changers when understood! I love also:”What is God teaching me about………” I often pray with this thought: What does God know about me? About my children? About the world? Your “key point” that God’s goodness is not felt through material sense but through spiritual sense is so helpful as well. Thank you for your generous sharing of your practical insights. Such a force for good!

  3. “all things work together for good to them that Love GOD.” So says scripture.”
    AH! To practice that, then gain will be accomplished. Matter doesn’t see it that way. It’s focus is. always on the negative.

  4. What a delightful way of seeing things, Evan. Thank you! Sometimes it feels like…
    Why are there so many Challenges? …. Do I (we) really need so Many?? But seeing them as
    Opportunities to progress in Spirit is a wonderful way to grow and move forward into an understanding that blesses one and blesses all. I Love that. These thoughts are just what I needed this morning. Thank you to all the commenters also. It feels so comforting to be in God’s Universal family of Love.

  5. Wonderful. Thank you Evan. Recently I watched a swimmer leave the beach and swim out into the ocean. He kept swimming through all the waves until he eventually got to calm water. I think challenges are like the waves. If we keep swimming we do get through them, but there is always the calm water there for us as well.

  6. I greatly appreciate this blog and the comments this morning. I have faced many challenges, some very daunting, but God has ALWAYS been with me to help me through them. I am so deeply grateful for Christian Science which is the rock of my salvation.

  7. Many times when I find myself being challenged I remember our Leader’s words from First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscelleny,” Remember thou canst be brought into no condition be it ever so severe where Love has not been before thee and where its tender lesson is not awaiting thee.” Mary Baker Eddy. Then I ask myself..What is Love’s tender lesson that I’m ready to see? And I am also comforted that the lesson is always tender.

  8. I’m very grateful for all the wonderful examples you’ve shared with us. I liked the analogy of tv selection and tuning in to spiritual sense..i hope i can demonstrate and improve my way of handling problems!

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