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January 21, 2022 | 26 comments


Look to Me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.

~ Isaiah 45:22, NKJV

Are you looking to God for help? If so, you’ll find it.

God is Spirit, and God’s help comes in a spiritual form. It comes as ideas, inspiration, direction, guidance, an opening of eyes to see abundance at hand, an opening of ears to hear solid understanding that brings good results, an opening of thought to health permanently built into one’s being as a child of God. It comes in whatever form is necessary to heal false beliefs, material beliefs, fears, sin, disease, and fascination with death.

“Look to Me,” God told the prophet Isaiah. Look to Spirit! Look to God, and the help will come.

If we’re looking elsewhere, God’s help may seem hard to find. If we’re consulting material sense, listening to popular fears, influenced by medical testimony, believing disease is real, that sin has a hold on behavior, or death is inevitable, God may feel remote, distant, even non-existent, for God is not in any of those states of mortal mind.

God is Spirit. Look to Spirit! Turn away from everything that is the opposite of God and find God in Spirit. Let Spirit help and inspire you. Help will come. It always does!

“Look to Me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth.” Go to the source and find what the Source has to offer! Look to God, and you’ll find God looking after you, and with showers of blessing.

26 thoughts on “Look to God”

  1. This is such a wonderfully helpful and comfort-giving Spirit View. Thank you dear Evan. My soul is singing, such relief from the ugly illusion. Big hugs.

  2. I love the way this concept of needs being met is expressed in hymn #134.
    “I look to Thee in every need,
    And never look in vain;
    I feel Thy touch, eternal Love,
    And all is well again;”

    This says it all for me…..and has always been true.

  3. “….an opening of eyes to see abundance at hand….”
    Yes! Not mist-ified! Thank you so much, Evan, for these vibrant, powerful statements of Truth!

  4. I’ve been writing down many Bible verses in which God’s might and presence is powerfully declared! This has helped me stay focused on the onlyness of God’s good, on looking to God, Spirit, as you are reminding us today to do! Thank you for the daily inspiration and conviction! I need this!

  5. I read this somewhere and it has always comforted me.

    “God is chasing us down through the centuries, wanting us to know Him as He is, our creator, sustainer, a very present help in trouble.”

    Thinking we are human is always the problem instead of accepting we are spiritual beings where we see everything how God sees everything.

    Being healed of the mistake that we have a problem is clear proof that God caught up with us.

    Much love to my SV family and many thanks to you, dear Evan you are certainly a blessing to mankind!

    1. Thank you Linda for, “Being healed of the mistake that we have a problem is clear proof that God caught up with us”. This shows that God is always speaking to us what we need to hear, and in truth we never have a “problem,” but a momentary misperception of reality, of what is divinely natural to the children of God. We can start from the truth — Perfect God, Perfect Man.

      Evan thanks for today’s powerful treatment. You said, “Are you looking to God for help? If so you’ll find it.” So simple and expressed with such confidence and assurance.

      We meet in the Mind of God (Love), here on SpiritView and everywhere we go.

  6. What I love about this SV is that it reminds us not to look to a thing, or person, or corporeality for help, but to ideas — spiritual ideas — that dwell in the universe of Mind, God. We pray to hear the right ideas that are always present. Thanks, Evan.

  7. Daily God gives us everything we need. I needed this today. Thank you SO much for posting these daily truths. Very grateful.

  8. Again, Spiritview is a wonderful gift of love every day. Thanks to Evan and all who contribute. You can’t know how far-reaching and deeply appreciated your kindness is.

  9. Thank you Evan for these clear statements and explanations of our true heritage as children of God, created by Him in His likeness and forever perfect and well. I was lead to share this Spirit View today. Such powerful truths are in it and also such gratitude from those writing in. Claire

    1. Thank you “J” for the link to this wonderful article. Yes, awakening from the material dream to our true spiritual being in God, that is the neccessity of “this hour,”
      Oh, I needed.the metaphysics in this article very much. Am grateful that God lead me to read this article though it is very late evening and I was quite tired. This article is really doing so good. Now it’s time to rest in Truth and Love! Thank you again dear “J”♡

  10. Dear Evan,- thank you for the wisdom, confidence, and beautiful eloquence of this post. Assuring us that our supplications for God’s help are answered when fueled by the desire to be more of a transparency of His nature. This morning this heart yearning takes form in this prayer to God….. Help me to feel your love in it’s purity and perfection,- to see only good,- know with certainty that only good is real. Help me to experience the essence of each nuance of your divine nature,-to feel the inflow of your omnipotent love. Help me to be freed from the sins and entanglements of the mortal dream,- to see you clearly as you are, and as I am as your loved idea.
    In Misc. Writings page 127 Mary Baker Eddy writes, “When a hungry heart petitions the divine Father-Mother God for bread, it is not given a stone,– but more grace, obedience, and love. If this heart, humble and trustful, faithfully asks divine Love to feed it with the bread of heaven, health, and holiness, it will be conformed to a fitness to receive the answer to it’s desire; then will flow into it the “river of His pleasure,” the tributary of divine Love, and great growth in Christian Science will follow,– even that joy which finds one’s own in another’s good.”

  11. Thank you, Evan, for your encouraging words and to Angie and J for the articles. Hymn 412 came strongly to me as I read the posts. We can let go of the “dream” and listen only to Christ who is ever pouring into our consciousness the truth of being. Thanks again and love to all.

  12. The picture of the dog brought me much laughter preparing me for the good news that followed.
    Woof! Thanks in dog language.

  13. Thank you very much dear Angie for this inspiring and uplifting article on “what are you looking at?”.
    Thank you very much dear Evan for this great and healing Angel message you present us so lovingly for the weekend! It is utmost comforting and uplifting.
    Yes, I do also love “health is built into our spiritual being”. This is clear if you reason that God, Spirit is health, and He created us to His image and likeness we cannot else but express spiritual health. Such a divine wonderful teaching Mrs. Eddy gave us with Christian Science. I can only be deeply grateful for it!
    Evan, you give us such a heart warming foto up here. Thanks for the funny smile it produces on my face – haha so sweet!♡♡♡

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