Truth’s housekeeping

November 28, 2012 | 8 comments

I like to think of Truth as the head Housekeeper of mind and body.
When you invite a housekeeper into your home, the housekeeper takes charge of the premises and straightens it out according to her standards of what a house ought to look like on the inside.
She will sweep the floors, straighten out the furniture, scrub messes in the kitchen, leave the bathrooms sparkling clean, order and manage everything in her sight until all is in proper order.
All the while she is cleaning, the house will not complain, object or resist her efforts to clean it. It will be what she establishes it to be. And her verdict will be final.
Truth has the same effect on our thought and body when we invite it in. Truth takes over cleaning up messes, straightening out confusion, scrubbing away stains, eliminating the garbage, and ordering and managing until all is in conformity with God’s expectations. And the body does not resist Truth’s help. The body does what it’s told, just like the house consents to its manager’s will.
So, if you feel like your “house” could use some cleaning today, invite the head Housekeeper of all to come in! Let Truth take over your consciousness and work its wonders.
Don’t resist the divine desire. Let God’s will be done. The house will obey and the outcome will be awesome.

8 thoughts on “Truth’s housekeeping”

  1. Love it!
    Had to laugh though because occasionally it feels like my house does resist and object to being cleaned :-).

    Thanks for a super useable insight.

  2. How timely! Consciousness needs decluttering as does my house as I gear up for holiday guests. Your daily postings are always spot on!

  3. Our mental thoughts always needs housekeeping, even more so than our home or apartment where we dwell. We have to pray constantly to rid our consciousness of those thoughts that try to drag us away from receiving God’s thoughts which protects our every move.

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