Luck is an illusion

November 27, 2012 | 4 comments

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.


~ Unknown


Are you prepared for the next big opportunity that comes knocking on your door? Are you awake, alert to grand, new possibilities that take you to a better place than ever?


Preparation is not the product of waiting around for something to happen. Preparation is not idleness, laziness, wishful thinking, or mindless daydreaming. 


Preparation is doing something. 


God is always bestowing grand blessings on us through divine Mind. The blessings come as ideas, inspirations, direction, intuition, inklings, nudges and sometimes big pushes.


Our job is to be ready and receptive. It takes preparation of thought and attitude to be ready. We have to shed hazy thinking, cloudy views, and negativity that darken the mental horizon. We need to study and pray for spiritual clarity. We have to do something.


So, be up and doing. Be prepared for what God is sending your way. Receive it and the result will be grand. 


There is no luck about it. It’s about being prepared.



4 thoughts on “Luck is an illusion”

  1. This hss always been one of my favorite quotes. People who have been successful in any endeavor have put the effort in to get there,and have earned their success. Luck IS an illusion. No one is responsible for your success: not other people, not government programs,surely not luck. Preparation, hard work, and acknowledging God as the source of all right endeavor, that’s the way. Thanks for the reminder, Evan. Love the way you can filter through human thought and keep us on the right track. Blessings galore and opportunity to excel, that’s what God provides for His children. But we MUST improve the talents He bestows and that takes hard work.No way around that.

  2. Mathew 25: 1-13 Talks about the 10 Virgins which to my understanding tells of those depending on LUCK and those who didn’t. Those who depends on luck is pure laziness. As luck will have it, there is good luck and bad luck. WHO NEEDS THAT. Wake up, luck never gave man anything but tears even if he wins. It is good hard work backed up with a good understanding of God which equaled all of man’s successes.

  3. I like a quote I heard years ago and tried to impress it on my staff of salesmen/women!! It says:
    People who work really hard seem to be much luckier than those that don’t.”

    Thanks for the great reminder.

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