Loving your enemies

August 3, 2022 | 18 comments


Why is it important to love your enemies? And how is it possible to love an adversary without letting them harm you in return?

I explain how in this vlog, which was filmed on the banks of the Columbia River, near my hometown of Richland, Washington.

18 thoughts on “Loving your enemies”

  1. “Love your enemies to prevent ther evil from becoming your suffering.” Perfect, I’ll roll with that today.

  2. What a wonderful Spiritview! I love the idea of not allowing another’s evil to become your own. Allowing anything but Truth and Love in consciousness, would open the door to hate, revenge and a whole myriad of things that would take away peace.
    Just like allowing human opinions or theories of the latest disease to take a foothold in thought would try to convince us of a reality in disease when we know God created all and that all was good. Thanks Evan!

  3. This is a never ending challenge! But yesterday I read a conversation in which they are deer was presented to think of our enemies as someone who may be on their road to Damascus… consider the loathsome, hate-filled Saul redeemed to became the truly committed Paul proclaiming Christ.
    I’ve tried in the past to consider those who hate to be loved by God, but even that is challenging! Ive read many accounts of people who refused to think or behave in the manner in which their jailers or enslavers behave. These extraordinary people knew that they could not think in such a way and undo enslavement- any evil.
    Thank you, Evan, for today’s SpiritView
    I know there will a wealth of beautiful & helpful comments coming in!

  4. I is very difficult to love those who about to upset your apple cart and create a big mess in your life. But that is the demand of spiritual growth before one can rise higher in the faith of good, God as all encompassing Truth and Love.

  5. The refreshing painting and wonderful message on the vlog remind me of
    Hymn #148, which I refer to often, especially when this topic applies to
    situations where there Seems to be those who think so differently than I and
    have been led to believe, through news media or whatever, that I am an
    enemy or they are superior. It starts out, “In heavenly Love abiding, No
    change my heart shall fear; And safe is such confiding, For nothing
    changes here. The storm may roar without me, My heart may low be laid:
    But God is round about me, And can I be dismayed?…
    Green pastures are before me, Which yet I have not seen: Bright skies will
    soon be o’er me, Where darkest clouds have been. My hope I can not
    measure, My path in life is free; My Father has my treasure, And He
    will walk with me.”

    1. Thank you everyone for your comments- and Evan for the wonderful vlog. I shared it with my husband. During our association this past summer, our teacher presented the idea of praying for the idea of being free from reaction. He mentioned that Jesus didn’t react- and instead he acted and his action was based in divine Love. Any kind of reaction can be distinguished with anger, hatred, fear or even grief. This idea was so helpful. To ask-how would Jesus respond-he was not impressed and would instead see using his spiritual sense-with spiritual discernment. The idea that even grief is a reaction- and he even mentioned the word sympathy as a reaction. This was such food for thought. Always learning and so very grateful for it. Thank you for this forum and for your daily ideas, Evan. They have helped me grow spiritually.

      1. Christi, your comments on reacting reminds me of something I have read and
        I am not sure where it comes from in C.S., but I always find it very helpful:
        WHICH ERROR (OR EVIL) CAN REACH YOU.” Evil may repeat itself, but it
        cannot touch us if we refuse to react to its ploys. And not just refusing to
        react, – but to respond rather with Love. Love gathers us all in together
        with one accord and one Mind where no evil can enter.

  6. Loving one’s enemies is liberating! How can we do it? The Amplified Classic Bible translation defines agape love as “reasoning, intentional, spiritual devotion”. That’s Christian Science treatment! It doesn’t have to start out being a genuine FEELING of affection- but it often ends up that way.

    The opposite is also true – Mrs. Eddy told us outright to love our enemies – “…or you will not lose them.” (Mis. 210:32) ‘Nuff said!

  7. In a very old book titled “Bible Stories As Told To Very Little Children”, on the subject of the beloved disciple John, I found this: John was so full of love himself and so pure, that he saw with Love’s eyes, and heard with Love’s ears, and he spoke with Love’s mouth.”

  8. Defying all hate and fear, thank you all for the supportive and clear contributions in today’s SpiritView. Working through what’s confronted, confounded my life today, so bringing out the LOVE of CHRIST in response. I am so grateful.c

  9. At the end of Evan’s video message today he mentioned that we should not be afraid of enemies, that we should, “Impersonalize the evil that you are seeing.” I think this concept of impersonalizing error is so important. Someone here on SV recently said something to the effect that when we attach evil or error to an individual, when we “give it a name and a face,” it become real to us and is not likely to have an easy resolution. There are no actual enemies, God made no evil, no evil individuals, just His image and likeness. I pray to know that we all have the spiritual insight and grace to be able to see this truth.

  10. Thank you very much for your so clear reminder that and why to love our enemies, dear Evan!
    While I try to pray honestly about this theme the following thought came to me.
    The enemies try to be our own thinking. But we actually only have the thinking of God our creator.
    The CS teacher I had in Berlin replied, after I asked isn`t it so that we have no enemies, that the enemy is the false claim of animal magnetismn. So in God`s realm we have really no enemies, and therefore we c a n love those we think are our enemies! It seems to be difficult to love those but it is possible and necessary as the error “enemy” is not true at all.
    I am so very grateful for this comforting and healing SpiritView Blog of Evan – much Love for it!

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